5 common reasons why men leave their wives. One of them is boredom.

5 common reasons why men leave their wives. One of them is boredom.

Looks like every second everywhere nowadays men are walking out on faithful wives, leaving their innocent sons and daughters. In my observation, the level of unexpected marital failures is becoming increasingly common. But why is it on the rampant? Why men leave their wives? It is quite sad.

Some of these men are solo thinker self-absorbed overgrown adults who can’t see past their own nose. They cannot place anything above their own satisfaction.  But hey, listen-not all of them. Some are just looking for something they haven’t found yet. That’s why today it’s hard to distinguish a bad guy from the usual ones.

There is a harsh truth about the today an unhappy man who intentionally leaves his relationship/marriage. There is a reason, it might not be justifiable but hey it is a reason still-for all broken hearts, dismantled homes, broken lives and disappointments.

So we are looking at the 5 reasons why men leave their wives.


Just under a third of divorce cases are bought up due to boredom.

A cording to E-news, Boredom was the catalyst behind about a 15 months relationship between Calvin Harris, 33 Scottish record producer, DJ, singer, songwriter, and musician whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles and Taylor Swift, a 27 popular American singer-songwriter.  Calvin was the one who broke up with her. The spark in their relationship had fizzled out long before he called it quits.  He was bored for a while and was hoping the spark would come back but it didn’t. “Another insider also told E! News Harris “started to lose interest over the past few months” and that the two were “not very compatible” and “seemed like they were more friends than lovers.” He was bored before even the split.

I always wonder why when we are in a new relationship, we put in so much energy in it. We try out different things, surprise our partners, dress up well and even always smell nice. But after months or years, we stop bothering. We stop giving a damn about all the little things we enjoyed together which gave the spark and the sparkle of the romance.

A woman can be gentle, smart, polite, hard-working, take care of the businesses,  and all his relatives like her. There is nothing wrong with her, but it isn’t enough. Gents are human who craves for variety and hates the daily routine.

Lack of trust

Some women have trust issues because they experienced something in their past which made them feel neglected by the person they trusted and loved. They have negative experiences in the past with the people they initially trusted. They have the fear of being abandoned like they were once done before. In addition, they have the uncertainty of whom, how and when to trust. These kinds of women draw their insecurities towards their men. They are controlling and always need their husbands to justify or defend where they have been, need an explanation as to why they are with certain people so on and so on.

One man on a certain forum elaborated how trust issues led him to split with his wife. He described his journey where his wife instructed him to take photos everywhere he was with time stamps to prove that he is where he was supposed to be.  He finally got tired always doing it and left her.

Men find it unattractive to be with a needy person who refuses to trust them. It is soul-crushing for them to be with someone who doesn’t trust them.  However much he loves you, prolonged trust issues can destroy your healthy relationship. The women’s population is too big in that whatever he loves in the wife can find it in someone else who doesn’t need justification and they are always happier.

Marital affairs

Though commitment and communication can be perfect in a marriage, cheating can still occur. A man usually cheat in the phase of compassionate love where he is contented with the solid life has have built together with his wife, the kids he has, everything is settled but only one thing is missing- romance.

He may cheat because his wife is no longer giving him the romantic gesture that she used to give him before during their honeymoon days. Or he may simply just cheat. But if a man wakes up with the other woman who can sweep off his feet even if it’s about whispering sweet nothing words into his ears, he will leave his wife thinking that it will be the same for the next 40 years.

Why men leave their wives? Lack of sexual relations.

Sex and being sexual compatibility are one of the major important parts of sustaining a relationship. Much as they say men only care about satisfying their sexual needs, that they head right for women’s genitals and skip foreplay. But, that’s not the case with the real men. Real men know that sex is good if it is good for all the people involved. Real men say sex is satisfying when she enjoys it as much they do. Men want to be made to feel desirable. If he feels like he is not satisfying you, sex will not be pleasurable to him. With a prolonged lack of sexual chemistry, a man finds himself sexually attracted to another person, get involved in a marital affair and eventually pack his bags and leave.

An emotionally abusive woman controls her man by manipulating his area of failure as a lover, provider, protector, or father: “I could have married my first boyfriend  who made more money, I had more satisfying sex with my last husband, you’re really not a man enough, and you know nothing about the simple basics of raising kids. “After some time this kind of the emotional climate and manipulation can drain the life out of the marriage. It can make a man walk on an eggshell for fear of being reminded about what he cannot do or provide. He eventually gets tired and leaves.

Emotional abuse

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