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How to make a man leave his wife for you

How to make a man leave his wife for you

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To make a man leave his wife for you, be the person from whom he get the appreciation and fills the void that he does not get from his wife.Create emotional attachment with him and be the person that listens to his needs.

Being in a relationship with a married man can be painful, but you if really want to win and make him be in your life, use these tactics to get him to leave his wife and come to you willingly.

  • Can a married man leave his wife for you?
  • How do you get a man so crazy about you that he decides to throw it all away to be with you?

Affairs are not emotion proof, and oftentimes you end up in love.The only downside is he is already involved and off the market.

So, how do you make him leave his wife for you and get him into a real relationship with you?

Before i share great tips on how to make him leave her for you, lets first see if men ever leave their wives for their mistresses.If they do Why?

This will help us understand better what we are dealing with.It will give us the golden stick to sweep them off the flow and follow our lead.

Do men leave their wives? 

Yes men do leave their current family for another woman if they for many personal reasons.If he loves you he will leave his wife.To answer this question, we need to understand what motivates people to stay in a relationship.

There are many factors that contribute to satisfaction in a relationship, including physical attraction, emotional connection, shared values and goals, and good communication.

When one or more of these components is missing, it can lead to dissatisfaction and eventually lead to someone looking for greener pastures.

So why do some men leave their wives for another woman?In many cases, it is due to dissatisfaction with the current relationship.If there’s been a lack of intimacy or passion, or perhaps there are unresolved issues that have led to tension and arguments.

In other cases, a man may be attracted to another woman because she represents something that his wife doesn’t: perhaps she’s younger, or maybe she has a different lifestyle or set of interests.

Your take away from this section, as a mistress should be to lookout for reasons why he is with you in the first place.Get to know what his wife is failing to provide him and you will have a better understanding of your role in his life.

Now that we know men occasionally do leave, and are acquainted to some unclear picture of why they leave.lets digest some signs that will tell you if the man you are with is likely to leave his wife for you. from their we will navigate on tips you can do to make him leave her for you.

What makes a man leave his wife for another woman?

As i mentioned above , men are most likely to leave their wives for another woman when they are dissatisfied with the current relationship.If there’s been a lack of intimacy or passion, or perhaps there are unresolved issues that have led to tension and arguments.

In other cases, a man may be attracted to another woman because she represents something that his wife doesn’t: perhaps she’s younger, or maybe she has a different lifestyle or set of interests.

So if you want to make him leave his wife for you, the key is to be what she isn’t and fill the void that she has left in his life.

There are a few famous examples of married men who left their wives for the lover.My personal favorite is of Prince Charles, who left the beloved Princess Diana for Camilla Parker Bowles, his then-lover, now wife.

But why?Why would a man leave his family and children for another woman? What makes a man leave one woman for another?

One thing is for sure, men don’t just get up and leave overnight.So, here is a list of common reasons why men leave their wives.

10 reasons why married men leave their wives

Men don’t usually leave their wives, but when they do, it never a coincidence.Its either his mistress did a great job in understanding what he wants or it could be one of the points that I mention below.Don’t forget to read a full detailed list of things on how to get a married man to leave his wife.

1.The married man doesn’t feel appreciated by his wife anymore.

After the honeymoon period, many marriages struggle to stay afloat.If a guy continuously feels undervalued, he will find that appreciation elsewhere.

Compliments, random acts of kindness, and physical touch are just a few ways to show your man how much you appreciate him.If you’re not doing these things, he may start to look for someone who will. How do I make him worry about losing me?

So if you are the mistress and want to make a man leave his wife for you, find out if this man’s wife appreciates him enough.If not, that’s an a opportunity for you to be the woman that appreciates him.If you want to make sure your man knows how much you appreciate him, try expressing it in words, actions, or both.

Tell him how much you appreciate what he does for you and your family.Show your appreciation with random acts of kindness, like making his favorite meal or getting him a gift for no reason.

And don’t forget the physical touch!A simple hug, kiss, or even just holding hands can show your man how much you care.

When a man feels appreciated, he is more likely to stick around and work on the relationship.But if he doesn’t feel appreciated, he may start to look elsewhere for that validation.

