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 Is your married boyfriend jealous?If he is, could it mean that he is in love with you?Is it even possible for a married man to be jealous?So many questions, so little time.But worry not, I got you with a list of some proven facts that your married man is jealous of you.

Dating a married man is a lot harder than what the movies show.There are many uncertainty and unwritten rules that accompany it, so you really can’t know what to expect because the future of the relationship is neither guaranteed nor predetermined by anything. 

Emotions will only worsen the situation.The mistress is better off keeping her feelings as far away from this man as possible.

Jealousy can signal interest and attraction.If the man is jealous, it could be good news for her if she is in love with him in the first place. 

They say, “When we want something so badly we might see things that don’t even exist” after all, the eye finds evidence of what the heart is convicted of. 

Well, you don’t have to be puzzled any longer because here is a list of tried and true signs that a married man is jealous of you.

9 proven signs a married man is jealous

Men pick interest in a woman and suddenly want her to be with them and nobody else.If he dares notice another guy eyeballing her or texting her, he hates that guy. 

The guy bothers him because he could potentially take the woman he was eyeing from him.So, he becomes jealous.

Married men also have another dilemma.They can’t ask the mistress to be faithful to only them even though that’s what they’d want because they are still sleeping with their wives during the affair. 

Being unable to dictate that their mistress be exclusive makes them mad with envy.They have no real control over who she lets in.

Married men are still men regardless of the ring.Married are mature and experienced; as such, they might mask and hide the jealousy than your average boyfriend.Here’s a list showing signs that the green monster is out.

1.The man becomes your driver.

When he starts to drop you and pick you up from places even when they are far from his destination, that is a sigh, This is definitely a sign that your married man is jealous of you . 

It’s because he is making sure you will be exactly where you said you’d be so he can feed his insecurities. 

In his mind, if you aren’t lying about where you are then, he doesn’t have to worry about a man hiding somewhere.That’s typical of a jealous man.

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Your BF shows up uninvited.

He starts popping in places where you are even when he isn’t invited, with stupid excuses like “I was in the area”.  

Red flag!He is just checking to see whether you are alone and that there aren’t any guys around you.

3.Your man is eerie when out without him.

When you’re out without him, he is blowing your phone.For a wordy man, this could be a normal sign of a jealous married man. 

However, if he is the stand-offish type and out the blue, there’s an issue over chatty.He wants to be at the forefront of your mind occupying all your thoughts. 

He doesn’t want you to forget him for even a second.That way, another man will not catch your attention.If this isn’t jealousy, then I don’t know what is.

4.The guy is stalking your social media.

Did he just accidentally like your post from 2000?Chances are he’s been snooping around. 

Married men usually have responsibilities and are very busy and this a very common sign of a jealous man. 

So why is he looking through social media archives?I’ll tell you. 

He wants to ascertain that you haven’t been entertaining any male attention. 

He may also want to see which potentially threatening men he should ward off before it is too late.This has jealousy tatted all over it.

5.Your BF is overly sweet.

If a usually aloof and distant man is all over sudden starts to act like the sweetest and most attentive person in the room. 

Especially when other guys are around, is because most importantly, he is signaling them that you are taken. 

Secondly, he hopes that his grandiose will make him your best candidate choice should other men dare to make a move.

6.Your man sulks when you talk about another man.

Did you mention a joke about your male colleague and his face went puffy?He is jealous. 

Jealous men can’t stand the women who are the objects of their attention, talking about other men.He starts to worry that that man could potentially replace him in your life.

7.The guy tries to flirt to hurt you.

When someone is naturally flirtatious, this may be hard to see.

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Society wants you to put want they want first, When is it time to put what you want first?
Still, for your average man, going out of his way to compliment the flirt when you are around, he hopes that he might give you a taste of your medicine. 

He feels jealousy, and he thinks you are making him jealous on purpose.Therefore, he is trying to make you feel what he feels.

8.The man becomes passive-aggressive

Passive-aggressive behavior like silent treatment is a ploy by insecure men to get you to notice them. 

That way, they can fill the self-doubt void with your attention.You really shouldn’t feed this kind of behavior.

9.Your man accuses you

The 100% sure sign is that he blames cheating, flirting with other men, or even considering it. 

