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what should I do to make him come back again?


I was in a relationship with a guy for almost 3 months and we know each other for like 3 years but the reason we broke up was that he told me that whatever he felt for me was not love but nothing less than love and I am a lot more than his friend…he dated me because he wanted someone to share his feelings and his everything…..I don’t know what does that mean….what should I do to make him come back again?

Mama Nkima Answered question July 30, 2019

Abigail Berghild. They are many things and actions you can do to win him back and to make fall in love with you the problem is most of them take time to give out results, even the results may not be permanent. I prefer my way of doing things. so you want him back and you want him to fall in love with and be with you for as long as you want? Then use my Black magic spells to bring back a lover with this spell every thing will go as you want it in a short period of time. lets talk more vai my email please or send me private messages. I want this to be confidential Thank you

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