Will He Leave His Wife?(Proven)

Will he leave his wife for you?

The beauty of being forty is the ability to look back on your younger self and laugh at all the things said to you. Propositions and the people too…don’t forget the dumb ass decisions of your youth those are gold and very priceless. They might have hurt, but nothing can replace the gold they give you in terms of experience.

My make-your-dumb-decision era was in my twenties and early thirties. One of these being dating a series of married men. Now you know I will not be judgy, I will tell you as per my experience. 

But before I can bare all my heart out, you’ll cover some basic ground on dating married men.

Why do you fall for a married man?

We all have different reasons for dating married men. Personally, it was for fun and adventure and curiosity. The trips and treats they gave

There is an English adage, “better to be an old man’s darling than a young man’s slave.” As an older man’s darling, most of whom are married FYI, girl oh girl, how they know how to treat a woman right. 

With all the care and the treats plus the understanding your unmarried boyfriend can not accord you, it is easy to get attached and develop a soft spot for Mr. Married Man. When exactly you fall in love with him can’t be estimated, but alas, you might just be infatuated and not in love. 

Why we fall in love with Mr. Married Man has everything to do with how he treats us, the fact that he goes out of the way to do all these amazing things, and he seems to know the exact words to say and when to say them.

How do you tell if a man will leave his wife?

So, he has been giving you mixed signals about being serious with you. He looks like he wants something permanent, and you need to be sure. Worry no more, I shall provide you with some insights;

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1.He prioritizes you over his family. 

If he chooses you over family dinners and wants to spend all his free time with you, it could mean that he is willing to leave his wife for you.

2.He no longer wears his wedding band.

 As you might know, the wedding band is very important to married people. If he no longer wears it, it could be a vital sign that he is leaving his wife. However, beware that he is not only removing it when he’s with you and puts it back right on the moment he steps out of your door.

3.Your relationship gets public.

When he no longer cares who sees you with him and is not ashamed to introduce you to his friends and family, it could be a sign that he is leaving his wife for you.

4.He tells you about his plans. 

Mr. Married Man will always try to keep the topics light and away from his personal life. By sharing with you, his plans is a sign that he trusts you, and that maybe could leave his wife for you.

5.He cares about your feelings and you as a whole. 

If he no longer treats you as a sexual muse away from the boring sex life he has with his wife, he treats you as an equal with opinions and cares about you beyond your pussy needs and finances/material needs. Could mean that he has started caring for you and could leave his wife.

6.His marriage is troubled. 

All married men will use the cliche statement, “my wife doesn’t understand,” to get you to feel sorry for them.

However, if his marriage is beyond working out, he leaves his wife.

Ps: Just because a man divorces his wife while he sees you, doesn’t mean he will move in with you or marry you. Keep this in mind.

How do you get a man to leave his wife?

You can never make a man leave his wife, fact. Don’t despair yet; you can, on the other hand, cause a man to make his wife want to divorce him.

In his book, The Art of War, San Tzu states that you should be undefeated first and then wait for the chance of winning to come. What this implies is that you must work with persistence and patience. More importantly, it would be best if you controlled the narrative so you can implore your tactics. You must work the man so the woman can do the leaving for you, remember the obstacle is the way.

1.Ensure he likes you

All this work could be for nothing.

It would help if you got him to like you well enough to want to be with you after he has left his wife.

2.Create an emotional connection.

Get him to relate with you emotionally. This might seem hard, but it is very simple. Do things together. Find things he cares about and do them together. Create new memories, taking him on adventure trips, tease him, and HAVE GREAT SEX , among other things.

3.Compliment him often. 

Make him feel appreciated. Let him know that nothing he does is taken for granted. Men are ego beings, and everything they do is to boost their egos. Complimenting his efforts, however small, soothe his ego and make him feel very important, something that his wife has long forgotten to do by taking him for granted.

4.Practice persistence and consistency. 

Like I said before, you can never get a man to leave his wife, at least not directly. Sometimes the only way out is through, and in this case, the only way to have the man to yourself is through the wife. Insane, right?! 

When you think about it objectively, actually, it is it. Your work is to get “your” man to want to spend most of his time with you. All your activities will “innocently” keep him away from his wife, and all the complementing and fitting and memories that will lead him to be absent from his wife will cause her to want to divorce him…mission accomplished.  

5.Be helpful. Be a problem solver. 

Don’t be the lady that has issues from Monday to Monday. While making him feel needed is a priority, you don’t want him to feel used and exploited. Step-up and offer solutions to his pending problems even if they are about his family. Pretend to care about the wellbeing of his family. This will make you an integral part of his life, always feeling like he can depend on you.

6.Stay unattached.

Men like to feel like they are chasing something because of their hunter instincts that need to be nurtured for some obscure reason. Being unattached and unclingy makes them feel like they need to constantly pursue you to break you into submission, relying on and needing them so much. You present a challenge they need to win badly.

Note: Doing all this will get him to want and desire you more. The more time he spends with you, the more frustrating it is for the wife and her growing desire to want him gone.

Ps. Don’t feel guilty; there is no such thing as bad morals. All these are man set rules. Plus, you are not the first to take a man from his wife. History has many women that have made men leave their wives, the likes of Prince Edward, Octavia Augustus, Phillip Green, among others.

How long before a man leaves his wife?

I do not know what story he is feeding you. If he wants to leave his wife, there is no time duration. He will simply up and go. There is no such thing as I am working up my courage to…he probably never will.

He won’t leave his wife but won’t let me go.

We all hate it when we want out, and he still wants to feel that cookie, and yet after all the lies he has told, to the point he chooses his wife over you and still won’t let the both of you on your merry ways!!

1.Your are his muse.

Well, why would he? You were free entertainment with no strings attached. Keeping you would mean getting someone new to take your place, and all that is too much work.

2.You tolerate being second best

He knows that you can tolerate being treated as second best. You gave him that impression when you chose to be with him while he was with his wife. He knows he can control you and has you figured out.

3.He doesn’t love you

Don’t even berate yourself for a minute into thinking that he won’t let you go because he loves you. No boo-boo, if he loved, cared, and respected you enough, he would let you go or not put you as the second. I might sound harsh, but remember, I have been here before, and the truth hurts.

How do you get over a married man you love?

Willaim Faulker once said, “The saddest thing about love is that not only that it cannot last forever, but heartbreak is soon forgotten.”  While I understand that you deeply hurt and having a hard time getting over Mr. Married Man, you cannot mourn his loss forever. Here are some practical steps of how to get over him;

1.Do a reality check. 

Stop lying to yourself and be honest. It was never going to work, and he was never going to leave his wife for you. It sucks, but it is the truth, and you must accept it. Please acknowledge that you had a good time, and it was good while it lasted. Treasure those moments but move on by all means.

2.Restrain yourself

Restrain from any further information least you have one more fling that would only hurt you further. 

3.Get back to your life. 

Remember, you had a life before you met Mr. Married Man? I am not saying it will be easy adjusting to a life without him; neither am I saying it’s impossible. Move on and explore that life.

4.Embrace your freedom. 

You know the beauty of not being with someone is the ability to explore all those things you have on your bucket list but keep tucked away under your pillow or somewhere on your phone. Get out and meet new and exciting people, whore a little , go hiking whatever makes your soul happy, do it.

In conclusion

I can not guarantee that a man will leave his wife for you, but who said you can’t try and make his wife leave him doesn’t always have to be the man to leave.

Be smart in all your moves and enjoy the relationship while it lasts. Always cherish and live in the moment. 

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