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How to make him forget her and love you?

How to make him forget her and love you?

It could very well be that your man is still in love with his girlfriend /ex and misses her, and wishes things could be different. It is not uncommon for a woman to get involved with a man who has unresolved feelings since letting can be difficult. But is it possible to make him forget her and love you?  It is hard work but possible since there is always light at the end of the tunnel. In today’s article, we are looking at how to make him forget her and love you

Reach Him Deeply

As long as a man is deeply connected with you, not even a big booty or a beautiful face can between you and him. If you want to make him forget her and choose you to get out of your comfort zone and develop the kind of attachment with him that makes you totally irresistible in his life. In other words, you must offer something much more valuable which he is not getting from his girlfriend. If he sees you as the best friend who understands him, then he will be choosing you every day.

How to make him forget her and love you-Treat Him Right

How to make him forget her and love you

Before implementing any other strategy, you need to first treat him with respect. This is an important aspect that can help you get the undivided attention from him. Treat him as you would like to be treated. Be mindful of what you say to him, don’t manipulate him, show him that you respect his opinions by involving him in your decisions, don’t treat him as an object to be used. Don’t try too hard to please or impress him. Don’t impose the nagging excessive care. First practice this, you will never regret it.

Add value to his life

Can you just get your dream job that offers amazing benefits simply because you want it? Of course not. You must show the employer the reasons why you are a suitable employee. You need to stand out from other seekers and show value. This is the same way relationships work.

You can’t expect your man to forget his girlfriend/wife because you want him to. Don’t say that you will give him the hottest sex like the way other young girls think. This is because sex is cheap and it is everywhere. To find the quality relationship whereby it’s only you and him, you have to offer more than sex. Men know the role they want their women to play before they even meet them. That’s why it is good for you as a woman to show who you are so that when you meet a man who needs to settle down, he will instantly see value in you.

I am not saying that you should be the funnier, richer or smarter than ex/girlfriend but am saying men need an upgrade in life, they need a woman who can take their life to another level. So, help him grow and in the end, he will celebrate you.

Give him space

How to make him forget her and love you

If you two are staying together, It is not a bad idea for you to ask him to move out for a while, as then he would see what life is like without you by his side. If being apart from her makes him miss her, maybe being apart from you will have the same effect on his feelings for you.

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