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12 Killer Tips – How to make a married man want you sexually

12 Killer Tips – How to make a married man want you sexually

How to make a married man want you sexually? There is no place worse to be than when you always have the company of this gorgeous married man whose voice in itself turns you on.

The downside here come in that you are lacking on how to make a married man want you sexually. Seduction is an art that needs the mastery of men, of which understanding men is simple and even turning them on is simpler. 

Good thing is that there are some things that are common across all men, even for married men and you only need to play around in order to make him crave for you. Here are a few tips how to make a married man want you.

Plant the thought of your kinky sweetness, and he would not stop texting you asking you for some naughty.

1. The first sexual experience.

Killer Tips - How to make a married man want you sexually

Your first sexual experience will mean a lot for the both you. Since he is a married man he doesn’t want the normal boring sex. Bring you’re game to the table, something extraordinary, don’t just lie there like a robot and let him do all the work. Marriage has already done enough to him and in some way taken the fun out of sex.

Role play if that is what gets him, give him a foreplay that will bring him right back to you, kiss the life out of him. Ensnare him this way and he himself will bring himself to your bed next time. Isn’t that sucess?

You would have succeeded in how to get a married man to want you.

Plant the thought of your kinky sweetness, and he would not stop texting you asking you for some naughty.

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2. Dress to kill

Looks say a lot. In marriage most of the times it is all about the normal boring daily dress codes, and nothing sexy. If you really need to know how to make a married man want you sexually then dress to impress him.

Leave him no space in his mind to think about his wife’s boring life. Make him leave her for you every day.

Every morning when you know you are going to meet him ask yourself if what you choose will make him want you. Gets clothes that hug your body tight, those that flaunt your curves. Most men are driven crazy by some decent dressing, just use those curves and edges in the process and he will be aroused.

First understand your body so that you don’t end up with a wardrobe malfunction.

3. Use some skin as bait.

Killer Tips - How to make a married man want you sexually

When you are dressing, consider using skin to enchant him. Dress decently but at the same time show him a little bit of skin.

For instance do not wear a mini skirt or an extra-long skirt instead wear one that is just above the knee, and leave the rest to his imagination.

The same also applies to some cleavage, but don’t overdo it and be a scene, be decent. Choose a cleavage that he only will notice when you lean over to stand. Your body is an important seduction tool that will be turning point in how to make a married man want you.

Dress this way a few times and in no time he will be making advances on you.

4. Use colognes and perfumes.

Another tact you may have been neglecting in how to make a married man want you more than his wife is use of fragrance. The sense of smell can be used to really turn him on and even think of you when you are not around.

If possible apply perfume to places you will be sure he will be close to like your neck and wrist that next when he hugs you he gets carried away. In addition you can use fabric fragrances to smell good. The type of perfume you use will always be associated with you and even when he is with his wife and someone with a similar perfume passes along, he would not help but think of you.

5. Play hard to get

Killer Tips - How to make a married man want you sexually

Be a classy person, don’t let him in your bed the first time he is over at your place, this shows you are cheap.

In how to get married man want you sexually, playing hard to get will make him even want you more, a challenge he will want to win. While doing this, you should tease him and show him that you can have me but not that easy ensuring that you do not frustrate him so much.

Let him put up a little bit of a hustle, let him work his way through your barriers and when he finally gets you to bed, there will be that joy that comes along having achieved something.

Such ego boosts will make him want you sexually more as this will be a thrilling experience for him unlike in his marriage where hardly gets this excitement.

It will be like a game for him, you may even be surprised at the extents he might even be willing to go to get you to bed.

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6. Use technology to lure him

The era of technology and messaging services has made things easier which you can use to not only keep in contact with him but also how to get a married man to want you. First of all you need to know his schedules as this will give you an edge on the perfect time of texting. In your texts flirt with him, give him an idea and let it play out in his head.

You can even send him some sexy pictures of you coupled with some naughty texts, consider that most married men don’t get this, be unique.

Sexting will fuel the sexual drive in him and desire for you, next time you too meet he will really want to get you to bed.

In my article How to Flirt with A Married Man i went over a lot of the ins and outs of flirting with a married man that i think you should checkout to get a hung of how do the flirting part effectively.

7. Use your body language to tell him what you don’t have the courage to say.

Killer Tips - How to make a married man want you sexually

You may have been asking, how do I tell him I want him sexually? Well the answer to that is you let what you cannot say be expressed by your body language.

While talking to him, pay attention to him, look him straight in the eyes like you are looking at his soul, lean slightly forward when you are conversing.

Make him feel like you are invading his personal space and that you would not mind if he does the same. You need to understand that how to make a married man want you more than his wife involves finding a voice to what you cannot say. Yes he already loves you, give him the hints that it is time to go an extra level.

Most important is that you should show him you enjoy his company by laughing and smiling more, but don’t fake it. Such body languages give him the courage and the turn on you require on how to make a married man want you sexually.

8. Have a sexy attitude

Your personality says a lot about you, the way you react and the way you converse can sell you out or make him want you even more. You should be confident in the way you do your things like the way you walk even or even the way you talk. Men get attracted to a sexy personality one that will want them to better.

If he sees that you are confident and you are rhyming, he will be comfortable around you, and that is the first step in how to make a married man want you sexually.

9. The topics of discussions

Killer Tips - How to make a married man want you sexually

All along you have been searching on how make your married lover want you more yet you keep on having small talks with him. If you were to ask him a question make it personal towards more personal and intimate topics.

You should be able also to use this chance to disclose information about your intimacy and if he smart he will interpret such signs. Do this all along while keeping eye contact, don’t be shy.

10. Use of hands.

Tactical use of your hand can make take him from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds. Everyone has a weak point and it is your job to know where it is for your married lover, use this and turn him on.

Apart from exploiting his weak points, a touch of hand and a gentle rub on shoulder while comforting him will also do the trick of how to make a married man want you sexually.

Intimacy is all about being physical, and this is where it starts in how to make your married lover want you more.

11. Create favorable environments for just the two of you

Killer Tips - How to make a married man want you sexually

The one thing that will attest to whether or not your tactics on how to make a married man want you sexually are working is when the two of you meet up, all alone.

You may have been used to seeing him in the company of his friends or with colleagues. Isolate him by offering him company over a meal or a task, in order for you to seduce him and also get a progress report. Isolating him will be a signal to him that you are available and need time off.

12. Be a kindred spirit for him

Marriages can be exhausting, so try to be always be full of life and positive energy, this is what it means to be a kindred spirit.

Make him feel a deeper psychic connection. Talk about positive topics, do less of complaining, appreciate his efforts, and comfort him.

Do not be strangers to each other. After sex find a way to cuddle and just talk. Once he has this connection, he will want this to be stronger, there is where he will want your company and sexual expeditions.


These are just some of the methods you can use in how to make married man want you.

Important to know is that there is no one way that works best.. Don’t stick to one method but rather combine them for more effectiveness and understand your man and find what works to get him sexually attracted to you.

Should you want to use supper natural way to make a married man want you sexually, Contact Mama Nkima today to save your self from waiting and get that married man to want to make repeative sex with you.

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