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How to Win a Married Man over His Wife?

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Winning a married man’s heart over his wife might happen when you either have a crush on him, or you are falling in love with him.

In this article, you are going to learn the tricks you can use to make a married man go on his knees for you more than he does for his wife and eventually make him go crazy over you.

It’s most probable that a married man is bored with his routine marriage back home, and maybe his wife doesn’t make efforts to spice up the relationship. 

So this is your chance as the other woman to do what your lover’s wife is ignoring or failing to do.You need to win this married man over his wife but remember nothing he might not have gone through already. 

 Do you need to win a married man over his wife?Follow the steps below;

1.Be sexy

It’s most likely that a married man’s wife is no longer sexy with him.The chances are high that this couple is having a daily routine, kids’ attention, and so they might have less time for each other.

This man’s wife will have less time to make any sexy moves, and she is concentrating on family welfare.

Send your lover sexy messages; you can express how your previous date was, or that you can’t wait to hold him again.You can send him a sexy picture of you before meeting so that you keep his nerves boiling up for you.Doing this will blow up his mind, and you will win this married man over his wife and fall madly in love with you.

2.Try out something new with the married man.

If you are dating a married man, you have to try out new things you don’t frequently do while winning him up.How about having sex in the car or on the rooftop terrace. 

You can surprise your lover when he least expects you to be in the sexual mood and initiate it from wherever you might be.You don’t have to wait for him to take you to a hotel room.Make those hot moves on this man that will leave him wanting more from you, and he will go crazy over you.

3.Understand your man.

We now imagine that your lover came for the affair because of the emotional gap between him and his wife.So you have this man, how do you fill the gap?Listen to your man, be his shoulder when he feels wrong about anything, and don’t judge him no matter what.

 Be the best woman, don’t interrupt this man’s dialogue with you, and only give your opinion when he asks for it.He will feel your support, and whenever he has personal burdens, he will confide in you and talk to you about those issues.

4.Don’t nag your man.

Men always look for where they can get peace of mind.If you want to win a married man over his wife, be free with him, and avoid complaining and quarreling all the time over small issues.

 Even when a man makes a mistake, you can still find a better way of communicating your concern to him without showing him how bad the situation is.You are annoyed with him.This man will always want to spend more time with you because you handle concerns calmly.

5.Give this man gifts and surprises.

You don’t have to wait for a particular day or a man’s birthday to give him a treat.Any day is an excellent day to show the person you love that you adore him.So think of how best you can put a smile on your man’s face and win him over.

You can prepare a finger-licking dinner for a married man, make his favorite dish, or take him to a cozy place where you can both have alone time. 

Buy for your man gifts more often, and you can only do this after understanding what he loves.

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For example, you can buy him a nice watch, perfume, or shirt even when it’s not his birthday or Valentine’s day.This move will make a married man fall madly in love with you, and forgetting you will not be easy.

6.Give it with body language.

If you want to win a married man over his wife and have him go crazy over you, your body language is your most terrific tool to use. 

 You will need to get closer to your lover while talking to him, hold his hand and show him some passion, smile at him when you find him looking at you, and your gestures will not get out of his mind.

7.Become the man’s close friend.

Having an affair with a married man is different from being his friend.Anyone needs a person they talk to, make them laugh, smile, and have a great moment with that person.A married man will fall madly in love with you when you have been friends for a long time.

 Sneak into the married man’s soul and snatch that position, crack jokes, talk about other aspects of life with him so that he starts seeing you more than a mistress.You may position yourself to be a business partner as well.Once you do this, be sure you have a place in this man’s heart, and you are winning him over his wife.

8.Pay attention to your lover’s needs.

If you want to win a married man over his wife, show him that you remember the story he told you during your first date.Show interest in his life, hobbies, and interests, what he says and where he goes; if he shares with you, he will go crazy over you.

 When the day ends, you can send your man a text and ask how his meeting was and whether he could accomplish the tasks he had in plan.When you do this, you are so caring, and at the end of the day, this man might want to share with you how his day was, instead of sharing with his wife.

9.Respect the married man.

When you want to win any man, respect is a vital component.So the same goes when you want to win a married man over his wife, never belittle him in any way or shame him in front of anyone.

When you listen to him; if he says no, try not to oppose his opinion or wish, you might make him feel inferior, even when he makes a mistake, don’t just shout at him because you are furious.Show your man the respect he deserves.

10.Show the married man that you desire him.

You want to win a married man over his wife, show him that he holds a great place in your heart.You have to keep reminding him how important he is to you and show him some care. 

Whenever your man does something unique, remember to compliment him so that he gets to feel precious and that someone appreciates his efforts.

You have to continuously tell your lover how proud you are of him and that you are happy the both of you are together.He will be glad he has someone so credible and appreciative of him.

