What makes a man leave his wife for another woman?

What makes a man leave his wife for another woman

A man would leave his wife for another woman if he married her for the wrong reasons.

It is also true a man would leave his marriage if he gained comfort in his extramarital affair.

Men leave their marriages for many reasons. in this writing i stress most of those reasons that i have seen in my experience as a spiritual guide.

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He Married Her for a Wrong Reason

Though people should not make a marriage commitment unless they mean to keep it. So many people get into unintended marriages for all sorts of different reasons.

If a man married his wife for reasons other than ones in their vows, Its not surprising to see a married man who married his wife out of pity – just pack up and leave for another woman without fighting for his marriage.

If a man Married his wife for any other reasons, it is such a problem that its almost like all the woman’s married life aspects were under scrutiny by her partner. Its like the man was just waiting for any stupid wrong from her to leave. its as if he’s been ready to go all the time.

He’s been ready to go all the time

Mama Nkima

A client of mine once said: “I never wanted to get married, but she cried and begged and pleaded. I broke down. I feel so guilty for wanting to leave and so guilty for not having been strong enough to break up with her shortly after we met”.

So much stories like that above are no surprise. If a marriage ends-up blown like it meant nothing. It most probably meant nothing. Because he married his woman for a wrong reason.

If your marriage ended-up blown like it meant nothing. It most probably meant nothing. Because you married for the wrong reasons.

Mama Nkima

He is into extramarital affair with another woman

Not every extramarital affairs ends up in married men leaving their wife. But these illicit romantic or sexual relationship outside of his marriage poses a big threat to marriages of any one involved.

Most extramarital affairs starts by a man feeling less appreciated by his wife. For others men, its the sense of unhappiness in marriage. Feeling that way men turn to finding what many call an affair partner.

As vulnerable as such a man can be, he exposes his vulnerable state to an eagerly waiting affair partner. Things like affair partner could easily leads to men testing what it is to be liked, treasured in times he thinks his own wife can’t.

In love or not – a man testing out an alternative in a vulnerable state is an easy recipe for why men leave women they love when they feel unhappy with them.

An affair that continues in one form or the other for years can quickly render its self as a primary relationship making his marriage a secondary relationship.

He Feels Lack of intimacy

Sexless marriage is one of the leading course of broken marriages. Sexless marriage — not as ludicrous as “diet tap water” but kind of seems like a self-destructive choice for people who don’t have special situations.

Men feel asexuality is a sign in a woman that does not care about his needs, or a woman who just don’t want to do her part in the relationship.

Lack of intimacy is such unsatisfactory conditions that most men would feel its OK to resort to cheating – finding mistresses to fill this need. Mistresses know the tips to make a married man want them sexually.

Other men, instead of cheating, they decide to move out of marriage to another woman. Such men are convinced that the end result of a sexless marriage is a divorce. Cheating will only delay the inevitable.

Cheating will only delay the inevitable

Mama Nkima

Luck of Communication

Couples that don’t learn to consciously communicate will face issues when it comes to intimacy, conflict, and relational growth.

Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT

Communication issues can lead to a person feeling emotionally unavailable, and many people who feel that way come alive in the presence of a shiny new partner.

A married man can leave his wife for another woman if he felt all efforts to mend the quality of communication in his marriage are exhausted only to get no improvement.

Poor communication in marriage is such a pivotal point that if left unattended, it tremendously slims the chances of saving a troubled marriage.

A man is likely to pack-up and leave his marriage if the woman of the house poses any of the following signs of poor communication.

  1. Criticizing or belittling her husband at all times.
  2. Getting defensive every time a man raises an issue.
  3. Stonewalling or cold shoulder every time she feels angry.
  4. Assuming he knows what what she is thinking instead of actually communicating it.
  5. Lack of compromise
  6. Fewer attempts to connect with him

And so many more.

Mama Nkima is one of the world’s leading experts for marriage. She claims that she often can determine if a couple is on the road to divorce by observing them interact on an issue of conflict.

Examples of poor communication

Poor communication is subject for its own post, but to quickly glance over it, centers around negativity.

In his excellent book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Dr. John Gottman writes about six poor habits of communication that are detrimental to building intimacy and developing healthy communication.

One habit that stood out from all other for me was: The Four Horsemen.

The Four Horsemen: Dr. Gottman claims that certain types of negativity are more lethal to your relationship. His four horsemen of marital communication apocalypse are:

  1. Criticism: Complaints are normal but criticism deals more with your spouse’s character and personality. Examples: “You’re an idiot,” “You’re such a narcissist,” “You have no sense of humor.”
  2. Contempt: This results from long simmering negative thoughts about your partner that turn into disrespect. Contempt often arises from little, and at times legitimate, concerns about a spouse that are never addressed or go unresolved over long periods of time.
  3. Defensiveness: We all have a self-protection instinct. But, becoming defensive with your spouse rarely helps to resolve conflict and typically reduces the conversation into a blame game.
  4. Stonewalling: This is a tactic typically seen in a spouse who doesn’t want to yield any ground in a conversation. This spouse eventually tunes the other out. Men are frequently the culprit here. It’s not unusual for a man to withdraw (sometimes physically) to his cave, cutting off communication for a time.

