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Making love to a married man

Making love to a married man

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How do you make love to a married man? 

  • How does it feel to make love to a married man?
  • Should you sleep with a married man?
  • What are the rules of making love to a married man?

Sex with a married man is nothing like you have had before.The thrill of having a piece of something forbidden makes the experience all the more satisfying.

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How many times have you heard the saying that a married man loves best?Maybe it is the fact that he is experienced.Or that sex with a married man always feels like revenge sex.I can’t say for sure why sex with a married man is so amazing.I can only tell you how amazing it is. 

How do you make love to a married man?What are the dos and don’ts of the game?What is that thing that you need to know before deciding to make love to a married man? 

A married man is still a man, so what goes down for a normal guy, the married man will fancy as well.However, it is important to realize that with a married man, things must be kept quiet.

Also, married men tend to like women who are confident and comfortable in their own skin, so it helps the situation if you are self-assured. 

Now let’s get to the gist of the day: how exactly do you make love to a married man?Get comfortable, grab that glass of wine and let’s talk.Read on while I let you in on all the secrets you need to know to make love to a married man.

How to make love to a married man

Hooking up with a married man is never an easy thing to do.Still, many women would kill for a night with a married fellow.Why?

Women have different motives and incentives for wanting to sleep with a married man.The most commons ones are;

  • For companionship
  • The great sex
  • For sustenance because normally in exchange sex, the man gives gifts and cash. 
  • To move up the ladder at work if he has the power to do that. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to make love to a married man, I got you covered.

The most magical thing about making love to a married man is not the sex itself.Sex in itself is always the same.What makes your experience more memorable and ultimately makes the man feel like sex with you was better is accompanying things like seduction or foreplay.

Let’s begin with tips and strategies on how to make love to a married man.

Some tips will guarantee your success in the bedroom with a married man. 

You must do some things or know if your sexual experience will be memorable to the married man, and that’s the goal.The goal is to please and satisfy the married man.

If you want to give that married man the most mind-boggling sexual experience of his life, the tips listed below are for you.Look no further.

7 effective tips and strategies to make love to a married man.

1.Smell great.

 While perfumes boost your confidence, I get sent can increase a man’s passion for you.Smelling great goes a long way in seducing a married man making love to you. 

From the soap, shampoo news to aftershave, cream deodorant to fragrances, every scent he uses matters.When you are trying to seduce a married man, go for seductive notes like jasmine and ylang-ylang. 

Having a signature scent will also remind the married man of you when he smells it elsewhere.Use a great scent to drive any man crazy for you.

2.Flirt with the man via text

We live in an age where things are online.You meet and date online.In RL, you may never have the nerve to seduce a married man, but you can build sexual tension behind the comfort of your screen. 

Sexting is now more common than ever, and the good news is that it works.Don’t be afraid to flirt with a married man via text; that is how many relationships begin.

The other advantage of texts is that it takes away the awkwardness of flirting in person.When you meet the married man later post tet flirting, things will go down much more smoothly because you already built rapport and sexual tension via sexting.


3.Focus on the foreplay 

So many couples tend to ignore foreplay.This beats my understanding because foreplay is vital and goes a long way in making the sexual experience even more intense.You shouldn’t ignore it.

Now I know quickies have their place and are arousing and satisfying.But we must agree that nothing beats well-orchestrated slow-paced tantalizing foreplay before mindblowing sex.

The next time you are about to make love to a married man, try to incorporate some of these tips.

  • Talk to him dirty
  • Tease him through the day.Here is where sexting comes in handy.
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    Keep the sexual tension heightened.
  • Surprise him with foreplay outside down the bedroom.Slip your hand down his pants while he is driving.
  • Look at him achingly.The eyes truly are the window to the soul.One look with desire burning in your eyes could give him an instant boner.
  • Brush your body on his arm or any part of his body for that matter.
  • Try dry humping.Now I know dry sex has a bad reputation as being virgin sex, but in all honesty, there is nothing virgin about the sensations fro grinding on a man; for both of you.
  • Watch porn with him.

Try any of the above tips for passionate and mind-blowing sex; thank me later.

