14 Secret Signs a married man is falling in love with you

Signs a married man is falling in love with you
Signs a married man is falling in love with you
Signs a married man is falling in love with you

Its super hard for married men to hit on a woman until they are sure a of mutual view of affairs.

It’s not as easy for married men to start a new relationship as is for single men. For a married man, there is a lot at stake should you the miss not be of his view.

Integrity, Respect to both him and his wife is at stake should you not reciprocate.

Saying “I love you” especially for a married man is sometimes the hardest three words for him to blurt out because of the fear of rejection.

Poor them – It’s not surprising they invent all sorts of tricks to pock a stick in the whole and wait to see if anything comes out.

They say actions speak louder than words, therefore there are some non-verbal communication this guy could be exchanging to let you know that indeed he does love you but just not comfortable with showing that love to you verbally.

Instead of questioning him about his feelings towards you, take a look at these 4 signs that he’s falling for you.

In this writing i share with you some of the signals married men use to propose a relationship. You see a married man repetitively do any these signs, The ball is in your hands.

1. He looks at you with a preserved look.

man looking at her

To tell if a married man is interested in you, the first sign to lookout for is the way he looks at you.

We talk about this look so lightly than its worth. A look from a man interested in you is magnificently intoxicating.

He looks at you like he has seen an angel. A look from a man who adores you is like a look that was reserved for only you.

These looks are not hard to notice, every time he makes the looks, he makes sure you see him.

Until you reciprocate, the look frequencies keeps on growing in number.

So the next time you catch a married man looks, lookout for a simple smile on his face, then you know you have a second sign.

How do you know a married man is in love with you, has it ever happened to you? It happens to a lot of women and we are just about to blow you mind with small signs that you probably been ignoring.

2. He hides his ring when he is around

Man hiding his marriage ring

When a wedding ring disappears, it lets him play with the notion – he is free to flirt. After all no one is watching.

Mama Nkima

He feels guilty flirting with you – knowing he is married. To him, it feels like his wife is watching him flirt. Read: How to Flirt with A Married Man

So what he does? He hides it.

That rings makes him feel like there is this invisible person – wife watching him flirt with you. Hiding it makes him feel safe to flirt with you.

So if you see a ring on his fingers in his social media posts, or at times when he is with her, and that ring keeps on disappearing when he is with you – Just know that guy is actually in love with you.

3. He gets closer (Check the physical contact he makes to you)

Man making physical contact

Body language is inescapable. When we are into somebody we definitely act different than when we are friends with them.

You feel that magnetic pull of wanting to get closer to that person when get a chance to get in contact with them.

One of the signs a married man is falling in love with you is the physical contact he tries to make with you.

He often makes it a point to be near you, most of the time intruding in your bubble.

When he talks to you he would often touch your hand or shoulder.

Most guys would avoid touching you most especially when its early in a relationship.

4. When you catch him looking at you – he shy away with a smile

Man shy away

Another sign a married man is interested in you, is the way he shy away after you catch him looking at you. Then he does it again.

He makes you the focal point of his gazes.

When you are close to him, carefully watch how frequently he looks as well as smiles at you and the eye contact. Does he smile at you more than anyone usually does? If he does, then he definitely likes you a ton times.

He is doing what i called the polite flirt in How to Flirt with A Married Man

5. He engages you into conversations about your relationship

Another sign a married man has romantic feelings for you, is how he always finds a way to engage you into talking about relationships. Most of the times yours relationship.

It’s not a normal behavior for people of opposite sex that don’t know each other that much to talk about their relationship affairs.

People of opposite sex don’t just talk about each other’s relationship affairs not until you are interested in each other.

A married man interested in you would always ask you staff like how is your boyfriend, Husband etc.

The point is – if he tries so much to make you talk about your past, present, and feature relationship affairs, then that man is interested in you.

6. He keeps his eye on you from a distance

If this man likes looking at you, sometimes eyeing you up whilst you are around him, or keep his eye on you from a distance, then it is likely that there is something he sees about your body that makes him turn his head towards you.

It may be that he loves your thick, curly way hair, or the fact that you have boldly outstanding small firm breasts, or your round shaped hips or your eyes.

There is something about you that is pulling him towards you and that is why he keeps on looking at you for a long time.

When you are close:

  • Does he direct his entire upper body towards you?
  • Does he point his feet at you?
  • Does he mirror your actions like crossing his legs?

If he does, then it tells that he wants you all the time. This indicates that he may have romantic feelings for you that is why he does that.

7. He tries to look good around you

Do you also notice a change whenever he is around you – Where he attempts to look his best? i.e he tries  to look good around you.

Does he always check his tie to see if it is positioned well?

Does he brush his hands over his clothes? Or he just  repeatedly looks at his clothes to see if he is looking smart.

If so, then that is a sign that he wants to look good in front of you  which is an indication of love.

8. He Smiles back when you smile at Him

I am sure you have experienced that when you like someone and you smile at him, the person smiles back. It is a pretty indication that you have mutual liking for each other. If you were to smile at somebody and the person did not smile back, the first thing that would come to your mind will be: ‘that person does not like me’.

