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Can I make him leave her?

Can I make him leave her?

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Can you believe that you can fall in love with a man even when you know he already has a partner?

Because you know this man belongs to someone else, you might be hesitant in making any move to him because of the fear of his retort.

Falling in love with another woman’s spouse is risky because you might not stand a chance of being with him, especially if he has a happy relationship.

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Maybe the attraction you have for this man is irresistible, and you can’t wait any longer to tell him about how you feel for him. 

It’s not a good feeling to be in love with a man committed to his spouse, but what do you do in such a situation?

1.Check your looks

When you have plans of meeting a guy you have interests in, make sure you dress to please his eyes and desire for you.It’s easy to attract a man’s attention when your dressing code is fantastic, sexy, attractive with lovely complexions.

Have that confident walk while walking towards this man, and he might start to notice you.This man will slowly want to see you more often because of your sweet look, and you can make him leave his partner for you.

2.Have a good relationship with a guy’s friends.

Most times, a man’s friends are vital in his daily life.If you have mutual friends with a guy, it will be easy to hang out with them more often.So make sure you impress them whenever you are with them in his absence.

Be friendly and fun to hang out with so that they get to tell the man good things about you.The more you do this, you might win a place in his heart because his friends will convince him how nice and lovely you are. 

If a friend needs a favor from you, be free and help them, and by doing this, you will make this man leave his partner for you.

3.Make the guy feel comfortable.

When you want a man to leave his partner, you have to do your best and treat him as nicely as possible. 

You don’t have to confess your feelings to him right away; you might scare him away.Just stick to the friendship and be the best friend he could ever want.

If this man has relationship problems, always stick with him as a friend, and be the shoulder he cries on, offer helpful advice whenever he asks for it.

Make this guy feel good and show him you appreciate whatever he does for you.Always encourage and compliment him so that he feels you recognize his efforts.He will want to know you more than merely being his friend after some time.

4.Don’t bad mouth a guy’s girlfriend.

So you are wondering what move to take to make a man you want to leave his partner.One thing you shouldn’t do is talk ill about his girlfriend no matter what.

Even when this guy tells you bad things about her, don’t say anything wrong about his woman because you might look like you have bad intentions for his relationship.

Keep giving the man comfort whenever he talks to you about his challenges.He will get closer to you when you become his comforter.

5.Don’t propose to a man to leave his partner.

Much as this man shares his troubles with you, it might not be your place to ask him to leave his woman.If you show any interest in him, the man will see you as a snatcher and opportunist seeking a chance when things are bad in his relationship, and you come in between them.

Just keep eyes open and don’t say anything when he is complaining about the relationship.If this man chooses to leave his woman, let it entirely be his call, and if he comes to you, it’s better when he does so without your opinion.

6.Talk about love.

You can have an in-depth conversation with a guy and get him to talk about what he thinks about love and relationships.Find out what he likes and dislikes to fit yourself in what he says.

Ask the man what qualities he looks out in a girl and gets his opinion about a relationship’s different aspects.Make sure you match all he says so that he starts seeing you as the woman of his dreams.It will be easy for a man to leave his woman for you if he feels optimistic about you.

7.Don’t show the man that you are into him.

If you want a man to leave his woman, try not to show him your motives and desire for him.Don’t text him more often or give him any signals that might ruin your relationship as friends.

Keep your profile and make this man give you some attention, but you shouldn’t show him much attention.Let him keep wondering what you feel for him without you having to show it directly.

8.Be patient with the man.

Keeping yourself calm about the situation is very important because it will help you not rush anything with the man you want.Please don’t ask the guy to leave his girlfriend hurriedly before he entirely makes up his mind because he might regret his quick decision.

If the guy says, he has plans to split with his woman, look on and wait to see him act.Avoid asking him when he will do it because the questions might nag him and make his situation harder.When it’s time to separate, this guy will leave his partner and come to you with no pressure.

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Get a little close to the man you want when you meet.

Once you get a chance to spend time alone with the man, you want to leave his wife, touch him a little bit smoothly while having a conversation, not concerning your relationship with him.

Pretend you’re touching the man as if you don’t mean It, and if he has some feelings for you, he might caress you back, and this might be the beginning of your happiness with him.Your relationship will then become intense, and he might leave his girlfriend for you.

