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How do I make him worry about losing me?

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Do men worry about losing their wives? 

  • Would his life ever be the same without her? 
  • Perhaps you have wondered whether you mean anything to your man. 

Men can be pretty good at hiding their feelings, especially uncomfortable ones like regret or fear.Still, whether he likes to admit it or not, to lose anyone you care about can be a terrifying thing even to a macho man. 

When your man has been unhappy and dissatisfied with your relationship or even made known to you how frustrated he is, you may panic.That’s because you know what is coming next; a breakup. 

If he could truly see what a prize he has in you, would it maybe change his mind? 

For a man to worry about losing you, he needs to value you.He has to realize how so much better you make him and how much you enrich his life.  

Do you know what it takes to make a man see your value?If you don’t, stick around, and I’ll let you in on a little secret.How to make a man realize your worth and force him to worry about losing you. 

Men need to be reminded often about how lucky they are to have you not because they are forgetful but instead because there are many distractions. 

It’s a jungle out there, and so many girls are more than happy to dance through hell to score a decent guy like your man. 

So being pretty isn’t enough anymore; neither is being the perfect wife.You are only secure when you know that he knows that he knows how lucky he is that you are in his.  

Tips on how you can make your man realize your value

1.Have a life outside your marriage. 

Please do your own thing that doesn’t involve him.I’ll admit, sometimes when you are in love, you want to do everything with your man all the time. 

True, everything seems so much better when he is with you, but it can be stifling for him, mainly if he fell in love with your independence. 

Doing your own thing keeps you busy and preoccupied with other matters.Most importantly, it makes you look like you have your own something going on. 

Now that’s a woman most men value.Having your own life proves that you will not be needy and that you’re emotionally balanced.    

2.Allow your man to work for your approval. 

Men like to be challenged.It makes their blood boil and excites their very being. 

I am not saying be difficult, but don’t be a pushover.It takes the fan away from the chase. 

Let him earn your trust, don’t just trust him based on face value.Allow him to prove his love before you fall for him. 

Men value what they work for, so let him work for you, and he will appreciate you hence making him worried of ever losing you.  

3.Have reasonable standards and keep them.

Standards and boundaries are your way of telling your man what you will not accept. 

Some women have fairy tell conditions, and in all honesty, doesn’t help them.

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Society wants you to put want they want first, When is it time to put what you want first?
There aren’t many real-life princes nor white horses, you know! 

Having standards is not effective if you bend them for him unless you want him to think that you’re cheap.Staying true to barriers that you have set makes you look virtuous, and sure as hell, he knows he isn’t getting a discount, so he has to put in the work.   

4.Let your man miss you.

“Out of sight isn’t necessarily out of mind.” Give him a pleasant then follow it with a cold absence. 

This keeps him hooked on you like a drug because your vanishing heightens the pleasure he will derive from your presence.It doesn’t help your value if you are an everyday commodity.Remember your goal is to make him worried of losing you. So make him miss you.

I am not asking you to go cold turkey on him.Just saying don’t be too accessible, least he devalues you to common property.   

5.Be better every day today than yesterday.

A wise man once told me, “struggle to be just 1% better today than yesterday” One by one makes a bundle. 

Little daily improvements make you better every day.Adding value to yourself in self-improvement will usually translate into an equal increment in your man’s respect for you. 

It’s no brainer that men love what they value, and they appreciate what they respect.   

6.Be hard to figure out. 

I’ll say this once more, men like to be challenged.Once he can figure you out, he is out. 

There is nothing else left for him to do, so his interest drops.On the other hand, being mysterious keeps him on his toes because no matter how hard he tries, he can never guess what is next. 

After all, there is no pattern.Now, that’s 100 % sexy.   

11 ways to make a man worry about losing you

It is arguably the most frustrating thing on earth when your partner decides to leave when you are still invested. 

In many relationships, you are chasing the man, or you are being pursued; for most women, sadly, it’s typically the former.When you are doing the chasing, you lose your power to him. 

You have to live by his terms least he leaves.How long will you continue to dance to the beat of his drums? 

I know when you have been carrying the weight of the relationship for long, it feels like you are helpless and have no choice, but the truth is that you do.More than you realize, you have the power to shake things up and regain control and the upper hand. 

  • Are you tired of being taken for granted in marriage?
  • Do you want a foolproof guide to ensure that he needs and wants you so much that he dreads and worry about the thought of losing you?

Men value what is rare; in fact, the harder he has to work to get and keep you, the more value he will place on your head.In any case, easy come, easy go. 

When he realizes that he can no longer get favors from you simply because the guy is your man, he simply has to step up.

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Men know and respect standards. 

Here’s a list of ways to make him worry about losing you.

1.Be spontaneous and fun

Our day to day life tends to be boring sometimes enough.Adding to a boring wife to list will only worsen the situation. 

Sadly, after being in a long relationship, many of us fall into the comfort zone trap and stop trying.Life then becomes somewhat stable and predictable. 

I know we get used to the comfort of routine; however, monotony just dims our lives.Therefore if you can breathe fresh air, the water in the desert to your man, and save him from this dull party, he will value you.