4.Listen to him

There is no way you will ever know a man’s fantasies and fetishes if you don’t listen.Besides, men find a woman who listens to them particularly charming because it means you care enough to pay attention, and it makes him feel special.

It is possible to drive a guy nuts by listening to him say what you lose from trying, nothing, and yet standing to win the married man over his wife.

5.Speak with your body

“If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your face is a billboard.” You know that song… You say best when you say nothing at all, It’s true. 

Your body can convey a message better than your lips, so use it.The thing with body language is that, if probably done, it comes off as innocent.The man knows he is getting turned on in the man’s mind, but he doesn’t think you are aware of what you are doing to him.This intensifies his pleasure.

Here are a few tips on how to speak with your body.

  • Try inviting gestures like stroking your own arm, leg, or face, parting of lips, stroking of objects such as a drinks glass imply sexual readiness.Which man would resist that?
  • Lean in when you talk to him; this means that you want to be close to him.
  • Touch him.You don’t have to be obvious about this; it needs to come off as accidental. 

6.Take a shot at strip dancing

Guys like sexual adventure, married or not.A striptease will entice and arouse a man.Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a supermodel to be great at stripping.

The only requirement is confidence.So give the married man a treat.It helps you to stand out because what are the odds that his wife or any other mistress has given him a striptease before, almost zero.

7.Embody his sexual fantasy

Every man has a sexual fantasy.Having sexual fetishes and kinks is normal.And we all, to some extent, have a sexual fantasy.

If you don’t know what the married man’s sexual fantasy is, as him most preferably via text.If you can’t fulfill his sexual desires, that’s ok; many guys don’t expect their sexual fantasies to be met anyway.But if you can, by all means, give the man a feast.

How to attract a married man sexually.

Something very funny is that while a man can make advances that a woman anytime.Often feel as women that you can’t be upfront and let the guy know that you want to get into the sheets with him.

But you can’t deny the high from seducing a married man. The key to sexually attracting a married man is to be subtle about it.So here is a list of tricks and hacks to get any man weak on his knees in no time. 

1.Speak with your eyes

There is a look that you give a man that straight away conveys the ‘I want you now right here’ message.Only a few men can give up such an opportunity.

The easy thing about making a married man want to make love with you is that men are ever ready and willing to lay it down.Just the word, and he will do it for you.


I know you think there is nothing sexual about a smile, but you’re wrong.A smile communicates friendliness and openness. 

A smile is also very active to many guys, but the most sexual aspect of the smile is that a genuine smile can come off as innocent. 

Now, many men find innocence and bashfulness so damn hot.You can’t win anything by frowning, so smile.

3.Dress enticingly

Men are visual, but they are also territorial.

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A man would appreciate it if you can dress provocatively for him, but he would like it better if he knew that he was the only one that you grace the flashes of your skin.

If you can invite him to your house, open the door for him dressed skimpily.Don’t be shy about flashing some boobs or showing your thighs. 

Allow the guy to have some optical nutrition because it directly translates into sexual attraction, there and then.

4.Create sexual tension

When you have sexual tension, the sex tends to be intense and pleasurable.It feels like a release of inexplicable emotion and so damn good.

You needn’t worry about creating sexual tension. 

Here is a list of tips to keep the air around you charged with sexual energy.

  • Start in the morning.
  • Sext him all day (not all the time though)
  • Talk dirty to him
  • Restrain yourself.The longer you delay pleasure, the more intense the pleasure will be when you eventually release it.
  • Flirt

5.Be confident or act like you’re confident

Guys like confident women married men are no expedition.You see, confidence makes you come off as valuable. 

We all know that guys like high-value women.In a guy’s mind, confidence= Value.It is just the way it is.

How do you seduce a married man through text?

There’s a saying that goes that “It is words that undress you.” As a 21st century woman, you need to use the power of texting to your advantage.

We live in a digital era, and everything is done online nowadays.You can’t expect to always see your man, so use the internet to your advantage.Sexting is now, I think, so don’t accept to be left behind.

Make the married man wanna make love with you over text.For sure, seduction is an art; there’s no right or wrong way to go about it.You just have to master what works for you and use it like a loaded gun.

Seducing a married man is hard enough as it is.The awkwardness and the flirtatious verbal exchange of face-to-face interaction scare many women away from seducing married men.This is where texting comes in and saves the day.

