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How to get a married man to leave his wife? – 10 things you should do

How to get a married man to leave his wife? Want to know how to make a married man fall madly in love with you. Then you want to know how to get a married man leave to leave his wife.

In most cases the first part is easier, the second part is the real task. Before you know how to make a married man leave his wife you need first to be self-conscious. What do I mean by this? Understand yourself, what you are in for in the relationship, is it just the sex? Is it the emotional company? Is it because you are desperate?

Knowing this will avoid any later regrets. Understand that
it is not you that will make him leave, but his own free will.  You will be only a factor that will lead to
this, so how you behave will determine how to get a married man leave his wife
for you. Today we are going to go through on how to tell if a married man will
leave his wife.

  1. Get the facts right

    He always complains about his marriage being a bore and how his wife doesn’t satisfy him. But is he telling the truth? This is a question you need to ask yourself and be willing to look hard for the facts. Most men out there are not out of their marriages because of unhealthy relationship, some are on sexual conquests. If he does really have trouble in the marriage, you will see and if not you should be able to see through his lies. The correct information is important as it will give you which signal on how to get married man to leave his wife and give you a compass.

  2. Make him miss you

    Secret to how to make a married man fall madly in love with you is not to be always available. You must be asking how this will help yet the all point is how to make a married man leave his wife for you. Well, self-value is something you should not loose and this involves getting the true purpose of being him being with you. Apart from getting kinky in bed, does he really want you. Making him miss you will make him crazy for you. If he really longs to be with you he will make way, even if it involves leaving his wife. Make him want to be with you.

  3. Give him the freedom of choice

    As much you are really longing to have him all for yourself, do not pester him about leaving his wife. You may want to tell him all the time that he should leave his wife and be with you but understand marriage is a delicate thing. Divorces are a complicated affair as there is reputation to keep, kids, legal and financial consequences. In how to make a married man to leave his wife, most battles are mental, and part of this is to give him his freedom. Just make a polite mention, but do not pester him.

  4. Loyalty has a price.

    Once you have mastered how to make a married man fall madly in love with you, do not have a marriage in your head with him. Let him also see you that you can be taken by others and if he asks about this, tell him all he got to do is leave his wife if wants you all to himself. You will be surprised at how jealous guys are and if he really wants you all to himself then he has no choice but to leave his wife. As a woman also you should be wise not to invest all of yourself in a married man who is just in love with you but still with his wife. If he realizes that he has earned your loyalty without leaving his wife, he may use this to his advantage and exploit and the process of how to make married man leave his wife will have been botched.

  5. Shy away from talks about his marriage.

    You have made him a happy person, soon you realize that he starts to tell you about how messed up his marriage is, well use this to your advantage. Analyze his words and get the facts straight but don’t be a therapist for him. You may give him an advice that will make him leave you for his wife. Clearly that is not what you are in for, the goal is how to convince a married man to leave his wife. Make him realize that you don’t like contributing to such topics that they make you jealous. This will give him an ego boost and make him realize how much you love him. You can even tell him how when he talks about them you get jealous. Also resist the temptation to talk ill about his marriage, do not alter his decisions.

  6. Deny him that which most men crave for.

    Sex is something that most people cannot get enough of. This might be the reason married men are looking for relationships outside their marriages, they may have been denied the conjugal right or just they do not get enough of it. Once you have given him that cookie jar and grasped how to make a married man fall madly in love with you, it is time to use the sex card. He may always be dying to get you to bed, but tell him if he really wants to have as much as he wants then he may need to earn it by leaving his wife. You should deny him this while at the same time keep him company like before. This you will be surprised will make him obsessed with you. Some women have managed to abstain from sex entirely while being in a relationship with married men promising this only after a divorce and in so doing have prevailed in how to get a married man leave his wife.

  7. Do things different that her wife does wrong.

    He may have told you of all the ways her wife has fallen short. You should be noting these and how she ought to have acted right. If a chance ever comes up of a similar situation you should choose the correct action, don’t remind him of his wife and make him see no difference. Such keen attentions to details like how much sugar he wants in his cup of tea or how warm he wants his bath are factors that will win a man over. It goes to show him that you care even more than his wife. Factors he will consider, the scorecard on how to get a married man leave his wife.

  8. Let your company offer a reprieve.

    Most married men are always burdened with marriage troubles of needy clingy spouses. Let your company lift this burden off his shoulder. You should be independent and be able to support yourself not always asking for help. Once he realizes this, he will realize you have something to bring to the table. When he wants to leave his wife for you, he will want to get to something better, so be better.

  9. Patience

    This is a virtue if you don’t have, you must develop. Most married men out there are regretting having hastened to marriage, since they were not ready. In fact he may be struggling to weather the storm inside the marriage, so take things slow with him as leaving his wife may be easy, but getting into another marriage with you may be a process.

    Give time to establish trust and honesty between you two for this is how to make a married man fall madly in love, but if you really want master how to get a married man to leave his wife, be patient. Patience in the sense that you do not pester him to leave his wife, you do not over text. Let things be sequential as it is important in how to get a married man to leave his wife for you.

  10. Build the relationship on friendship.

    Commitment is no joke. If you think marriage is all about sex, then you are wrong. The other main reason why men want to leave marriages despite the great sex they are getting is when they are looking for a soulmate.

    Not all the time will you be having sex, you need someone to grow with, something he may be lacking having jumped to marriage for the sex.

    If you really want to cognize how to get a married man to leave his wife, behave in manner that he will realize that you are there for more than the sex, show him he has a home in you.

    Have interesting conversations, have fun together and even find more interesting ways to grow together. Once he sees the value you are adding to his life, he will start appreciating your company and that is how to convince a married man to leave his wife without having to tell him.

How to get a married man to leave his wife – Conclusion

Most people always want to know how often does a married man leave his wife for his mistress without wanting to know what it takes to do this.

The above ways are just the basic ones but the success of your story depends on your ability to learn and understand him.

His behavior around you should hint you to the truth of the matter on how to know if a married man will leave his wife.

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