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I still love her a lot, how can I get her back?


hello, I was 20 years old and my ex-girlfriend was 19. We got in a relationship which lasted for 9 months. She broke up with me several times for stupid reasons but I always found a way of getting back together. Our relationship was perfect and we loved each other so much. The fact is she loved me more than I did. After 9 months, due to numerals fights, I decided to end our relationship. She cried a lot and all I did was to go out with my friends tried to talk to me but I had no feelings for her left in me at that time. She was so hurt, after 5 months I realised the big mistake I had made I went to her, we talked. I told her how much I loved her and this won’t happen again. She cried and was angry at me but got back together, our relationship was stronger than before. I was more caring than before but again unconfident than before. I limited her from meeting other boys. I don’t know what happened but after 3 months she broke up with me. I wasn’t that much hurt and I didn’t try much to win her back. Within 3 weeks she had a new boyfriend. I saw a picture on her on facebook with her new boyfriend which broke me into pieces. I found out that she had been in a relationship with him ever since we broke up. I was unhappy. I was quiet about everything. I couldn’t even to talk to my friends. I texted her and told her I was in depression. She asked how she could be a help to me. I apologized to her for not being a good boyfriend and asked her to come to me, she said it was too late she has a new boyfriend now. I’ve been texting her, all she does is to ask me to move on. I cannot move on. I love her a lot, how can I get her back?

William Lucas Asked question August 19, 2019

You have come to the right place.

The best way I can help you is with the use of my spells to break her relationship with him and spells to bring her back to you. If you interested in those spells then let’s talk through private messages waiting to hear from you william

Mama Nkima Changed status to publish August 19, 2019