2.The guy and his wife have grown distant.

People change.If he and his wife have grown so apart, then that distance between them will make room for another, quickly.

When you first get married, you’re usually head-over-heels in love with your partner.But as time goes on, it’s normal for the honeymoon phase to wear off and for some distance to develop.

This is perfectly normal and even healthy in a relationship.But if the distance grows too much, it can lead to problems. How do I make him worry about losing me?

If a man feels like he’s grown distant from his wife, he may start to look elsewhere for companionship.He may find himself attracted to another woman who can provide the intimacy and connection that he’s missing in his marriage.

To make him leave his disconnected wife for you, make an effort to stay connected with your him.Plan regular date nights, take weekend trips together, and make time for intimate conversations.

By staying connected with your man, you can keep the flame alive in your relationship and prevent him from ever thinking about his boring wife again.

3.The man feels inadequate.

Men love to feel like they are enough for their women.With women empowerment movements succeeding, women are doing so much better than their men, which has made the men feel inadequate.

These men are especially susceptible to falling for the other woman who will, by all means, make him feel like a king once more.The mistress will always make him feel wanted even if it means being a doormat and agreeing to everything he says.

If you want your man to leave his wife for you, then make him feel like he is the only man in your life that matters.Appreciate everything he does for you no matter how small it may be.

4.Midlife crisis.

During the midlife crisis, men are likely to make decisions impulsively.Coupled with the emotional turmoil that plagues this season of their lives, many men leave their marriages.

The midlife crisis usually hits men in their 40s or 50s.During this time, they may start to question their life choices and wonder if they’re really happy with the way things are going.

They may also feel like they’ve missed out on opportunities for excitement and adventure.As a result, some men may make impulsive decisions, like having an affair or leaving their wife for another woman.

As a mistress, If your man is going through a midlife crisis, the best thing you can do is be understanding and supportive.Try to avoid making any major decisions yourselves during this time.

Give him space to work through his feelings and figure out what he really wants in life.With a little time and patience, he’ll likely come out of his midlife crisis feeling happier and more satisfied with his life.Read: How to make him chose you over her.


Piled anger and emotional pain build up into resentment.After resenting his wife for so long, the man will find it easier to leave her should an opportunity arise.

When a man starts to resent his wife, it’s usually because he feels like she doesn’t appreciate him or understand him.He may feel like she’s always taking him for granted and that she doesn’t truly love or respect him.

Over time, this resentment can build up and cause a man to distance himself from his wife.He may start looking for ways to get out of the relationship and may even find himself attracted to other women.

To make your man leave his resentful wife for you, show him that you appreciate and understand him.Listen to him when he talks about his problems and be there for him when he needs to vent.

Also, try to avoid taking him for granted.Show him that you love and respect him by doing thoughtful things for him and speaking highly of him to others.

Just remember to be patient, understanding, and appreciative, and you’ll likely have your man wrapped around your finger in no time.

 6.Irreconcilable financial differences between your lover and his wife

We all deal with money; differently, some of us are misers.Others are spendthrifts.Obviously, if the husband and wife are on different ends of this spectrum, they will always disagree financially.Money is among the chief causes of divorce, mind you.

If your lover is the type who is always looking for a financial windfall and his wife is content with what they have, it’s only a matter of time before he leaves her for someone else.To him, his wife is stifling his potential.She doesn’t understand his vision.

On the other hand, if your lover is content with his financial status and his wife is always looking for ways to make more money, she will eventually tire him out.To her, he’s a slacker who isn’t ambitious enough.

In order to make your man leave his wife for you, provide him with the financial stability that he desires.

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Be understanding of his financial goals and help him to achieve them.

Show him that you’re the type of woman who can be a partner in his success, not someone who will drag him down.With your support, he’ll soon see that leaving his wife is the best decision for both of you.

7.The man’s wife is mean.

Some wives become monsters with time.I honestly don’t know why they become so bitter, but they become so mean that their husbands can’t tolerate them anymore.She practically drives her men away.Read: Signs of an unhappily married man

If your lover’s wife is constantly belittling him, insulting him, or making him feel bad about himself, it’s only a matter of time before he leaves her.No man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel like he’s worth less than dirt.

