Do married men miss their mistresses?

Do married men miss their mistresses?  

  • How do I know that he misses me?  
  • Is it even possible for a married man to yearn for his lover? 
  • How do I make him miss me?

The questions go on and on. You may be wondering whether your married boyfriend misses you when he is away. Maybe your relationship ended, or it just happens that he can’t be with you for the time being.

He’s bound to miss you, given that no affair is 100% emotionless. The chances are that he is missing right now, but that doesn’t mean he will act on it.

Whether a married man will get up and find you when he misses you depends on your relationship dynamic.

Maybe you are uncertain whether he misses you or wants to make him miss you, whatever else it is, I have the answers you are looking for, read on. 

Do married men miss their mistresses?

Yes, a married man will miss his mistress because ‘no strings attached’ the affair is, there is always a connection.

Even though he may not admit or later act on it, your married man lover will miss you, sooner or later. It is bound to happen.

Why would a married man miss his mistress?

Married men are still men. Like any other man, when he is involved with you emotionally, he will miss you.

The real reasons why he will miss varied and personal to know for sure what makes a man desire his mistress, you need to be a mind reader.

However, here is a list of the most common reasons why a married man would miss his mistress.

Common reasons married men give for missing their mistresses

1. He loves you.

That should be a no brainer. When you love someone, you want to be with the person you love. Likewise, he misses you because of his affection towards you.My 14 Secret Signs a married man is falling in love with you will give you more knowledge about how to know if he is falling in love with you.

2. He cares for you.

A man can’t have an affair with you and not care for you to some extent.

Because he cares for you, he is concerned about you and your wellbeing. Being away from you makes him wonder if you are doing okay.

If your whereabouts and safety are occupying his mind, it won’t be long before he starts to miss you; after all, you are on his mind.

3. His wife is giving him a hard time.

We all know wives tend to nag even troublesome sometimes. If his wife is problematic, he may start to long for a calm demeanor.

4. He enjoys your company.

When a man, married or not, enjoys being around, it is only natural to miss you when they are away.

5. He’s horny

Sadly, this is the bitter truth. Sometimes mostly, if your relationship were purely physical, you would cross the man’s mind when he is horny. He might even reach out, hoping to get some sexual healing.

Signs that a married man misses his mistress.

Men are programmed to mask their emotions. It may be challenging to know when he misses you because the chances are that he will try to hide it from you.

Worry not, emotions leak clues here and there, so here are subtle signs that your married boyfriend misses you but is hiding it.

Seven subtle signs that a married man misses you.

1. He calls you more than usual.

Has he been blowing up your phone? Is he calling you more and more every other day? Yes, you guessed it, he misses you.

He answers your texts immediately.

Men are busy creatures, busier if he is married. If a married man is answering every text of yours as though he was some high school kid with all the time in the world that screams, I miss you.

2. He shows up.

When he starts appearing up at your place or workplace uninvited, it is because he missed you so much he had to see you.

3. He sends you thoughtful gifts.

Has he sent you gift(s) which you know that only a person who has been intently observing you would think?

Maybe you told him your favorite toy growing up was a panda, and he sends you a human-size panda. He also noticed how much you love paintings, so he sent the most beautiful artwork you have ever seen.

If he is taking time to personalize the gifts he sends to you, that is another way of saying that I love you and miss you so much.

4. He talks about you. 

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” If he talks about it means you’re on his mind, which means he misses you.

If a man shows the signs above, even if you don’t get a confession, he is guilty of missing you.

Would a married man ever reconnect with his mistress if he misses her?

Dating a married man is problematic; you never know what to expect. Will he reconnect with you after you break up, or will he go and never return? You can’t say for sure. 

Some men do, but others don’t. Even though you cannot predict if your married man would reconnect with you, there are things that you could do that would increase your chances of getting him back. 

Here is a list of tips to make a married man reconnect with you.

Four ways to make a married man reconnect with you

1. Respect the no contact rule.

Cutting all contact works magic and wonders for you. It makes him realize how easily you could dispense him, and that crap scares man.

He then decides to up his game to keep in your good graces.