 A married man leaves his wife for you.

When a married man starts acting differently with his wife, it’s because he finds you as his comforter.You have been seeing each other for some time and are growing closer each day.

 Your lover enjoys being with you more than he does with his spouse.When a man has a tough marriage, your affair with him gets more robust.

Don’t forget to read a full detailed list of things on how to get a married man to leave his wife if u wanna get tips on how to make him leave her for you .

 The time comes, and a married man opts to divorce his wife because he finds you suitable for him, and he feels compatible with you. 

 However, sometimes you might develop a feeling that you will always be the woman taking another woman’s husband.At the same time, your lover will be the man who cheats on his wife with you, so you are not sure if you can trust him or not.

What makes a man leave his wife for another woman?

1.There is discontentment in a man’s marriage.

Suppose a marriage has any form of dissatisfaction, whether sexual or emotional.In that case, a man will start an affair to help him get over it.

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A man’s wife might be neglecting his sexual and personal longings; he will.choose to always turn to the mistress for comfort.

By the time a married man starts to cheat on his spouse, it’s because he has been holding onto for a long time, and this affair might turn into a real connection.

So when the married man can not stand this neglect from his wife anymore, he will express his need to spend more time with you.Eventually, he will start planning on leaving his wife for you.

2.A man is enjoying the thrill with you.

The excitement of being in a new relationship is often fascinating.When a married man starts an affair, he tries to forget all about his marriage troubles, and the spark in the matter keeps him alive.

 Marriage sometimes gets dreary, and if a man has someone who takes away the anxiety, he might not want to stop.Affairs are destructive and can easily ruin one’s union with the wife because a man is spending most of his time enjoying the new relationship and the thrill that comes with it.

 So when a man feels joyous with you, trust us, he will not want to go back to his wife, thus might leave his wife for you.

3.When a man’s wife is rushing him into things, he is not ready to do them.

A couple might be in a relationship but do not agree on their expectations from each other.A man will leave his wife for you when she continually pushes him into doing things he does not want to do. 

 Maybe the wife wants to have many children, and the guy is not into many kids.Or the wife wants to buy a house on the lakeside, but the man’s plans are different. 

When a married man realizes differences in their goals, and you are not putting him under any pressure, he will leave his wife and come to you.

4.When the marriage no longer adds value to a man.

A married man will leave his wife for you when his marriage no longer adds value to his life.When something doesn’t add value to you, it ceases to be meaningful. 

 This man will not find it necessary to stay with his wife when he feels the relationship is in ruins, because they are more like roommates.When the couple no longer has sex, hates her habits, and can’t stand a minute with her, a man will want to walk away from this situation.

Your lover chooses to leave his wife and come to you, especially when you add more value to his life than the wife does.

5.The married man’s wife hurts him.

A woman can hurt her husband in different ways.It can be through cheating or flirts with the husband’s friends; sometimes, she might make her husband feel inferior and disrespect him.

 So the man’s heartache causes resentment to his spouse.If he is having an affair, his mistress becomes the shoulder to cry whenever the wife disappoints him in any way.

 These feelings of misery and anger for the married man will make him leave the wife for you.

6.A married man develops a more robust connection for you.

If a man starts feeling there is a lack of a connection between him and his spouse, he will feel the need to pull out of the marriage.

 Now that your lover is connecting with you, he will start spending more time with you than his wife because you make him comfortable.The two of you are developing a stronger bond, and the married man will fall madly in love with you.

 A married man will want to leave his wife for you because there is nothing much left for them and perhaps no more feelings for each other too.

7.When there is disrespect in the marriage.

A married man will walk away from his wife and come to you when there is no more respect from his wife.If a man has a wife who wants to take control of the home, she is always mean to her partner and doesn’t respect his opinion; then, a man will see the marriage unworthy.

A disrespectful woman is hard to spend the rest of the life with, so a married man will find it better to come to you his mistress so long as you give him a peace of mind and show him the respect a man deserves.

 How to love a married man?

 Falling in love with a married man might be exciting sometimes, but at the same time, you might have a mixture of feelings on how you are going to love him.

Your relationship is more like a secret because the man belongs to another woman, and you are not sure whether you should continue with the affair or not.

 Frustration might arise because you did not plan to fall for a married man.Still, because you are already having an affair and make you feel like a woman, you get confused about playing the game.

 At this point, you feel what you have with the married man is more vital than you can imagine and are afraid of losing him.

 However, you need to know how you can sustain this affair with a married man and love him.

 You are going to read hard truths and understand the circumstances in which you are in to know how to love a married man;

 1.You are not this man’s priority.

If u wanna win a married man over his wife you should know that man has a family and maybe children, so they take up the first place in his life.I matter what you do, don’t forget these people exist, and experience will be comfortable for you.