To make your man leave his mean wife for you, show him compassion and kindness.Build him up when he’s feeling down instead of tearing him down.

Also, try to avoid getting into arguments or fights with him.If he feels like he can always count on you to be calm and level-headed, he’ll soon see that you’re the better option for him.

8.No sex.

Sex is essential to men; if they aren’t getting at home, they must find it.This marks the beginning of an affair and the end of his marriage.

If your lover’s wife is withholding sex from him or if she’s just not satisfying his needs in bed, it won’t be long before he starts looking for someone else to fulfill those needs.

To make your man leave his sexless wife for you, show him that you’re more than willing to satisfy his needs.Be adventurous and open-minded in bed, and make sure he always feels loved and wanted.Read: Sleeping with a married man

Also, try to be understanding of his desires and fantasies.If you can make his wildest dreams come true, he’ll soon see that you’re the only woman he needs in his life.

9.The relationship is moving faster than the man wants.

Maybe she wants to start a family or buy a new house, but he’s not ready.Men are funny creatures; you imagine that he will say so if he doesn’t want something.

This isn’t always the case; most men just keep silent and slowly take themselves out of the equation.The man will find a way to leave the relationship without ever really saying goodbye.

To make your man leave his fast-moving wife for you, slow down and enjoy the moments you have together.Don’t pressure him into taking things to the next level; let him come to that decision on his own.

Also, try to be understanding of his feelings and needs.If you can show him that you’re content with things the way they are, he’ll soon see that you’re the perfect partner for him.

10 The man can’t be himself around his wife.

He can’t crack a joke or speak his mind.He can’t even wear what he wants.If a man feels like he has to work on eggshells with his wife, he doesn’t enjoy it, and sooner or later, he will leave her to be liberated.Read: Signs of an unhappily married man

To make your man leave his wife for you, show him that you accept him for who he is.Encourage him to be himself around you, and let him know that you’ll always love and support him no matter what.

Also, try to be understanding of his needs and wants.If you can give him the freedom to be himself, he’ll soon see that you’re the only woman he needs in his life.

Now that you know how to make a man leave his wife for you, put these tips into action and enjoy the benefits of being in a loving and committed relationship with the man of your dreams.Soon enough, he’ll be all yours!

If he loves you he will leave his wife

For a man to leave his wife for you, he must be in love with you.There is no way in hell a married man is throwing his life away for a girl he has no feelings for.

Therefore, before we go any further, you must ascertain that he loves you.  Here is a list of tried and true signs that he indeed loves you.

Subtle and dependable signs a married man loves you

In my article 43 Signs a married man cares for you, I talk mostly about signs to inform you at hand that this man really cares for you and you don’t need to do much to get him to leave his wife for you.Below are some of the points i talk about.To read more about the detailed list please click on the link above.

1.Your lover spends quality time with you.

The other woman normally gets the evenings and if she is lucky, an hour or two of the weekend.If a married man is spending more time with you, it is a sign that he might have feelings for you.

2.The man stares at you

When a man stares at a woman, it is because he can’t get over how good she looks or how she makes him feel or both.That he stares is because he finds you extraordinary.

3.The guy postpones crucial things to be with you.

Men are often logical, so if he is jeopardizing things that ought to be important to him as his family and work.It means that he operates on irrational mode, typical for men in love.

4.Your married BF shows you off, even in public.

Men usually keep their affairs secret.If he shows you off even in public, he must really love you to even think of this, later on executing it.

5.The man gets jealous.

If jealousy isn’t the oldest and surest indicator of love, I don’t know what it.If he is bothered by others around you, it is a sure sign that he has fallen in love with you.

6.Your lover talks about you.

When someone talks about you, it is because they admire you.If the man’s friends tell you that he can’t seem to get your name off his tongue, you just hit the jackpot, he is hooked.

7.It is more than just sex.

If he genuinely still cares even post-sex, then he loves you.

8.Your married BF prioritizes you.

There is no way around men putting the people closest to their hearts first always.If he is treating them like a priority, it is because they are, and that is still a good sign.