Accusations don’t come from nowhere; they aren’t baseless.If your BF accuses you, it is because, through his insecure lense, he is jealous.

Mature and secure men are not threatened when other men are around their women.On the other hand, insecure and immature self-conscious men become aggressive when they are threatened. 

Both men will feel pangs of jealousy; nonetheless, they react differently.While the immature man becomes passive-aggressive and problematic, a mature man will bring it to the discussion table.

How do you make a married man jealous?

What better way to get a guy’s attention than to make him jealous?Jealousy makes men do crazy things.When a man is jealous, he realizes how easily he could lose you if he doesn’t improve his game.

Jealousy is a great tool, so mastering the art of inciting jealousy almost effortlessly will take any girl far. 

However, if wrongly done, the man will pick up on your cues, you’ll look like a pathetic attention seeker.This could quickly go south.If you want to be a master, here are some tips to make him jealous and want you more.

1.Look good

Looking good will get his attention first all and keep things interested.If you do not look good in the first place, he won’t even value you at all because who else would be interested in a woman who doesn’t look right?

2.Laugh at another guy’s jokes

Laughing at another man’s jokes makes it appear like you are enjoying his company. 

This threatens your boyfriend.When a man is threatened, he is very likely to be jealous.

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Society wants you to put want they want first, When is it time to put what you want first?
Ignore some of your man’s calls.Certainly not all of them

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone isn’t picking the phone?It makes you wonder what they are doing, that’s more important than your call.

Likewise, when you ignore some of your man’s calls, it bothers him.He will be wondering what you are doing or rather who you are doing that’s more than him.And voila!You just made him jealous.

4.Be vague about your plans.

When a man knows all plans and movements, it can feel predictable on his part, monotonous even.How about you shake things up a little bit. 

The next time he asks where you will be that evening say something like this “I have this thing with a friend till late” rather than “Am going out with Ashley”.

Even if all you are doing is a girls’ night of gossip with Ashley, the fact that you were elusive about your plans will make him think you are hiding something worse still, someone from him.

5.Go out more often, especially at night.

Having a nightlife often bothers married men more than other men because he is stuck at home with his wife unless he has a ‘business trip’ or’ is working late.’

While he is stuck with wifey, the mere thought of you out is enough to fill his mind with myriad possibilities. 

It is even better if you update your story with pictures of you having a marvelous time during your night out.It helps your case, even more when there are boys in the picture. 

6.Get your BF caught up in a triangle.An old friend can help.

If all else fails, recruit an old pal to actively incite jealousy.They say a man never really knows what he has until he is about to lose it. 

Bringing in a third party with eyes for you might just get him jealous enough to want to fight for you.

Whatever reasons you have to make him jealous, the tips above will have him green-eyed for you in no time.

Does it mean a married man loves you because?

Not necessarily.Married men get jealous all the time; nevertheless, this does not always mean that the married man loves the mistress. 

Men are territorial.They loathe sharing their property.I am not saying that women are property, but then again, boys are strange. 

Your lover feels that you belong to him; besides, we all know that boys dislike sharing their toys.

Make His Actions Match His Promises
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Society wants you to put want they want first, When is it time to put what you want first?
Sometimes though, jealousy can signal an attraction.

Why would a married man be jealous when he is the adulterer?

Men like to be in power, at least over their women.However, he has close to no control over you regarding which men you let in your life. 

Therefore, he is sleeping with his wife, and has no moral grounds to ask for the exclusivity from you that he cannot give. 

It drives him crazy because although you are his mistress, he can never really have you, which fuels the jealousy. 

Other than that, here are a few reasons why a married man would be jealous of his mistress.

1.Your BF is in love

Love does make us do crazy things.When men are in love, they are possessive of their women.Having a man snooping around, you will only make the man mad with envy.In my 14 Secret Signs a married man is falling in love with you you will be sure to find signs of a married man in love.

2.Your man is insecure

An insecure man lacks self-confidence.He tries to make up for his behavior by overcompensating elsewhere. 

Insecure men know that they have very little to offer a woman.When they see another man around, any man will think that the girl will look at him and find that they are missing by settling for the insecure man.


The bottom line is that dating a married man is a tall order.You must have thick skin.

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