Signs a married man is in love with you

Signs a married man is in love with you
Signs a married man is in love with you

So you’re really into a guy who is married already, but you are not sure if he feels the same way you feel about him. Or maybe you had a “moment” together and you’re wondering if he’s really in love with you, or if it was just fling and it’s all in your head. No one wants to waste time on pseudo hopes or gets confused along the way.  That’s why today’s article is revealing the signs a married man is in love with you. If you are not sure about his feelings, here is a clue.

He wants to give you

True love is selfless, true love is about giving all that you can for someone with hopes of getting something in return but without demanding for it. When he is giving you, it is because he is seeing you as a  good investment relationship wise, he is giving you because you are part of him and he wants to give to you the best way he can. He is giving you because he wants your relationship to grow.

He enjoys spending time with you

Men are attracted to the things that feel good at the moment and run away from things that feel bad at the moment. When he likes spending time with you, then it is is a very, very good sign that you make him feel good and he is going to do it more and more. After all, being in a relationship is about enjoying someone’s company rather than being alone! But if he keeps on avoiding you on purpose, the only time he gets for you is when he is climbing your bed at your apartment or in a hotel …well, it is a sad truth he is not into you.

He keeps you informed

In these days of an overly tight schedule, if a guy is into you, he won’t leave you hanging. He will want to keep you in the loop.  He will always be checking in with you to let you the business trip he is having and how long he is planning to stay there.

People tend to avoid keeping others in the loop because they someone don’t matter to them or they are kind of a pain in the ass. If he tells what he is up to, not because you asked him or he has to, but because he is happily telling you, really that man has a thing for.

He is empathetic

Does he have deep empathy for you? When you are hurt, does he feel hurt too? Does he want you to feel good? Does he care about how you feel? Or, does he try hard to make you feel worthy? If yes, then definitely he is in love with you.

Signs a married man is in love with youHe calls with no reason

Most guys hate phone calls. Some men wait for five days after a date to call you. But if he calls you more than four times a day no sound reason as to why he is calling, apart from saying hi, or to check on your day is going, then be sure that is in love with you because, under normal circumstances, a man can’t do that. However, don’t criticize it or judge him because he is emotionally available to you… just enjoy it.

He always shows you respect

Check this,

Him: ‘When do you go visit your mum?

You: I go every week.

Him: you are stupid. You should visit her at least once in a year’.

Ok, I might be exaggerating. But really, love is about keeping someone’s best interest in mind, respecting each other views and decision, support each other even when you don’t agree. It is possible to respect someone without loving him/her but it is certainly impossible to love someone without respecting him/her. If your mister is in real love, you will definitely gain his respect.

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