2.Be your man’s cheerleader.His number one fun

Your man will be worried of losing you if you make him realize that he can count on your support at all times.

Many men are too absorbed in making ends meet here and there.Life has a way of knocking down men; it’s a cruel world out there. 

He endures more than you know to provide and care for his family.Routing for him while you support and appreciate his efforts can make all the difference in the world and give him the momentum to keep fighting for you. 

Who wouldn’t cherish that!Men realize that good things like these come, but once in a million years, so darling, he wouldn’t dream of losing you.

3.Redefine your boundaries

If you have already lost power over to him, you need to reinvent yourself. 

Redefine your standards and maintain them.Sooner or later, your man will realize the changes, and he might try and test you to see whether he can get away with a few things, which is when you need to be steadfast more than ever. 

This improvement will translate to him that there’s something that has changed in you for the better. 

To men, only things of value can have standards, and this will signal to him that your price just went up.

4.Expand your social network

Get out there and meet new people.Women who have people around them translates to high quality and attractive in the men’s dictionary. 

Men want the best for themselves.If other people are drawn to you, then you must be worth something.With this realization, he will conclude that he is lucky to name you his even as all these other people are drawn to you.

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Let your man watch you having fun without him.

Go out with your friends and have a blast; just make sure you post the pictures where he can see them. 

It helps even more when you include your male friends.Him watching you have the best time of your life without him, especially when other men are with you, will bother him. 

It shows him how easy it might be for him to lose you to your male friends who make you happy.

6.Be sexy.

Men are visual, and what they see matters sometimes more than what they feel. 

If you want to make him worried sick of losing you, don’t be afraid to flash some skin, seduce, or be provocative with him.They live for that stuff. 

The sexier he thinks you are, the harder he knows you are to replace.

7.Look after yourself.

Pamper yourself whenever you get the chance; this will make you look youthful longer. 

We all know men have a thing for ageless beauties, so do not miss the opportunity to take care of yourself. 

Essentials like hygiene and grooming are still very much in style, so it helps the matter if you succeed in that area.

8.Grow and improve positive qualities.

Cultivate desirable qualities and abound in them.Every man desires to have a prudent wife do not be deceived by show biz. 

A good woman is far more precious than rubies, and she beatifies her husband’s life.Obviously, he wouldn’t dare lose her.

9.Give your man space.

It might sound counterintuitive, but sometimes space is what you both need.Absence grows the heart fonder, doesn’t it? 

Allowing your man alone time without you will make it clear how much he needs and relies on you.That can make you irreplaceable in his eyes.

Being a good wife isn’t enough for any man; however, making him realize that you are the best for him makes all the difference.To win a man for good, just become the perfect one for him.

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Is he losing interest in me?

When the relationship just started, he adored you and was all about pleasing you.

Then slowly, the poles began to switch, and you were doing the pleasing.His interest began to dwindle, and this left you perplexed.

So you tried to be nicer only to worsen things and push him further.I have been here before, more times than I’d like to admit, and girl, it’s no fun at all.If you feel he is dwelling far a way from you, Its time you start working on tip we discussed in this text and make him worried about loosing you.

In my how to make a man fall in love with you i share tip to help you in order to fall in love with you again.

Signs to know that the end is drawing near.

1.The first sign is that communication becomes labored.
When communication becomes scanty, especially for a talkative man, that’s a red flag.

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Society wants you to put want they want first, When is it time to put what you want first?
It is a sign of emotion withdrawal which preceded physical retreat.

2.Your man becomes hot-tempered and short-fused
He is exceptionally irritable and impatient, especially with you.

3.Your man becomes blatantly rude and disrespectful
Men like to please their women, so if he is being rude, it is a telltale sign that he simply isn’t interested anymore.

What should I do when my man is losing interest in me?

To revive his interest in you, you have to remind him how he felt when he was still in love.You need to recreate that spark that has been long gone.In other words, make him fall in love all over again.

Will he regret losing you?

When a partner leaves, it leaves you; it could leave you feeling cheated, betrayed, and need I say bitter?

I understand why you would want him to regret losing you.It makes you feel better knowing that someone who hurt you badly feels some kind of pain for breaking you.

It almost feels like he did it to himself.Now, whether he regrets losing or doesn’t will depend on your relationship and his experience.

My advice will be to work on your act and make him worried about loosing you than waiting for him to regret losing you.

How to make him feel bad for losing you?

1.Stop the pity party and the moping around.
When he sees you all sad and broke, he will feel better about getting rid of you in the first place.
It doesn’t help your situation when you are unkempt.You need to try and move past the pain and live your life again.
When your man sees you happy and glowing without him, he will feel pangs of jealousy and certainly feel bad for losing you.

2.Expand your social life
When he sees you with other people, he will start to question why he decided to leave because seeing people around you means being drawn to you.
He will beat himself up for allowing you to slip through his fingers.

3.Zero contact but do not block your man.
Cut all communication but do not block him, which will allow him to see snippets of your progress.Still, because you are not directly communicating with him, he will realize that he has lost you, which hurts.


At the end of the day, if you are valuable in your man’s eyes, he wouldn’t dream of losing you.Above all else, work on how he views you, and you will be indispensable to him.

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