Make his feelings for you run deeper into his soul

Make his feelings for you run deeper into his soul
Make his feelings for you run deeper into his soul

I know it may not seem this way, but improving the relationship with your man and make his feelings for you run deeper into his soul is actually surprisingly simple and doesn’t have to be a painful process. No matter how long you have been in a relationship with him, it’s never too late or too soon to make him more emotionally closer to you. Continue reading to see the 5 ways to make his feelings for you run deeper into his soul

Praise him

Almost all men have this infamous ego and they want to date a woman who can make them feel like they are superheroes. Praise motivates them. Challenge doesn’t. So woman, praise your man, tell him how you like it the way he handles challenges, how he openly discuss emotions, and if he has conquered his internal demons. Tell him what exactly you find attractive on his body; how you like the way he says certain things, when he succeeds in something, or when he takes you out.  Praise the things you love about your man 4-5 times a day. And tell me what happens.

Be Accepting

Love your man the way he is. Realize and accept that some situations about him happened and will never change. Accept him the way he is, how he acts and do it without trying to control him. If he has big feet, or he is short, dirty, just be fine with it and try to change your own perception or the situation he is in positively. Otherwise putting him on tension because you are always judging and putting him down will make him distant and unattached to you emotionally.

Walk away if he disrespects you

Another Secret to make his feelings for you run deeper into his soul and to get him to treat You right is to refuse to settle for anything less. If he is neglecting you and then allow the relationship to continue, do you think such a thing will ever end? If he is treating you badly and you decide it’s alright, he will always mistreat you. However, if you walk away, you are not throwing a tantrum, it’s a message to him that you have self-respect and dignity which he will respect at a deep level and find you attractive. Men want to be with a good quality woman who they work hard for to get. There is nothing sexy or exciting about a woman who can bend over backwards for a man just because she doesn’t want to be alone.

How to make his feelings for you to run deeper into his soul-Have your own life.

If you want him to love you more, get a life!! Your man should be part of your life but not all of it. Do something that makes you happy, keep looking for opportunities. Remember, being happy boosts your confidence that makes you more attractive to him.

Show your affection

If your man values physical touch, displaying affection is one thing which is associated with relationship satisfaction which is also result and stronger feelings for you. However, first, know what he wants and what he doesn’t avoid embarrassing him. This is how you do it;

  1. Change your interactions

Change the nature of how you interact with him. Maintaining contact during the workday and your emails and texts should not only be about business but also affectionate and warm. Words like Love you much,’ ‘thinking of you,’ ‘Thanks babe, should always be the ones signing out your messages.

2. Give good greetings

Let him know that always he is always welcome. When he gets back home, make his arrival appreciated, pause whatever you are doing and give him a peck. This will make your relationship grow stronger.

3. Act, don’t ask

Lead by example, if you like him to hold your hands, hold him first if you need a hug, then give it to him, if you need a cuddle, then cuddle him first. Set this to be a routine until it becomes a habit. Otherwise asking him to be more affectionate will just put pressure on him and not everyone likes criticism.

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