I was having a good relationship with my girlfriend for about 7 months then She broke up with me, her reasons were, i misbehave with her, i talk to her like she is a baby, i don’t take our relationship serious and am never there to support or take care of her and it like i only need sex from her. Most of what she said was right. It made me realize my mistakes. i apologised to her and the answer was no .. I end up doing things I regret now I started drinking too much, and smoking everything out there that can be smoked because i was stressed and felt like a loser. I felt unloved after she told me that she doesn’t love me or need me anymore. But I still love her & i don’t want to separate with her. I made mistakes but I am only a human and my behaviour is not so good but i can work on them… Is it possible to get her back?

Mama Nkima Answered question August 19, 2019