9.The guy’s actions.

I know married men are smooth talkers but beyond the words, look at his actions.Listen to what he does more than what he says.If his deeds tell you he loves you, believe them.

If you realize that he doesn’t love you, don’t despair.Here is a list of sneaky ways to make a married man fall for you

Tips to make a married man love you.

Honestly speaking, you can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.So, please don’t be pushy about it, only be suggestive and let the man pick up the cues and decide for himself to love you.

You can only control what you can do and have no control over what another person does.So, here is a list of things that you can do that may make a married man fall in love with you.

1.Be pleasant

You lose nothing by being agreeable, but you gain a lot from it.Frequently, wives grow into mean and angry women, so if her husband finds a woman who is a breath of fresh air, he won’t miss a golden opportunity.Men just want peace.

2.Be feminine

Opposites attract.That is the law of attraction, it doesn’t matter what you are drawing, but negative attracts positive.Likewise, femininity attracts masculinity.

The more femininity you exude, the more he is attracted to you.

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It works all the time.You don’t have to wear heels and dresses to be feminine (dresses and heels help your case though) but vulnerable, soft, and the embodiment of all womanly qualities.

3.Be supportive.

Men feel good when their women are their number one supporters.He needs to know that whatever his trade, whatever the circumstances you are routing for him.

Not many men, if any, would resist the charm of a supportive woman.

4.Be Respectful (Treat the man like a king)

I know women empowerment, and feminists say that we all are equal.Men and women are the same.But with his mentality, you will be repulsive to traditional and generally most men.

While it is true that we were created equal, men like to feel like the kings they are.Respect is his only love language, and good for you, it is rare.So respecting the man will make you stand out to him.

5.Don’t always be available.

I can’t stress how important it is to sometimes turn him down.In a man’s mind, overly available women are needy.That is the last type of girl he needs unless he is a sociopath.

7.Incite jealousy

This old trick works, but you have to be careful it is easy for things to blow up in your face.

Making him jealous reveals to him how much he cares for you.Knowing that he could lose you makes him see how much you mean to him, and that is great.You want him to realize how valuable you are to him.

8.Be independent

Have a life of your own.Men find independent women sexy and alluring.It also makes him feel that you are a healthy being who may be worth walking out on his marriage for.

If you don’t believe that independence is that important, listen to Neyo’s Miss Independent.Read: How to make a man leave his wife for you

How to make a man leave his wife for you. 

In the section “10 reasons why married men leave their wives I talked in length some of the reasons why men leave their wives, but also I gave up some tips for the other woman to use and take advantage of each and every reason i mentioned.

But what if you want to take things a step further and not just be the other woman, but want to make him leave his wife for you?How do you go about doing that?That’s what nest section is about, and I’m going to share with you some tips, both psychological and physical that will help increase your chances of making him leave his wife for you.

Before we get started though, I want to point out that these tips are not fool proof, and there is no guarantee that he will leave his wife for you

A step-by-step approach to get a married man to leave for you.

Men that cheat are cleaver, They are a kind that will tell lies to their mistresses only for them to have their cake and eat it.They will make you believe that they are going to leave their wives but in real sense, they have no such plans.

Below are some of the things you should do to your married boyfriend if he fails to uphold his promises to you.

1.Ask the man to leave his wife.

He may think that you are okay with the sexual no strings attached arrangement.When you catch feelings, ask him to leave his wife.He will know where you stand, and it will give him an opportunity to make a decision.

If he is not interested in leaving his wife for you, then he was never going to leave her anyway and you have saved yourself a lot of heartache by finding out early on.

But if he does want to leave his wife for you, then great!You can move on to the next step.

Keep in mind that even if he says he wants to leave his wife for you, it doesn’t mean that he will actually do it.So don’t get your hopes up too high and be prepared for disappointment.Read: Lies married men tell their mistresses.

2.Set a time frame, after which your guy should have left his wife.

This is an important step because it will help to keep things in perspective for you.If he doesn’t leave his wife within the time frame that you have set, then it’s possible that he never actually intended to leave her and was just stringing you along.

On the other hand, if he does leave his wife within the time frame that you have set, then it’s a good sign that he is serious about being with you.

