Signs a married man is attracted to you

Signs a married man is attracted to you

So, you’ve met this handsome guy, he is funny, he is loving but the dude is married! It has brought confusion in your life and wants to know whether he is attracted to you or not. Don’t worry, today we have gathered for you signs a married man is attracted to you and is developing feelings for you. They will help you decide whether to continue with him or not.

He gives you all of his attention

Does he like looking at you, I mean he keeps on staring you and then looks away when you notice him, Or probably keeps his eyes on you from a distance?  If yes, then it is likely that you have something that he is attracted to but doesn’t want to make it obvious. Perhaps the way you tie your hair or maybe your big booty.

Another common sign he will give you and happens to all of us when we are attracted to someone regardless of age, sex and colour are raising his eyebrows. When we look at someone we have a spark for, we raise our eyebrows (tends to lasts for about a short second). If you catch him lifting his eyebrows, then your guess is right.

Showering you with gifts

Married men think that the quickest way to flatter a woman is by showering them with gifts. So if he is attracted to you, he will from nowhere send you a gift and be like ‘I saw this dress, and it reminded me about you.’

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Signs a married man is attracted to you-he behaves  Differently Around You

Look at whether he behaves differently around you compared to the way he behaves with his colleagues or friends. If he is seriously attracted to you, your presence can cause a change in the way he behaves. He will feel nervous because of the thing he has for you, he may even pull out a handkerchief to clear the sweat around his face, he will speak in a lower than what he uses when he is talking to other people.

Eager of physical contact

Men like to give a flirting gentle touch to women they are interested in.  This means that they need more of your attention.  He will find ways of having contact with you such as pulling your hair back, touching your hands or thighs. This is a great sign that he is attracted to you and craving for more closure.

Fix time to be with you

If he is interested, he will maintain close proximity to you. He may even ask you if you need his help with anything such as home repairs. If you are work makes, He will voluntarily extend his working hours to work on a project just because you do. He’ll disguise your interaction with him as a business, like, “Hello, let’s have a business dinner,” or “Hey, let’s grab a coffee after work.”  Let me tell you the truth: It’s not. The so-called business interaction is a sign that he is attracted to you.

Talks about his personal life

Letting out personal information is obviously flirting behaviour. A married man can share his intimate and personal details to someone he is attracted to. He will tell about his dreams and aspirations because he wants you to know more about him. He can share his  marital issues with you in a way like ‘my wife cannot have kids’

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