How do you successfully seduce a man over the phone?Is it even possible?How do you start?

Fret not, I got you.Here is a list of dos and don’ts seducing a married man for the tips to ensure that you succeed at it.

Dos of seducing a married man via text

1.Let him know that you are thinking about him.

2.Play a game.Truth or dare or never have I ever.

3.Role-play his fantasy woman.

4.Delete your messages after sending them.

5.Make sure you are sending to the right person

6.Answer promptly

Don’ts of seducing a married man via text

1.Don’t include your face in a picture

2.Don’t sext if you don’t trust the person

3.Don’t take sexting requests too seriously. 

Examples of texts you can use to seduce a man via text

1.The asking for advice text

The key here is to act as naive as possible.

  • I want to buy things but am spoiled for choice.Can you help me pick? [attach a photo of thongs]
  • Dildo or Vibrator?

2.The role play tease

Men love role-playing.Don’t be fooled by the married man’s serious face.

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Deep down, he is just a guy.We all know guys pretend games, especially a sexual one. 

  • Is someone there?Mind if I Slytherin? [Harry Potter fans know what I am talking about]
  • Are we in the Room of Requirements?Because I require you.
  • “How would you like to have a sexual encounter so intense, it could conceivably change your political views?”

3.The I had a dream text

The thing with these texts is that you can claim anything.It’s a dream, after all.The kinkier you can get it, the better.These are bound to turn the man’s dick right on and make him want you like crazy.

  • I had a sex dream last night, and you were in it.
  • I am daydreaming about you only (naughtily)

4.The pun text

The pun text is a fun way to flirt.You can’t go wrong with these.The thing with sex puns is that the text could just about mean anything; that’s the fun part.

  • I’ll show you mine after you show me yours.
  • I am so desperate to lick it. 
  • Do you have something I could bless my ass cheeks with?

Dating a married man rules

You need to first date a married man before you can make love to them.This is because dating a married man is not a child’s play; it’s a difficult thing, but only the hard hearted can make it through.

When it comes to dating a married man, the rules are different from the normal dating thing.So what rules must you follow to date a married man?

Here is a list of the five golden rules that all ‘Other Women’ live by.

1.You’re not his wife, don’t act like it.

Remember that you’re not his wife, so quit acting like her.Let the wife do the wifely things, and you do you.

Don’t even bother comparing yourself to all because you only end up hurting yourself.If you want to be happy with this man, ignore the fact that he even has a wife in the first place.

2.Don’t get pregnant

Unless you plan on raising babies on your own, don’t get pregnant for the man.Married men never leave their wives, and trying to trap you with pregnancy will only drive him away from you even farther. 

Every other woman knows the pregnancy is out of the question.So take the pill dutifully and then play games with the man.For your own happiness and for the love of God, don’t get a child with him unless you’re sure he’s leaving his wife.

3.Bottle your jealousy

The chances are that the married man is still sleeping with his wife even though he is sleeping with you.You’re not entitled to acting all jealous and envious because it’s part of the deal.

Having an affair with a married man is like signing or no strings attached binding arrangement.That is all that is an arrangement.

You have no right whatsoever to be jealous, so it would be wise of you to bottle all your jealousy and act like it doesn’t exist.

4.Don’t call him; wait for him to call

Even if you were going to tell him something, the rule is that you cannot call him; you wait for him to call you.Unless you have been with this man for long, and you know his schedule.

Even then, calling the man will jeopardize what you have with the man.So work around his time.I know it is hard, but that’s the game.You have to play by the rules, or you’re out.

5.Satisfy the man

The most important thing is to please a man.The married man needs to feel sexually satisfied with you. 

That is the goal and objective of your arrangement.

How to date a married man successfully?

As established earlier, dating a married man is not a piece of cake.Sometimes that is all that you have to do to even dream of making love to the married man.So how can you successfully get a married man?

When you are dating a married man, remember to be kind to yourself because guilt may kick in once in a while.

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Society wants you to put want they want first, When is it time to put what you want first?
Also, be ready for any attacks from the public. 

To successfully date a married man, you need to also take it slow until you are sure that it is what you want and that he isn’t taking you for granted.