In the same way, when a guy loves you, anytime you give him a smile, he will smile back because your smile will make his day and he will give back the smile positively.

Fact is, a person may like you but not smile back at you when you give him a smile, but if he loves you, when you smile at him, he will smile back.

9. He tells you he love you

How obvious? but read on..

But rare in married men. Married men don’t usually tell their mistresses they love them.

This is true because many times these men only utter lies to mistresses. They know the hard truth behind their secrete relationships. The truth being its all lie, he knows he won’t leave his wife. Heartless they promise a lot to get what to the center of their mistresses legs.

Not all married men are heartless. Its just a hard fact, There is one word they never say to their mistresses. Married men never tell mistresses they love them.

So When a married man tells you he loves you. Smile for a milestone.

When a married man says i love you, is one of the signs a man is in love with his mistress.

You know he is in love with you when he starts to verbally confess to your affection to him.

Though just saying i love you does not guarantee he will leave his wife for you, at least its a sign the from many married men tend to say to mistresses. You got him to open up and confessed his affection to you.

10. He gets jealous when he sees you around other men.

This is another dead giveaway that the married man likes you. It is one indicator  shows whether he likes you or not.

If he’s jealous of the guys you hang out with, then it can only be for one reason: because he likes you and feels threatened by them. He thinks that they might take you from him. He may feel you are his and get jealous when he sees you around other men.

If this married guy shows signs that he seems to be threatened by you having a fantastic time with some other cute guy , then he may be in love with you.

For example, you are seated at the beach and he notices an attractive stranger who approaches with a nice smile and he sees you giving him back the smile, to prevent you from developing further interest in the stranger, he may decide to disrupt you by calling you for a boat ride or join your conversation. In my Signs a married man is jealous you will find proven signs that your married boyfriend is jealous of you.

11. He compliments you

A man who is interested in you will he always finds a way to give you a compliment, whether about something so obvious like ‘you look so beautiful today’, ‘I like your skin color’ Or he may compliment about your possessions and achievements.

12. He immerse himself in your life

It’s only natural that if a man likes you, he’ll go out of his way to keep you engaged in a conversation. He may ask you questions which may seem pointless like ‘Did you eat at night?  Did you sleep? This can also be an attempt to find similar interests to talk about.

13. He make himself the victim of unloving, uncaring, unfaithful wife

A married man who wants to have an extra marital relationship will always talk about his unhappy marriage. He will always make himself the victim of  unloving, uncaring, unfaithful wife in order to gain sympathy from someone he is interested in.

He wants to start opening up to you and wants to tell you whats going on with him emotionally. Men have a habit of being vulnerable to women in this way as a symbol to her that she is special to him. weather or not he will leave his wife for you this is a sign this guy is into you.

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

Men falls in love with a woman because he feels a special connection with her. In other instances, its the level of comfort a man feels when he is with that woman. Married men fall in love with other women to run away from luck of satisfaction from their relationships.

How to make a married man fall madly in love with you?

Make every moment with you memorable.
Be the woman that acknowledges what his wife doesn’t.
Give him attention, most married men would crave for physical attention for years. I have a full article on the subject here.

What to do when you fall in love with a married man?

Control your expectations, never call him when he is with his family, make every moment with you memorable. Don’t make him chase you. Men don’t fall in love with women who make them chase. Don’t worship him. Men don’t quickly get turned off with non challenging woman. Make a spell to make him leave his wife

14 Secrete Signs a married man is falling in love with you

  1. He looks at you with a preserved look.
  2. When you catch him looking at you – he shy away with a smile
  3. He engages you into conversations about your relationship
  4. He keeps his eye on you from a distance
  5. He tries to look good around you
  6. He Smiles back when you smile at Him
  7. He tells you he love you
  8. He gets jealous when he sees you around other men.
  9. He compliments you
  10. He immerse himself in your life
  11. He make himself the victim of unloving, uncaring, unfaithful wife


Having said what I have said, what this married man is feeling for you is not love, but lust. Why would a married man be in with love you? He must love his wife!(Please read why he can’t leave his wife for you)

So,If you are not yet in a knee deep with him, don’t get involved. I advise that you resist his attempts to get be his mistress.

You do not want to break up someone’s marriage, do you? What you do to others is the same thing that others will do to you. If you lead on this man and be the reason to break his marriage up, then another woman will also entice your husband one day. Turnabout is fair play  without giving them the excuse.

Of course unless you are ready to perform some love spells to protect your relationship against all the wanna be his.

Therefore, do not give this man space. Do not agree to be ‘the other woman’. Find your own man who will love only you.

But, if he cannot say why he is even looking at another woman while being married, if he doesn’t have a legitimate reason for being separated (at the least) from the woman he is married to….then, it’s quite possible that he just wants sex.You can find some tips in my how to stop dating a married man? if you wanna leave him

Should you want to force him to leave his wife you!

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