How to make a married man want you sexually

How to make a married man want you sexually

How to make a married man want you sexually

The fact is men are easy to work on and once you know what they want, you can have them dance on your tune.

If you want to understand how to make a married man want you sexually, especially if you already had it with him but you want to keep more fire burning, use these two tips to do just that.

Use these techniques to make him believe that it’s actually him who desires you.

It’s precise and he can never ever blame you for initiating it. So, don’t bend low for a man who seems to have little sexual interest in you.

Make him interested instead.

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Be the best in bed

Having the most magical sex together is one of the most important things you can do to make him want you more sexually.

This does not mean that you have to rehearsal all the sex positions that you read on the internet or bend back and forth to try new moves you watched in a porn video

What I imply is that while having sex with him, you need to create a good vibe around each other and make the moment seem magical.

You need to find out what he wants and give it to him.

Take time to know what works and doesn’t work for him and use it to your benefit.

  • Perhaps he likes you vocal.
  • It could be seeing you on top that intensifies his sexual desires
  • Or maybe wearing your sexy lingerie that enhances your sexiness.
  • Is it a particular sexual kink? 
  • Or giving a blow job longer than a few seconds is your man’s best wish.
  • Perhaps a dirty talk ‘f..k me harder’ ‘suck my tits’ is what makes him happier.

The point is, If he considers you as the only one who can give him what he ever wished for in bed, be rest assured that you are the conqueror.

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Spark his interest

Sparking his interest is another of how to make a married man want you sexually.

To get him sexually addicted to you is by giving him memories that will keep him more desperate for you. It’s quite hard to move your situation from you chasing him to having him look for you instead if you don’t become a bit personal.

So whenever you get a chance, try to spark up a conversation with him. Get something to talk about with him and let the words flow. Don’t bore him.

What I mean, try to engage him if you seriously need to stick into this guy’s mind and catch his interest.

A sexy message like:

  • ‘I’m aching for you.’
  • ‘I can’t wait to see you, to touch you’,
  • ‘Every time I think of you I feel naked’,

Won’t hurt him but rather hype his sexual interest for you.

Since men are visual, you can as well randomly leave for him a photo where you are feeling sexy and confident on his WhatsApp line for him to find. Or leave him a picture that reveals not everything but just enough to stimulate and excite his imagination.

He will make fantasize about you and hopefully ambush you when he gets time.

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