Married man fantasy

A lot of women have a married man fantasy.It’s probably because there’s something about the idea of being with a man who is “off limits” that makes it all the more exciting.

Some tips on how to make a married man fantasy a reality might include being discreet, being understanding of his obligations to his wife, and not pushing too hard for more than he may be willing or able to give.

Above all, it’s important to respect both the married man and his wife in order to maintain the delicate balance of this type of relationship.

People do find the idea of sleeping with a married man irresistibly tempting, perhaps because it seems like an act of rebellion or because they get a thrill from sneaking around behind someone’s back.

People often fantasize about things that are forbidden or risky.In this case, the mistress is getting a thrill from doing something she’s not supposed to do.She may also enjoy the power dynamics involved in an affair – where he’s in control and her lover is dependent on her.There’s also an element of danger and excitement involved in cheating, which can make it all the more tantalizing.

Is it OK to sleep with a married man?

Its not OK to sleep with a married man especially if he hasn’t divorced his wife yet.I wouldn’t recommend anyone to sleep with a married man.But like we can’t control ourselves sometimes, if it happened and you found yourself in love with a married man and probably already in his bed, just take a deep breath. 

Realize that you can’t undo what you have done.However, prepare for the backlash and hatred because society will pay you nothing but harsh words if the affair comes out.If you must sleep with a married man, please keep it a secret and secondly, don’t get pregnant.

The bottom line is that it has never been and never will be ok to sleep with a married man, but when has that ever stopped anyone, never.

Making love to a married man quotes 

1. “A bachelor has to have inspiration for making love to a woman- A married man needs an excuse.” by Helen Rowland

2. “Never fall in love with a married man; it is not in your best interest.They make many promises they can’t keep.” by Ali Mac

3. “I only date married men.It makes me feel powerful when men desire me more than their wives.” 

4. “Come closer until I no longer know where you end and where I begin.” 

5. “Sex with a married man is so good because each time feels like revenge, sex.”

6. “Show me someone who has never fantasized about making love to a married man, and I will show you a liar.”

I want to sleep with a married man

The easiest way to sleep with a married man is to become friends with him first.Once you’re friends, it will be much easier to build up the trust necessary for him to feel comfortable sleeping with you.Start by finding out what he’s looking for in a friend and then try to be that person.Be supportive, understanding, and non-judgmental.Let him know that you’re there for him no matter what.

Once you’ve established trust, start slowly flirting with him and see how he responds.If he seems interested, take things one step at a time until you reach the point where he’s willing to sleep with you.

Remember to be patient.Sleeping with a married man can be a very dangerous game.If you’re thinking of doing it, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, make sure that you are discrete.Do not tell anyone what you’re doing – not even your best friend.Second, make sure that you know the risks involved.

There is a very good chance that the married man will end up leaving his wife for you, and when that happens, you will be left with nothing.

Finally, make sure that you have your own life in order.Don’t rely on the married man for financial or emotional support; if he leaves his wife, he may very well leave you too.


How do you know if a married man loves you?

It is not that a married man will move around with a poster reading, I love XYZ.

I know it can be tricky trying to decipher a married man’s motives.However, here a few signs that a married man loves you.
-He prioritizes you
-The man spends quality time with you
-He may straight up tell you.

How do you make a married man fall madly in love with you?

Honestly speaking, you cannot make a man do anything he doesn’t want to.You certainly can’t force a man to love you, but you can do something things that will make him likely to fall madly in love with you.

To make a man fall madly in love with you, try the following tips.

-Be yourself
-Be firm in your beliefs
-Have life going on
-be confident

What do you call a woman that sleeps with a married man?

A woman who sleeps with a married man is normally called a mistress.Other names used interchangeably with mistress are ‘The Other Woman,’ Home-wrecker, and kept woman.

What do you do when you are in love with a married man?

When you are in love with a married man, sometimes you can help it.You can’t just get up one morning and stop it.

You could ignore your feelings, bury them, and try to forget about the married man.

Suppose the above solution doesn’t work for you.In that case, you could try to pursue a relationship with the man regardless of the negative reputation attached to women who go for married men.


Making love to a married man is not for everyone, but if you have the heart for it, it might just be the best sex of your life.

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