Of course, there is always the possibility that he could leave his wife after the time frame that you have set, but this isn’t something that you should count on happening.

The important thing is to keep your expectations in check and to be prepared for the possibility that he might not actually leave his wife for you.

3.Slow down on your communication.

You don’t have to go, to no contact level, be stern and keep your tone business-like.This will communicate to the man that you are serious about leaving his wife if he still wants to be with you.

When he contacts you, don’t answer right away, let him wait a few hours or even a day before you reply.This will make him think about what he wants and whether he is willing to leave his wife for you.Also it helps test him where he stands as to weather he is willing to loose you by not replying to you in a timely manner.Read: How do I make him worry about losing me?

If he is the one constantly texting, emailing or calling you, then it’s likely that he is more interested in you than he is in his wife.On the other hand, if he doesn’t seem to care about how often he hears from you, then it’s possible that he is more interested in his wife than he is in you.

Either way, by slowing down on your communication with him, you will be able to get a better idea of where he stands and what his true feelings are for you.

Making a man leave his wife for you is not going to be easy.

4.Do not compare yourself to the wife.

While you wait for him to start processing the divorce, desist from comparing yourself to his wife because it will only hurt you.The thing you need to remember is that he chose you, not her.So try to have some patience and faith that things will work out in your favor.

If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to his wife, then it’s possible that you are not as confident as you should be in the relationship.This lack of confidence can be a turnoff for him and make it less likely that he will want to leave his wife for you.

On the other hand, if you are confident in yourself and the relationship, then it’s more likely that he will be drawn to you and want to leave his wife for you.

Either way, it’s important to remember that you are the one that he chose, not his wife, and to have faith that things will work out in your favor.

5.Put your relationship on hold.

When you feel that he still isn’t taking it seriously but the relationship on hold.Reduce the back and forth communication and withhold the sex.This will give him a reality check that you mean business and aren’t going to wait around forever.

If he is serious about being with you, then he will be willing to work through the difficulties of getting a divorce.On the other hand, if he isn’t willing to work through the difficulties, then it’s possible that he isn’t as serious about being with you as you thought he was.

Either way, by putting your relationship on hold, you will be able to get a better idea of where he stands and what his true feelings are for you.

6.Do not be needy.

Have a life going on.Do things on your own and go places without him.It is healthy for you, and he will realize how easily he could lose you if he doesn’t work on his game.

If you find yourself being too needy, then it’s possible that he is taking advantage of you and using you for your own needs.Read: 29 Signs a Married Man is Using You for Your Money, Sex, and Emotional Support

On the other hand, if you are confident and independent, then it’s more likely that he will be drawn to you and want to leave his wife for you.

Either way, it’s important to remember that you should have your own life going on and not be too needy.

7.Date other men.

Should the opportunity arise, go on dates with other guys.Seeing that you are durable to other men will put him in a panic mode and his primal instinct to do and give anything not to lose you to another male.

Don’t neglect him but then again don’t be too much available for him.Men like competition.Seeing other people will make him threatened since it reminds him that you are still attractive to other men.

It brings the urge of him wanting to spend more time with you.hence leaving his wife..

But, be careful not to hurt his feelings.When he asks about it just reply reluctantly.

Don’t make him too jealousy because it can bring permanent damage to your relationship with him.

Tips and strategies to get a man to leave his wife for you

If you are serious about taking him away from her, then its time to up your game.You need to show him what he is missing out on by being with his wife.

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Here are a few things you can do:

1.Stop warming your married BF’s bed.

Men are motivated by sex, whether they like it to admit or not.If he can still get it, he won’t be inspired to work for it.

You can’t give a man great sex enough to make him leave his wife, withholding great sex from him, though it will motivate him.

2.Understand why the man is with you in the first place.You must know his true intentions and satisfy them. 

If he is having an affair because he wants to be understood, for instance, then be understanding and more to him, you will become indispensable.

If you can satisfy a man’s deepest desire, you will have him hooked.

3.Let the guy feel your absence.

