About Mama Nkima

Mama Nkima is a marriage counselor and relationship expert who has dedicated her life to helping couples build strong, healthy relationships. Mama Nkima has academic degrees in Education and Psychology. She has over 40 years of experience helping couples and individuals work through their relationship issues.

She draws on her own experiences as a spiritual guide but also from years of research to offer readers practical, actionable advice.

Mama Nkima is a firm believer that communication is key to a successful relationship, and she offers her expertise to help couples overcome their differences and build a strong foundation for their future together.

Mama Nkima’s advice is sought after by couples all over the world, and she has been featured in many publications, including Hubpages.

Her deep spiritual understanding helps her, to provide guidance and support to those in need. Mama Nkima is also an accomplished writer, and enjoys sharing her thoughts and insights on love and relationships through her blog and other writings.

Mama Nkima is the author of several self-help books on relationships.

If you’re looking for help with your relationship, Mama Nkima is the perfect person to turn to. With her years of experience and wisdom, she can help you work through any issue you may be facing.

My Journey

Born in Kenya, Mama Nkima grew-up in the family of 9 Magical Nkima witches of Mbagayo. A well-feared family of 9 old sisters, who kept their lives around each other, never married and performed the most feared witchcraft rituals in the land.

Mama Nkima a college graduate who ended up a witch doctor. Raised by Mpitasita of samalagwe, life felt like was all planed out for me. I went through normal school and graduated to become a teacher but my calling never gave up no matter how I tried to run.

Running away from my spiritual calling

Running a way from spiritual calling was like running so fast but running backwards.

I felt like the world was only 50meters squared. Most of the times it felt like I had nowhere to hide.

I ran from everything that my family stood for. Everyone in Mpitasita hated my family and I really never wanted to be part of what they stood for.

No mater how far I ran, life had a way of getting back at me and I always found myself back to Mbagayo.

It took me ages to finally understand that no matter how I hated the idea of calling, there was no way for me to escape it. Finally I gave up the run.

About Mama Nkima – Working close with the two left grandmothers (Nkimas)

By the time I accepted my spiritual calling and gave up all the good life the city life had brought to me, the once 9 Magical Nkima witches were scaled down to 2. Seven of my grandmothers had passed on.

Working with these two was like hell on earth. I went through what I thought was torture for a young woman that I was, for my grandmothers this was a preparation for my spiritual calling. I learnt quite a lot from them. through this training, I built my expertise in all sorts of marriage issues.

Powers to make a man leave his wife

Story short, I was prepared for one spiritual power. The power to make a married man leave his wife.

Who brakes someone’s marriage for the sake of fun? You guessed wright. The 9 witches of Mbagayo.

This is one of the spells that my grandmothers were well known and feared for. They broke so many marriages just for fun of it.

If they did not like you, they could just do it for fun and make a spell to make your man leave you just like that.

The Hate

The whole village hated us. They most especially hated my grandmothers. No village member could come close near them or say anything.

No wonder no village member ever attended any of the 9 Magical Nkima witches of Mbagayo.

Am from a family where no community support was ever offered to any of our family members even in times when my grandmothers started passing on, only family members attended the funerals.

About Mama Nkima – Moving to South Africa

By the time I finished all my due initiation ceremonies for inheriting my calling, I had no one left.

All my grandmothers had passed on. The last one of them was berried by six people and two of those people were community members that I think were their to confirm that the last of the so called 9 witches of Mbagayo were gone.

I figured that the hate my grandparents had created for me in the community would not sustain me in any way. So I had to leave.

I had no idea were I was going, but here I was in the greatest city of Africa Johannesburg.

Starting new life in South Africa

Year was 1992 Teaching as a carrier was on a boom in South Africa. I guess teaching was what attracted me to South Africa.

All the 9 Magical Nkima witches of Mbagayo had died, No fear of any sort of tor-mention from them any more.

I planned to start my life afresh as teacher (Starting the ran all over again). Little did I know that the 9 witches still had full control over my life. Even in their graves?

My plan never worked, they haunted me to the point that life never showed mercy on me in every thing I did.

I remember they could tell me in dreams “You cant just give-up on our hobby. You have to carry the legacy”.

The hobby in question is:

I kept asking my self why? Why do I have to make people hate me? I can become a teacher that I was trained to be and be loved by many people.

I never got that answer but my best guess was and still remains that it could simply be the fact the these nine sisters never married so they carried that hate for marriages.

About Mama Nkima – Spell Casting Carrier

Instead of just breaking people’s marriages for fun of it, I discovered that I could use this powerful witchcraft powers to earn a living.

After all I was doing if for free for the fun of my dead grandmothers.

I opened up my first consultation temple in South Africa. It was clear I was to be hated: Who wants a person that breaks happy marriages?

I knew I had to feed my grandparents with that pressure or else I was to suffer the consequences.

I am selfish so are my grandmothers. But doing this job has taught me that i am not a lone.

The only deference for me now, I don’t go after random couples to break.

I have my customer’s request service from me. Performs the ceremony for them, which feeds my grandmothers’ souls as well as serve my customer’s request. I make a living off it.

People judgment

Making a married man leave his wife for another woman has no place for good response in the so-called real world.

People like judging me for what I do. Do I care? Hell no.. I don’t really get my self-concerned with whatever judgment people say about me. I don’t start this whole circle to begin with.

The drama begins with the women in question – the wives. Wives fail to understand the value of their husbands when they have them.

They fail to make their husbands happy. Then Husbands chose to seek happiness from another woman.

Husbands cries and narrates all the unhappiness in their marriage to the mistress.

Mistress sees an opportunity to make another woman’s husband happy; She sees an opportunity to grab a man that she has always wished for. She cant wait any longer she seeks my help.

I offer her service make a man leave his wife for her. She pays me. I feed my grandmothers souls and make a leaving for my self.

I am selfish but i am not a lone

Mama Nkima

Before you judge, look at the real problem here. Your man is unhappy, if you made him happy he probably never will have started relationships with other mistresses.

Work on making your man happy or else no one is to blame for what he decides to do in search for happiness after you fail to provide one.

About Mama Nkima – What Other Activities do Mama Nkima do?

I am active on many social media platform in full support for women who seek to win over husbands of other women.

Probably I am the only person who openly supports this action because so many other people know that there is nothing wrong with it but they are scared to voice it publicly.

They leave their lives off what other people think about them.

For any one who might need such support, follow me on social media platforms below.

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