10.Don’t get jealous of the guy’s girlfriend.

You are aware that this man is in a relationship, and maybe he still loves the partner.So if you see the couple together or when your crush talks about his girlfriend, don’t show any signs of enviousness because you might make a nasty comment without intending to do so.

Of course, it’s natural to develop jealousy.Still, you need to find other ways to make the man leave his partner without expressing negative emotions against their relationship.

11.Try to be unique

Most men lookout for those women who are not like the others they see.Don’t try to copy anyone because you think this man likes the way this woman talks or walks, be yourself.

Make the best out of yourself, and this man will get an attraction for you.Men like unique and authentic women, so you need to be one.If he discovers those unique qualities in you that his girlfriend doesn’t have, he will want to leave her for you.

Signs he will leave his girlfriend.

Falling in love is never wrong, but there is a possibility a man falls for you even when he has a girlfriend.It’s a difficult situation, but if he feels you make him happier than his girlfriend does, you are then free to enjoy your love story together. 

Maybe you have been crushing on this man badly, and you’ve been waiting for the moment when this guy shows a few signals that his heart beats for you.

So you need to see the signs below whether a man will leave his girlfriend for you;

1.He is not careful while with you in public.

A man who has special interests in you will not hide you while in public regardless of his courtship status.Everyone knows he has a girlfriend or partner, but he will mindless what they say when he is with you.

When a man starts to worry less about what the public thinks when he is hanging out with you, he considers leaving his girlfriend and having a serious relationship with you.

2.You are a man’s priority before his girlfriend.

By the time a man starts taking you as his number one, he is making a move of leaving his girlfriend for you.It means he loves you, and you make him happy, and he can give anything to be with you.

A guy can even forget plans with his girlfriend because he is spending more time with you, and he can’t stand a day without seeing you.So the more a guy chooses you over his girlfriend, the more chances of leaving her.

3.A man starts opening up to you.

It would be rare for a man to start sharing his issues with anyone.If a man begins talking about his private life with you, he feels comfortable with you and thinks that you understand him a lot.

Once he opens up about his plans, goals, objectives, and dreams, he might be starting to develop a more profound attachment with you.The more he opens up, the freer he becomes with you, thus having a chance of leaving his girlfriend.

4.A man tries his best not to hurt you.

Another sign a man will leave his girlfriend for you is when he cares more about what you feel regarding his relationship status.You will realize that if a man doesn’t want you to feel like he is abandoning you or choosing his girlfriend over you, he will do his best to always make it up to you.

A man will always want to see you happy and give his all for you to make you smile.Once he does this, it’s a sign he cares about you and loves you.

5.A man gives you much attention.

Much as you take second place in this man’s life, he doesn’t treat you like that.In case you call, and he misses your call, he returns it immediately; a text can’t go without an immediate response too. 

Doing this shows this man gives attention and priority to your communication and wants you to know he is with you in the struggle.This guy doesn’t want to keep silent because it might hurt you. 

6.A man doesn’t have an interest in talking about his girlfriend.

If a man wants to leave his girlfriend for you, you will realize that he changes the topic whenever someone tries to discuss his girlfriend. 

A man would do this because nothing is exciting about his girlfriend anymore or doesn’t want to make you feel insignificant and remember that he has someone else.This guy wants to enjoy his time with you, and you matter most to him.

7.A man is fond of you.

A man who wants to leave his girlfriend for you will talk about you more often during his dialogue with his friends or keeps referring to you about everything he talks about.

If a man does this, it implies he is proud of you, what you do and how you do it.The more he talks about you, the more he gets to think about you more because your actions drive his mind.You already have his heart, so coming to you won’t be a problem at all.

8.A man has much trouble with his girlfriend.

A man who wants to leave his woman with many troubles will always complain about her; he is not happy with her and doesn’t think about her future.

Their relationship is in ruins, and he wants to call it quits to be with the love of his life.

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Maybe they no longer have an emotional connection and do not get along anymore.A guy will feel uncomfortable staying in such a relationship hence choosing to come to you and fulfill his happiness.

How to make a man want you more?

Do you have a man you desire most, and he is the man of your dreams?You love him so much, and now you want him to feel the same for you?