Letting him feel your absence allows him to miss you.When he misses you, he thinks he needs you.It’s a cycle.The more he longs for you, the more needs you.Read: Make him think of me spell

If you make him needs you more, the more he loves you.The more he loves you, the more he misses you.Let him miss you.

4.Focus on yourself.

Invest in a hobby, go mountain climbing, swimming in the ocean, do all the things you have always wanted to do.

Let him see you having a great time without him, and it will make him long for the good days he had with you.

5.Don’t get pregnant.

Many women may find this counterintuitive because common knowledge suggests that trapping a guy with pregnancy will force him to settle with them.

While that may be true, it is also true that he will resent you for it.It won’t last.You want the man to choose you because he wants to, not because he must.

6.Never confront the wife.

Please never confront his wife under any circumstances unless you want him to give you a red card.

Think of it this way, you gain absolutely nothing from confronting the wife rather than hurting her unnecessarily and losing the man.It is a classic lose-lose situation.

7.Make the wife want to leave.

You need to be creative here.This is risky but if there is a way you can get the wife to be the one to leave without it pointing back at you, then, by all means, go for it.

8.Show the man that you have a lot in common with him.

We like the people who are similar to us more and better.If he wants fishing, go fishing with him, and actually have a great time.This is of the simple things that matter most.

You want to be his friend as much as you are his lover.This will make it harder for him to leave you.

9.Do not manipulate the man.

If you forget everything else, please remember that men hate being controlled by a woman, so desist from manipulating him.

Suggest but leave him to make the final decision.

How do you tell if he will leave his wife for you? 

You can’t say for sure whether your married man will leave his wife for you.But look for some of these signs, that a man may leave his wife for you.

1.The man prioritizes you.

If a man puts you first, even before things that should matter most to him like his work, or wife, it is because he thinks you are that important.

If you are that important to him, it means he will choose you any day over all he prioritizes you over.

2.The guy removes his ring when he is near you.

I know that removing his ring doesn’t dissolve his marriage but that he pulls it for you means that in his mind, if he could have things his way, he would unmarry for you.

3.The man’s future plans include you.

If he mentions you in far-sighted plans, he sees you still him even at that time.That is a good sign.

4.The guy jokes about leaving his wife

Have you noticed that when guys say I am just joking 99% of the time, they are serious?Is he only trying to hide behind the cover of am kidding just if you don’t like the idea he labels just joking?

He isn’t joking about leaving his wife; he is considering it.

5.The married man bought you a property.

You have to be careful because it depends on his real motives for getting you the property to sign that he will leave his wife.

Suppose his intention for buying a property for you should be because he sees some permanency in your relationship and not because he is avoiding the hotel checking in and out.In that case, that could make his wife suspicious.This will mean the exact opposite, you’re just his booty call.

On the flip side, there is a possibility that he may never leave his wife and that he is taking you for a ride.

You do not want to waste your time investing in a relationship that has no future.Here is a list of signs that the man won’t leave his wife no matter what he has told you.

Why don’t men often leave their wives for the mistress

The norm is that a married man will never leave his wives regardless of how he feels about you.Irrespective of how unfulfilling his marriage is, the majority of men would never go.Why?Read: Why he can’t leave his wife for you

Here is a list of reasons why men never leave their wives.

1.Because of the stigma attached to divorce

Divorcees are looked at as selfish people who couldn’t keep their commitment to their spouses.Because he doesn’t want this on his head, he will try to avoid divorcing as much as possible.

2.Divorce is expensive.

Lawyers, alimony, and property sharing have put the man at a significant financial loss.Many men are afraid to leave so that they don’t lose all that money.

3.The man is afraid to hurt his wife.

I know how this sounds, but men don’t want to hurt the women they once loved.He may not even love her anymore, but he wouldn’t dream of being the cause of her pain.

4.The guy cannot support two families at the same time.

Being the breadwinner for one family is hectic enough.Adding another family is madness.He knows this, and he worries that his wife will not support his children, so he decides to stay supporting this family and keeping you on the side.

5.His wife has it all.

He has an adoring wife who does all the wifely things, and he has you for all the fun, steamy sex, and chill.This man has it all.He wouldn’t dare to mess with this perfect harmony by leaving his wife.