 In case the married man doesn’t treat you like his number one, be easy because his family will always come first.Before he takes care of their needs, he might not be able to take care of yours.

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Can you trust this man?

If a married man is having an affair with you, it implies he is lying to his wife and having you like his other woman.This man can lie to his wife and cheats on her, so you can’t be sure whether he won’t lie to you when he comes to you.

 You need to consider whether the married man could tell you about his marriage from day one or he didn’t.If you could find out yourself about this marriage, then you can’t trust this man.Once a cheat will always be a cheat!

3.Your relationship might be temporary. 

When you are dating a married man, you must remember that he might suddenly end the relationship when things get rough for him.You won’t have any objections about it.Your lover is married, and he is free to end it when he wants.

 A time might come, and your man can no longer sustain the sneaking around and keeping up with the lies to go and see you.Once he gets used to the affair routine, he might want to get another woman.So it would be best if you are ready to move on any time he ends it.

4.What will you do if the married man doesn’t leave his wife?

A man might enjoy having an affair with you but deciding to leave his wife might be tricky for him.Divorce comes with several consequences like not seeing the children more often, which a man might not be ready to do.

 So enjoy what you have with a married man and don’t hold onto his promises about leaving his wife because you might wait forever in vain.Whenever you want to move on, please do so because if this man chooses to dump you, he might not think twice.

5.The situation is more intricate if it involves children.

A marriage that involves children might never come to an end.When a couple is having marital issues, they often stick together for the sake of the children’s welfare. 

 Couples do this because children who do not grow up with both of their parents go through traumatic situations and find difficulty bonding with the parent who is away from them.

So you need to keep in mind that a married man might consider his children’s wellbeing before ending the relationship with his wife.You might have to stay at the second woman status forever if you are ready for it.

 Dating a Married man Rules

 1.Don’t act like a married man’s wife.

Much as a married man keeps promising you that he will divorce his wife soon, please don’t act like his wife already.Keep your lane and wait for the time to come; let him be the one to make the decisions without you pushing him.

 Remember that your lover promises to leave his wife, chances are probable that he might do it or not.But you can’t force him because he knows what he wants.This man is an adult, so don’t try to rule him; you are not his wife yet.

2.Be cautious as you call him.

You are dating a married man, so there is an assumption that sometimes he might be with his wife and children.You might miss your man badly and can’t wait to make that phone call to him, but you have to be mindful.

 Please do some research on the appropriate hours to call him so that you do not clash with his wife when she accidentally suspects your call to her husband.Wait for him to contact you or when he comes to you.

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Don’t show any jealousy for a married man.

If you are in an affair with a married man, you have no room to become green-eyed when you see your lover with his wife or when his spouse calls in while you have your time with him.

 Much as it’s natural to become jealous, try hiding it and mind your own business because there is nothing much you can do about it.Your lover is someone else’s husband, and you can’t change it.Try to bear with the situation and wait to see if he divorces the wife as he promises. 

4.Be charming to the married man.

You are dating a man who perhaps is having a rough marriage and is coming to you for a difference.So you need to make sure you are not rude to him in any way, no matter what he does to you.

 If you need your lover to do you a favor, then find an excellent way to ask for it without assuming you are his full responsibility.The man already has his family, so use the perfect timing when to place the request.

5.Be understanding of your man.

If you are dating a married man, you have to understand it because he has many on his plate.In case he doesn’t turn up for your date, it’s because he has family obligations or a busy work schedule.

 In case this man comes to you with a bad mood, don’t try to nag him; give him some time to calm down because he might be having marriage issues.Don’t make trouble with him if he isn’t giving you attention, be patient, and wait when he is ready to talk about his distress.


1.How do you get a married man to leave his wife?

If a married man expresses his feelings of unhappiness in his marriage, he might make promises to you that he wants to leave his wife and come to you. 

 When he tells you so, ask him when he is coming to you and let him give you a timeline to not wait in vain.Tell him that you are waiting for him to leave his wife and start a new life with you.

2.How do you tell if a man is unhappy in his marriage?

When a man has an unhappy marriage, you will see a change in his family’s behavior.A man will make excuses not to go back home early, will stay out till late; he might stop hanging out with his family and might jokingly mention leaving his wife.

3.When to call it quits in a marriage?

If you have been trying several times to make your marriage work, but your partner isn’t making any efforts, then you can call it quits in marriage. 

 Perhaps times are passing.Nothing seems to change at all.Things get worse each day, no more emotional connection for the two of you and intimacy, and then you can end your marriage.

4.What makes a man leave his wife?

A man will want to leave his wife when he is emotionally connecting with another woman.If a man sees signs of neglect from his wife and does not add value to him, he might leave her and go to someone else who makes an effort to make him happy.

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