You have been chasing this man, and doing all it takes to attract his attention and make him yours. 

If he belongs to someone else and shows a few signals of interest in you, now is the perfect time to know what you can do and make this man want you more than he does.

You are going to read some necessary steps you can take to make a man want you more;

1.Be outgoing and friendly

One secret to making a man want you more is knowing how to play it cool when around him.Smile all the time, put on a friendly face while in public, and other people as men get attracted to a warm woman.

You may not have to overdo it but be free and comfortable with your man, don’t talk too much, laugh where necessary, and make good jokes so that you make him laugh again.The sense of humor will make your man desire you and want you more.

2.Be a giver, not only a taker.

If you want your man to like you more, you need to show that you are not only on the receiving side.Show him that you are both in the relationship.

If he makes a birthday surprise for you, give him a valentine’s day treat and presents too.Doing this shows you appreciate what he does for you and that you are also making an effort to make him happy the way he does for you. 

Gift him even when there is no special occasion to celebrate.Let each day be a lovely day for the two of you, and he will feel the thrill for your relationship. 

3.Allow the man to work towards winning you.

It’s not always proper for you to be the only one chasing the man when he is not making any efforts.If he loves you, let him feel the thrill to chase you and give you some special attention too. 

Let the man be the one to make the primary moves in getting to you.When he realizes he misses you and can’t be without you, he will do whatever it takes to have you closer to him and not lose you.

4.Show interest in a man’s work and plans.

If you want a man to want you more, you need to show a keen interest in what he does and ask him if you can help.If this man ever talks about his business and has no idea how you can help him, do some research and position yourself as a business partner.

A man will feel an attachment when he realizes s, and you care about him and are willing to take on the challenge for him.Once you start working together, you will become closer because you will spend more time together hence connecting more.

5.Show some differences from other women.

Most times, women portion themselves as dependants to men.Some men do not embrace this character of women, and it might chase him away.Women never stop making demands from men and asking material gain.

Try to be different by working and making your own money, don’t depend on this man, and give him space when he needs it.He will want you and desire you more when he sees all this.

How do you break a couple up without them knowing?

Suppose you have been friends with a guy and always watch what he goes through in his relationship.You feel your friend is not happy with his girlfriend because he keeps coming to you sharing what he goes through.

You are now looking for ways to help him and get him out of the unhappy relationship.Sometimes you have an attraction for this man, and seeing him suffering hurts you even more.

So you need to take subtle moves and break their relationship up because you want him to get some joy somewhere else.It seems like his current partner isn’t valuing the man she has, so you got to do something about the situation.

Look at what you are going to do secretly, though you need to be very careful because the chances are high that someone might suspect you;

1.Get closer to the couple

When you want to break up a couple, it’s wise if you keep yourself present in their lives and closer to them.Visit them regularly to see you as their close friend, and they will invite you whenever they have a special occasion.

You can visit them without notice so that they start getting used to your presence.Open up a conversation with the couple to get to know more about the couple’s issues.Especially if you want to know how the couple’s relationship is, talk about love, and check their reaction during the discussion.

Once you know them in and out, it will be easy to use their flaws and maneuver through, making it easy to break the couple up without their knowledge.

2.Put a distance between the couple.

Breaking a couple without them knowing is hard, but if you start taking up most of their time, you are doing great in keeping them apart.Be the good friend who invites the guy to whatever activity you hold, organize a luncheon, and have him come, try to occupy most of his time.

You can make a phone call to the guy, have longer hours on the market, tell him about your day, share your plans and have him spend more time with you than he does with his girlfriend.Doing this will help you have a deeper connection with this guy, making it easy to break him up from the partner.

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Talk about the other partner’s weaknesses.

A couple may be staying together, but one is disrespectful; they do not share values and goals, which is a big challenge.Suppose one party wants children and the other one doesn’t want them, they might be continually fighting about it but ignoring the issue after a small fight.

However, you who are in between can remind the other partner that his girlfriend is the opposite of what he is looking for, and they do not match.The more you keep reminding him, the more he will realize that their interests are different hence giving up on the relationship.No one will know that it was all your making, but you are breaking the couple up.