2. Look good, always. You never know when the man is looking.

Men are visual, so if you look ravishing when he steals glances, there is no way in hell he is keeping his eyes and hands off that. At least not for long.

3. Be pleasant.

If you meet him in person, be cordial and pleasant. You lose nothing by being friendly and agreeable, but you get his respect and admiration and his devotion later.

5. Get in shape.

Exercise is excellent for you, but also most men would kill to have a fit woman. You look so much better when you get in shape.

After having executed the tips above you have done, sit back and wait for your man.

However, if he still doesn’t, you will be in the best place emotionally and physically then you have been for a while. So it is not wasted.

What do married men do when they miss their mistresses?

Your man deals with emotions differently from you. He can move on with his life irrespective of what emotions he feels. 

Men are logical, and even though he misses you, which he will, if there was an emotional connection, he won’t necessarily reach out.

Men have a more extraordinary ability to think categorically, so he will do the most logical thing: staying with his wife, albeit feeling the opposite.

While some men may reach out when they miss you, incredibly when convenient for them, the majority will brush it off and move on with their lives.

How do I make a married man miss you?

Suppose you want to make your married boyfriend miss you, maybe to make him come back to you or get his attention. Whatever your motive to get the man jealous, here is a list of strategies you can employ to make green-eyed.

Strategies to make a married man miss you

1. Go cold turkey on him.

Cut off ALL contact and abruptly—calls, texts, social media, even physical. Give him time to miss you by going MIA.

2. Be disinterested in him.

I know you might have feelings for the man, so being disinterested may be challenging, so act. Even if you have to fake it, so be it.

He needs to fear that he is dispensable at the snap of the finger, and feigning disinterest will do just that.

3. Have a social media presence.

Go out with your friends, take pics and post them. Have your life y=looking great online but most importantly, genuinely try to enjoy your time without him.

Seeing you looking happy without him will remind him of how happy he made you. In the end, it will make him miss you.

4. Incite jealousy

Get an old friend to act interested in you. Some men like their women to be desirable to other men. He feels better knowing that different men want he has.

Also, seeing this potential successor of him around, you will make him jealous. Jealousy is the mother of other emotions, including the longing for someone. Either way, you win.

6. Have a signature scent.

Whenever he smells your scent, he will immediately think of you even if it is on another woman. So get a signature scent and stick to it.

While you can’t force a man to miss you, the tips above will make it easier even for the most emotionally detached man to miss you.

Do married men miss their mistresses —quotes.

1. “Married men are sweet poison, he preys on your very life. Let him in at your demise.”

2. “He said he was leaving his wife, didn’t he? I hate to break it to, but he lied. They never leave.”

3. “True love is action, if he missed you too, he would pick the damn phone and call, but your man hasn’t, has he?”

4. “Don’t expect to be treated like number one when you are number two.”

5. “A mistress is a queen of ‘almosts.’ She almost has the man but not quite. She is nearly the wife but not entirely.”


Do married men ever go back to their mistresses?

Even though it sometimes happens, rarely, a married man goes back to their mistress after they broke up, but sometimes it happens.

It depends on the nature and circumstances of your relationship. The fact man will come back to you when your relationship is over.

Do married men leave their wives?

No, most men do not leave their wives. I know it sounds ironic that they approach you under the guise that they will leave the wives, but the reality is that they never.

In any case, should he leave his wife for you, he is three times more likely to leave you for another. You wouldn’t want such a kind of man, would you?

Yes, he can because falling in love has nothing to do with whether he’s married or not, or whether you were married or not.

Love is just love. It happens where it chooses so that a married man can fall in love with a married woman; it happens all the time.

Can a man cheat but still love his wife?

Yes, you see, love is a very complicated emotion. Cheating has nothing to do with his passion for you; just because he is involved with another woman doesn’t mean he loves you any less.

A man can be very much in love with you and still cheat and even go ahead to fall in love with his mistress because he loves his mistress doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you; it just happens like that.

Bottom line

A married man is still a man, and like all men, he will miss his lover. But unlike his single counterparts, a married man will rarely look for his mistress when he misses her.

However, he will miss her, more than he likes to admit.

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