6.The man doesn’t want to be labeled the bad guy.

It doesn’t matter the reasons a man divorces for society will always label him the bad one.Always.The “What will people say” discourages more men from leaving their marriages than you think.

7.Your lover is worried that his children’s lives will change drastically.

Money gets tight after a divorce, so he knows that the house his children live in, the lifestyle they live, will be changed by divorce.

He doesn’t want his children to experience this, so he stays.

Make His Actions Match His Promises
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The guy wants to still see his children let me not be guaranteed if you divorce and his wife.

The majority of fathers love their children, so see them after a divorce may make him stay even when he is done with their mom.

9.The man fears that might never be suitable for anyone else since he hasn’t been generous to his wife.

He failed his wife by cheating and loving someone else, so he is afraid that he may never be able to love someone else.Maybe he is not cut out for it, so why bother?

Signs he won’t leave his wife. 

1.The man said so

Sometimes, men say things they don’t mean, but when he tells you he won’t leave his wife, you better believe him because the guy is not even trying to lie to you at all; he won’t leave her.

2.The guy talks about his family a lot.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.If the man can’t stop talking about his family, it is because they are taking up all the space of his heart and there isn’t any room left for you.

3.It is purely sexual, and your lover has made it abundantly clear.

He reaches out when he is horny.He won’t stay any longer after the sex and definitely isn’t coming over if there is no sex involved.It is merely sexual for him.

It won’t matter how great you are in bed; if all he thinks you are suitable for is sex, he makes keep you around, but there is no way he is leaving his wife for that.

4.Your lover acts married, nothing has changed. 

When a man is planning to leave his wife, he will slow down on his marital duties.He will reduce family time and even miss family events like game night.

If the man is still acting married even though he has told you that he wants to divorce, he wants to stay married.

5.The guy is flaky.

He won’t commit to anything.He is so unreliable and undependable to you even though his wife’s rock.It is crystal clear here that he isn’t leaving her any time soon.

6.The man always chooses his wife over you.

He may leave you when you have a fever to go and fix his wife’s lawnmower.It doesn’t matter what is at stake for you.If he always chooses his wife in his subconscious, even though he won’t voice it, he chooses her.

What to do when he doesn’t leave his wife for you

When the man you love chooses another woman over you, it hurts so bad even if it is his wife.You may feel like your life has just come to a standstill and that it is over.

Here is a list of things to help you move on when a married man doesn’t leave his wife for you.

A list of must-dos when a married man doesn’t leave his wife for you

1.Give the man an ultimatum.

These terms serve two purposes.

  • He realizes that despite being unable to leave his wife, he can live without you.This realization may give him the momentum and courage to reconsider his position and leave his wife.
  • If he still doesn’t change after the request, you will know for sure that you will get some closure if it wasn’t meant to be.

Either way, the demand works for you even though the latter scenario is not as desirable as the former, you get some good out of it at least.

2.Break up with the guy.

After you realize that he is never leaving his wife, you must break up with him to start your recovery journey.

If you do not break up with him, a part of you will always be waiting for him to come back to you, which cripples your recovery.Read: How to break up with a married man

3.Delete the number and move on

Now that you have broken up try to forget him.So cut off all contact and begin to move on.


Do not hold any tears back, cry a river if you must, and let out all the pain.It is healthy for you to grieve, so quit being so strong, for a while.

5.Get your support system.

Your friends and family probably had no idea about the affair, so now is the time for you to let them in and on it.While some may be shocked and turn on you angrily, your real friends will look past that and be there for you.

6.Join a support group

There are numerous forums and groups which are safe places to pour your heart out.

Support from people who understand what you are going through Is priceless.The people in the support groups know because they have been going through what you are going through.

In case you feel undesirable, please stop yourself because he was never yours to start with, so how could he even handle all that awesomeness.Your own man is somewhere out there, and he will find you.

In signs he wont leave his wife for you, i go over many signs to lookout for before you sale your soul to a devil.

How to make a man leave his wife for you-Don’t be needy

Not many people want to be with a desperate and clingy person.You shouldn’t cling yourself too much onto him because it can destroy your romantic relationship and emotionally push him away.