4.Seek assistance from someone with a common goal.

In most cases, different people share goals about a particular situation, so you need to find out whether there is a friend who also wants to break up the couple of the man you desire most. 

Maybe this person has also been watching the couple and doesn’t wish for them to be together.It can be a friend to the guy who can help you figure out how you can easily break up the two.Two heads are better than one, so it will be more effective and faster when you combine ideas. 

5.Uncover the lies of one party.

Suppose you sense your friend’s girlfriend being mysterious.In that case, you can go undercover and do some research about this person to find out what’s that secret she is keeping from her partner.

You can check out her social media platforms and find out if there is anything in the past or present, she is not telling her guy.Once you know what it is and you have proof, make sure the information leaks to the guy anonymously without knowing that it’s you sharing you.

If the information is severe, the partner will feel betrayal from the girlfriend, and the breakup will be inevitable.

How can I make a man leave his wife?

Choosing to date a married man is hazardous and can put you in much pain most times.A man is indeed promising to leave his wife, and you are waiting for the day when he comes to you, but there is a chance it might not happen.

But you can take a few steps on how to go about it;

1.Ask the man to leave his wife because he promised you and told him you need him.Be clear about your expectations from him and assure him you do not want to wait forever.

2.Tell the man when you expect him to come to you because he might never leave his wife if you do not.Maybe he wants to keep you and his second option.So please give it a timeline so that he knows you are serious.

3.  Don’t give this man attention until he fulfills his promise.If you continue talking to him or seeing him, he might keep it at that.So cut him off so that he knows you are very serious about the situation.If you can, ask for a break until he finds himself on what he wants.

4.When he seems to be in confusion, you need to convince him that you are his better match because of what you share in common and how you understand him.Remind him of how miserable he is with his wife and promise to make him happy.

5.Make the married man feel desired and appreciated whether he does something good for you.See that you meet his needs to get it from you all the satisfaction he lacks from the wife.He will quickly come to you because of the comfort.

Can I make him leave her?Yes, you can.How?

Recently I  got an inbox from my Facebook fan.She was like, ‘hey Mama Nkima, thanks for your good work.I am in this complicated relationship with a man who is already in a relationship with someone and I love him so much.It’s hard for me to let him go, how can I make him leave her?How can I  make him be mine alone?’ Honestly speaking, this was quite a hard question to answer because no amount of manipulation and begging can make him leave his girlfriend/wife.

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It takes a lot of strength and hard work from someone to make a man break a commitment with his wife/girlfriend.

Therefore this question tempted to write an article about it.Perhaps you are in the same situation with my fan.These three strategies can help you to convince your man to leave her.

Make him crazy about you

This is a fragile step.If you can’t blow his mind away, he won’t leave her for you.Why would he?Because you want him to leave her?Sweetheart, he has to feel good around you.He has to always have a good time with you.He has to feel your absence if you are not with him.Yes, you have to bring out your best in this.You do not have to be perfect, because no one is, but your game has to be at a higher level.

Stop trying to make him leave her.

Can I make him leave her

If you have reached a point where you need him to leave her, but he just won’t respond, the two of you have probably already talked about your relationship status and its nauseating him.So now, bringing it up again won’t do any good.He knows what you are up to and it’s driving him away further.So what to do now?

If you finally want him to leave, you have to delete this question; ‘Can you leave her for me?’ out of your talk with him.Make him believe that being in a relationship with you was all his idea.Stop stressing him because he is already frustrated with his current girlfriend/wife.So act like a mature person and let him be in peace.He will finally come to you when he feels like you are different from his wife/girlfriend and he can rely on you.

Keep him positive

Make him leave her by using your girl power.Dominate your communication with him using the pronoun “we” instead of pronouns “you”, “me” and “I”.Show him that you care and you will love him always.Listen to him when he is upset and need to talk.Give him a hand when he needs it.Show him that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you.By doing this, it will make him realize that there is a future in this relationship and that not everyone in this world is evil.He may then leave his girlfriend/wife for you.


If you are sure you want to make a man leave his partner, you need to do the opposite of what his woman/wife does to him.Try to understand this man and see what he is lacking.Fill the gaps in his life and slowly build a connection with this guy, and he will be yours in no time.

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