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How can I make him leave his wife for me


I’ve been with a married man for over a year. He claims he and his wife are separated but live in the same house. They have three children who were the result of manipulation a. He tells me I’m the love of his life, but after a year of being involved with him, he hides it from her. How can I make him leave his wife for me because I see now that everything is a lie, I need some real advice. How can you help me?

Mama Nkima Answered question July 22, 2019

looks like he is laying to you and her and he is afraid of her. go through my blog its not so wide you will find the best help to make him leave her for you. if you feel you want to do ir fast then go the spell way and i recomand my spell to make him leave his wife for me its fast and you wont have to waste much time.

Mama Nkima Changed status to publish July 23, 2019