Don’t dominate his social media, don’t over like his social media posts, don’t post too much on his wall, don’t bargain for his time, and don’t call him; just wait for him to come to you willingly.If he is really into you, he will come to you without you demanding him.

If you are not a long term goal for, he will only come to you when he wants something like money or sex.So, if you are constantly calling him, he will use that to his advantage, use you, and then dump you just like that.

How to make him leave his wife for you?Treat Yourself ImportantHow to make a man leave his wife for you

This is also a great way of making him leave his wife.Don’t give him too much attention.Stop having sex with him.Be a bit distant from him.This way, he will definitely realize how much he misses you and will eventually treat you with the respect you deserve.

Don’t sacrifice everything about you just in an effort to please him.Don’t be out of touch with who you are and what you want because of him.No matter how deep your love for him is, keep on caring about yourself, love yourself, and please yourself.This keeps you respected and confident.

How to make a man leave his wife for you Make a spell on himHow to make a man leave his wife for you

If you don’t like waiting and have tried all the techniques above with no sign of success, then make a spell on him and make him leave his wife for you.

How to make a man leave his wife is about how you strategize, plan and wisely make your moves without rushing anything.Hope these tricks help you make your lover leave his wife.


How do you make a married man miss you?

You can a married man miss you by making every moment you have with him magical and unforgettable.Then going MIA so you can give him a chance to miss you.

Having plans that don’t include him also makes a married man miss you.It helps the situation when you are elusive about your goals.

How do you make a married man fall deeply in love with you?

Strictly speaking, you can’t make a man do anything he doesn’t want to.

Still, you can get him to fall in love with you by being suggestive, sexy and portraying that you are the perfect match, then hope that he catches on.

Do affairs that break up a marriage last?

The odds are against marriages that begin in affairs.First of all, the former lover may never trust the cheating partner because if they cheated before, why won’t they do it again then.

Also, marriages from affairs have a higher divorce rate than the previous marriage.This doesn’t mean it is not possible for the marriage to last.It is only unlikely that will, but it could.

What should a wife do when her husband cheats?

If you don’t want to end the relationship when your husband cheats, you must ask your husband to end the affair.

It won’t be easy, but your husband may reform.If, however, your husband won’t change, you are better off without him, then you seek legal advice and file for divorce.

How do you get over being cheated on if you stay together?

When your partner cheats, you are going to be terribly hurt.You may no longer be able to trust them and may resent them for hurting you.

It takes effort and patience from both partners to mend a broken relationship due to infidelity.You may need to go through couples counseling and support groups to fully recover from being cheated on, forgive them so that you can get over it.

Do emotional affairs turn physical?

They do.Many physical affairs start as an innocent and harmless emotional connection that grows into full blow affairs.

Since in emotional affairs, the unfaithful partner is often looking to fill a void which may not be sexual, sometimes passionate affairs don’t turn physical.


Making a married man leave his wife is challenging but not impossible.However, if you must break a home, be ready for the backlash and societal hatred. 

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Author: Mama Nkima

Mama Nkima is a marriage counselor and relationship expert who has dedicated her life to helping couples build strong, healthy relationships.  She has academic degrees in Education and Psychology. She has over 40 years of experience helping couples and individuals work through their relationship issues. She draws on her own experiences as a spiritual guide but also from years of research to offer readers practical, actionable advice.

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  1. I’m starting to have feelings for a married man that works with. We talk, play, laugh at work every night. I listen to him when he talk about how things are at home. We also talk about us spending time together on our off but when time come he pulls back. I really have strong feelings for him. And I want him to leave his wife to be with me. What should I do? Please help.

  2. Hi Lateka, the reason why this man some times pull back when you plan to meet is a sign that if he has not done so much with you, He likes you but he does not want to hurt you. Its clear he just likes you as a person but he has no intentions to mess his marriage at the present moment.
    You need to figure out what his motives with you are beyond your beauty and attractiveness he has on you. Some men would be gentle enough to let you know, that all they want from you is just an affair partner but nothing much.

    How ever, If you do insist on wanting him for marriage, then check out my Spell to Make Him Leave His Wife For Me

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