How To Get him To Leave His Wife For You

Has anyone ever encountered a situation where you know you are perfect for with a man you are in love but then again he is still married to his wife? It is a tough situation. Isn’t it? It is really a heartache  to be deep in love with someone who already said ‘I do’ to someone else. And whether he is happy with his wife not, you also want the whole of him to be beside you all the time. It may be not good but if you really need him in your life, you can use some ways on how to get him to leave his wife for you so that he willing come to you without begging.

About 95% of married men will not leave their wives as they don’t want to hurt their wife’s feelings, especially when they do have children together. But when your man lacks happiness in his marriage, you can make him leave for the sake of your whole happiness. Whatever, it is, you have to make him want you naturally because a one-sided relationship can lead to the same failed marriage.

It is time for Mama Nkima to give you tips on how to get him to leave his wife for you. All of the suggested ways are practical and good for women who want to keep an illegal relationship with a married man and keep him in the future for good. Take some time reading this article to know more tips for keeping a man away from his wife and spend more time with you.

How To Get him To Leave His Wife For You-Don’t Have Sex  With Him

Among male love rats, sex proved to be the reason why married men go in for a side relationship. Therefore you should use that to determine whether he loves you or not. So, wait for a moment after having some good time in bed with him, and then ask him to choose between you and his wife, if he really enjoys your sex, that is when he will choose you over his wife. Don’t forget to be polite while making this request.

You should confront him and be clear of what you expect your relationship to head to and that you want more than sex. That you want him to leave his wife and stay with you for good. The one time you sleep with is enough and when he starts begging again, you have to refuse and tell him that you are not going to be his second plate any more. Tell him that you are only going to carry on only after leaving his wife. By this way, you will know where you stand with him, whether he is honest with you or not. Of you cannot have sex again with someone who is dishonest.

How To Get him To Leave His Wife For You-Treat Yourself Important

Men are powerfully attracted to women who value themselves and boundaries. Therefore making yourself important is a great way on how to get a man to leave his wife for you. You should not only deny him the bedroom time but also give him a cold shoulder by not taking care of him or more welcoming to him like you used to do.

By this way, you will give him time to miss you and he may realize how important you are for him and how he can’t leave without you.

Furthermore, have fun, enjoy your life and keep doing things together that you share the common interests with him while his wife does not so that he is more attracted to you. Don’t stop taking care of yourself no matter how much you love him, live your life and don’t depend on him. This will make you a respective and confident woman.

How To Get him To Leave His Wife For You-Don’t Try To Convince Him To Leave

Trying to convince him all the time is not an effective way of getting your sweetheart to leave his wife and even if he leaves her, he won’t respect you because it would be a one-sided decision. Therefore, you don’t need to threaten him into leaving her or giving him ultimatums-it does not even work. You can mention to him your suggestion but in a polite way so that he can feel your sincerity. In addition, make him realize what he would be missing if he stayed with his wife. If he is truly into you, he will be build up the confidence and come to you with your help but please don’t push him.

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