Will he leave his wife statistics

Will he leave his wife statistics

Statistics about Men leaving their wives shows that Infidelity, adultery or affairs are the leading cause of marriage breakups. Infidelity and adultery are one of those pills we’d rather dish out because they are far too bitter for us to swallow. 

Your partner’s mere thought with someone else is repulsive enough, even though the reality is worse. 

  • It makes you feel inadequate, 
  • It preys on your very soul
  • You begin to worry about what you are not doing right until you conclude that you are just not good enough. 
  • It takes away from you, locks you in a self-loathing prison, and throws the key in a pool of self-doubt. 

Can a marriage survive Infidelity? But even if it did, would that marriage ever remain the same?

  • 31% of couples think that Infidelity wouldn’t sever their bond
  • 88% of all divorced couples attribute their broken marriage to affairs
  • 62% of partners would leave their partner after cheating
  • 31% would never leave their partner after cheating
  • 60-75% of marriages continue after an affair
  • 50% of unfaithful partners are still married
  • 40% of divorces can be attributed to adultery
  • 61% Of previously unfaithful men are still married
  • 44% of previously unfaithful women are still married.
  • 80% of divorce cases are filed by women

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What is Infidelity?

Infidelity is being unfaithful to your partner.

Like many other ethics-related topics, adultery is relative. How far is too far? Different couples have different boundaries. What is permissible for me isn’t going to augur well with you necessarily. 

We can all agree that we feel cheated when our partners cross whatever limitations we have set for the relationship. 

That is Infidelity. That’s adultery. Merely put; Infidelity is being unfaithful to your partner.

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Types of Infidelity

  • Physical Infidelity
  • Emotional Infidelity

Its public knowledge that Infidelity goes beyond just physical cheating. Emotional Infidelity can be just as wrong as physical Infidelity. Again, your boundaries will specify when you draw the bridge and call your partner out for cheating.

Why does Infidelity end in divorce?

Will he leave his wife statistics if he commits adultery? Adultery is the cause of separation in married couples. Even though 31% of couples think that Infidelity wouldn’t sever their bond, 88% of all divorced couples attribute their broken marriage to affairs. Many marriages cannot exist post adultery. 

Reasons why Infidelity ends in divorce

1. Infidelity hurts both partners but, more so, the faithful partner.

Once beaten, twice shy, the trauma and stress you go through after discovering your partner was unfaithful are almost unbearable. “Shame on me if I ever let that happen to me again.” “Not on my watch!”. 

So it’s easy for one partner to want to run away from the shame endured as a result of their partner cheating.

2. It tears down trust

Trust is one of the things that are difficult to gain, easy to lose, yet close to impossible to regain. 

Without faith in your partner, your marriage is like a war zone. You start to live in anticipation of bombs and missiles like there is always a devil dancing on your back! Who wants such love? 

3. It magnifies other issues

Discovering that your partner cheated on you makes you wonder about what else they are hiding. 

What else they dared to do under your nose. It’s like an epiphany of sorts; when the affair is exposed. Relationship issues become more pronounced; it’s like an epiphany of sorts. 

  • Do we blame marital problems? 
  • Was it a vent for underlying unsolved issues? 

All these concerns begin to surface.

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How often does Infidelity end in divorce?

There is a strong relationship between Infidelity and divorce? Strictly speaking, it just isn’t the same after you trusted someone before only for them to trash your heart. 

Will he leave his wife? Statistics show 62% of partners would leave their partner after cheating, while only 31% would never leave.                                                                                                                      

Do some marriages survive divorce?

Yes,60-75% of marriages continue after an affair, and 50% of unfaithful partners are still married. 

While adultery does catalyze divorce, it isn’t a deal-breaker. No matter how hard it is, some couples have made it through—a ray of hope, after all.

How many marriages hit the rocks?

It’s a no-brainer that faithful partners last longer than the unfaithful ones. 76% of the faithful couples are still married compared to 50% of unfaithful partners married.                                                                                                 

When the affair is unveiled, some couples can’t live past it. Sadly up to 40% of divorces can be attributed to adultery only in the United States. 

Women are generally more forgiving of their unfaithful partners. Of those men who have previously been unfaithful to their spouses, 61% are still married, while only 44% of women who have been unfaithful before are still married.

Generally speaking, cheating adults are much more likely to be divorced or separated than those who did not cheat. Also, note that Infidelity is not necessarily a deal-breaker for all marrieds. 

Some couples that stay together after the affair, only stay together because of their children. 

Others that consider thorough and intensive marriage counseling make it through the affair.


Why do more women file for divorce?

In heterosexual relationships, women file more than 80% of divorce cases. This trait is a considerable discrepancy given the profound changes in gender roles since the 70s. Here is a list of why ladies are more likely to initiate the divorce;

1. Women tend to carry more of the emotional burden of the relationship than the men

In many relationships, candid and deep communication is non-existent. Women always initiate conversation, closeness, and vulnerability, while the men seem to be repulsed by any emotions. 

Could it mean that they are tired of being unequally yoked? The emotional burden of a relationship is far too heavy for just one shoulder.

2. Men tend to be more tolerant than women.

Truthfully many women I know are short-fused and did I mention highly unpredictable. They are, therefore, less likely to stick it out when things come tumbling down.

3. Men mostly have more to lose than women

Many men believe that filing a divorce will have them deal with the shorter hand in court. 

As if the odds are stacked against them in terms of finances and child custody. 

For this reason, most men would rather die unhappy than dare to lose their property and children.

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Do previously unfaithful partners do better in subsequent Marriages?

You’d imagine that the first divorce would change these partners, but I guess old habits die hard because it’s quite the contrary. 

42% of previous unfaithful people still cheat in subsequent marriages. 

Unfaithful partners are three times more prone to cheating again. Shame, Right? 

These marriages have a higher failure rate irrespective of why the first one failed. 

Myriad reasons could cause this behavior, but unresolved issues from a previous marriage and broken family challenges are the primary drivers.

Is marriage even still worth a try?

With all these alarming divorce statistics, it’s easy to feel like marriage is futile, but there’s always a flip side.

“Life is what you make of it.” so it isn’t entirely lost. 

There’s still hope – only if you are willing to put in the work. 

Take Beyoncé; for instance, she is living proof that it is possible to have a stable marriage after an affair. She did it, so can you. So can I. 

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