How to make a married man fall madly in love with you

Killer Tips - How to make a married man want you sexually
How to make a married man fall madly in love with you
How to make a married man fall madly in love with you

This article is exactly about what the title say.

Make him Mad, again “Madly” in love with you forgetting about his wife.

  • Is he the only one that you want?
  • In your opinion, Do you see him as the man of your dreams?
  • Are you unfortunate, that one you like is married to someone else?

In this article, we are going to learn some basics of how to make a married man fall madly in love with you and take up the position of his wife.

Make every moment with you memorable (Be playful)

He would not have time to be with you if his home was that fun to be.

Mama Nkima

Now that he is with you, capitalize on what he misses back home.

Don’t forget men are like children, they take being responsible for restriction. Given a chance to go wild, you don’t wanna know the limits. Be the woman that gives him that chance.

No matter how good his marriage, the daily routine of his marriage life, I mean kids, sleeping, watching tv, changing pampers, gets boring.

  1. Men like this thrill of excitement.
  2. Chase is a man’s game, men like the chase and above all.
  3. Men like to play.

Therefore, out of your busy day, make a schedule of having fun with him.

Perhaps playing with his video games in your apartment, or have a night out for a dance with him.

Make the fun time for him which he is not getting from his wife, he will always be coming back to you for more fun.

Acknowledge and appreciate his deeds

Since he is with you, Its likely there relationship is that bad that she forgot his masculinity. One man’s meat!!

  • Men loves attention
  • Men loves acknowledgment and being appreciated.
  • They start thinking of another woman once a wife stops seeing him.

The reality is, real men, live for making women happy. They care about women’s content and sexual satisfaction. 

While his wife is there constantly showing that she is miserable being with him, nagging, overly critical and rarely appreciates for the little things he does for her.

Be the woman that acknowledges what his wife doesn’t.

Step up the game and show him that you are happy for everything he does for you.

When this happens, he will end up madly falling for you because you are giving his life meaning. This works like magic.

Give him attention

Human interact with humans, its a fact, but is it the case in failing marriages?

Probably you are saying no too.

Women – there should be no problem in your marriage worthy killing communication with your husband. I have lost count of how many times i have stressed this issue in my teachings.

Mistress – know this. In anger, woman of the house turn to electronic gadgets. Poor him – he has no one to talk to in the house. This goes on and on and on. Mistress what does this mean for you?

Do you see the opportunity to make him leave his wife for you?

Do you give him the attention that he is not getting from his wife? This one is more important than good looks. Listen, Talk, Play, Have Sex, get him to cook with you, lough and lough the is your tell.

While his wife gives attention to her favorite opera soap, her laptop or her phone, give him the attention that he needs.

  • Personal touches
  • Once a man told me he mises times his wife used play in his hair. Imagined that craving.

Stare into his eyes, touch his cheek, give him soft touches, ask him about his work or just ask how his mother is doing.

By giving him attention, you are making your relationship with him grow, you are improving the intimacy between you two and the chances of him falling in love with you are faster than you ever imagine.

Make him feel like a king

Some times this advise is perceived the wrong way. This is how i want you to remember it.

Its in human nature to reward good deeds. You do good to someone, they are inclined to do good to you in return.

Mama Nkima

Wouldn’t you want your married boyfriend to treat you like a queen?

Treating him like a king doesn’t less of an independent woman. Take it like a way of teaching him how you want to be treated as wel.

Wanting to please your man in a relationship doesn’t make you less of a strong woman you are. 

The idea of giving a man a good treatment is to maintain a peaceful relationship.

Just saying ‘Sweetheart, I love you so much’ is magical to him. Call him, just to ask him about his day.

Men like to win. Any thing to make him feel he is your King. So have an orgasm even though you fake it. who cares?

They don’t fall in love because of a beautiful face; it all has to do with how you make them feel.

Make him feel like a king, a monster in bed, he will forget that he has someone at home.

How to make a married man fall madly in love with you

  1. Appreciate his small deeds Men loves acknowledgment and being appreciated.
  2. Make every moment with you memorable
  3. Be the woman that acknowledges what his wife doesn’t.
  4. Give him attention make a married man fall madly in love with you


How do you make a married man miss you?

Focus your effort on creating treasurable memories with him. People don’t miss people, People miss happy, free and treasurable moments they share with each other.

The more moments you create, the more he misses sharing them with you. hence missing you.

Remember from our topic about How to make a married man fall madly in love with you. We talked about creating these memories for him.

How do you tell if a married man loves you?

Simply because he smiles, talks, or even have sex with you does not mean a married man is in love with you. They often are in a casual sexual and destructive relationships with you than love.

Lookout for signs bellow to help you tell if this married man is in love with you. For more on this topic check out this article

He Tries so Hard to Win Your Heart Not Your Vagina
A married man is in love with you if he shows complete disinterest in having sex with you before he entirely wins your heart and trust.

He Talks About Leaving His Wife
A married man who is seriously in love with you should and must have an uncomfortable conversation about what he plans to do with his current relationship.

If he really loves you, then he can not have both of you, or else he is making one of you stupid.

He is a less excuses and more action type of person
A married man whom you have plans with and executes them accordingly is really in love with you.

Does not make you feel sorry for his wife
He is in love with you if he clearly shows you no remorse of what you are doing to her.

He knows about the incompatibility between him and his wife.
You know a married man is in love with you if he does not talk about giving second chances to his wife

Tells his wife about you

A married man is in love with you if he tells his wife about yo

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

Comfort. In one word. As long as that woman can make him say “i am comfortable around you” The rest doesn’t matter.

In this article i stressed a number of signs to lookout to. read it and you will pickup some good advice.

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