If a married man constantly complains about not being hard by his wife, He Is most likely to pack up and leave his wife for another woman.

If a married man constantly complains about not being hard by his wife, He Is most likely to pack up and leave his wife for another woman.

Mama Nkima

He Lucks attention from his wife

A man leaves his wife for another woman, if that other woman beats his wife in the way that she gives him undivided attention.

Its so common in marriage to find luck of balance in ways partners attend to each significant other when either one or both are so lost in their demanding work life. Sometimes its luck of self control from social media platforms or work its self.

Mama Nkima says luck of attention in marriage make the less receiving partner feel ferociously lonely even in the presence of their partner. This problems has a number of side effects. To a man, Its a reminder of how his wife disregards their marital vows. “In thick and thin and shall never make me feel lonely”.

Sure we seldom see men complaining about “my wife doesn’t pay attention to me” but men also need attention because attention is also a way to show how much we love a person.

When a man feels luck of proper attention from his wife, it leads to law self-esteem and self-worth. No one wants to feel less wanted.

A man that feels less wanted by his wife, complements that feeling when they test out extramarital affairs. We can see this leading to a lot of divorce or even leaving his wife for that other woman.

No one wants to feel less wanted

Mama Nkima

He feels his marriage is growing apart

Image me.me

A man will leave his wife for another woman if his wife fails to uphold the values that he saw in her before they got married.

Married women tend to forget their marital role thinking when a man is married to them; they have reached their destination and its time for only marital vows to protect their marriage. Especially when they get babies in marriage.

Shame, think again.. Wives, you should take good care of your men otherwise there are much fish in the sea eagerly waiting to take him away for a treat.

Its a myth that only vows on their own can protect your marriage without your effort.

Think about this. Before you got married, first that man was attracted you. Do you remember what he was attracted to? Answer: it was You. The woman who cared about your self, but also cared about your man.

There are good women out there willing to accept your man and his entire package (children). What makes a man leave his wife for another woman is today’s topic.

Many people believe that a man can’t leave his wife for another; yes it is true when he hasn’t yet found a potential one. Read the Stats: Will he leave his wife statistics

The moment he gets a better replacement, the reality will hit you in the face.

You need to read about the signs to lookout for that shows he will leave his wife for you.

He is tired of a nagging wife

A woman who constantly finds faults in her man, always demanding and harassing her man can make his resentment and the death of intimacy.

  • Be clean You didn’t clean the garage.
  • Why are you coming late.
  • Whom are you talking to

All time nagging plus making unnecessary requests and demands can drive him away.

Constant nagging and belittling is another reason that can make a man leave his wife to look for a real wife somewhere else and dump his mother in the disguise of a wife who is all the time demanding and giving instructions.

She doesn’t understand him

A married man would leave his wife for another woman if he finds a woman that makes him feel happy and senses that she understands him than his wife does.

Sometimes love alone is not enough. When it comes to an intimate relationship, understanding each other is more important than being in love.

A man after a long day at work needs to go home to a woman who understands him. That woman should need no words to understand if her man is or is-not OK.

But if going home, all a man expects to meet is a woman who is ever on TV catching up series. She must be worry some days in the feature he wont be coming straight to her. The other woman might just be the exact woman he needs in that regard. He would leave her wondering why her husband left her? Reason is she failed to understand her man simple.

Men need women who can understand their language. Not a woman whom they have to speak in length to in order to understand them.

Mama Nkima

When a man looks right, left and center and land on that woman, he will definitely forget what he is missing at home. He will be -“after all my wife doesn’t love me”.

Every man wants to stay where they get happiness.

Mama Nkima

He feels Lack of a Spark in their marriage

Some women after a few months or years of marriage, they become dull and boring. 

If your man feels that after a couple of months in marriage, his wife is becoming dull and boring, that’s a sign that she was a show before she nailed him. He is most probably planning to leave and look for that spark else where (Mistress style).

The effort put in their dating phase is not the same effort she is put in when they are married. She forget that like many good thing in the world, everything needs some effort in order to succeed.

Every little thing in life, is worked for. Think about how much you struggled towards getting your degree. How about keeping your body in shape? They all need effort and so does the relationship or marriage.

The loss of the spark in a relationship can eventually make a man look somewhere else for the thrill of newfound attraction.

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What Stops A Man From Leaving His Wife For Someone Else?

I have talked in length about a number of signs a married man would not leave his wife for his mistress. But most of such signs are for men who in the first place never intended to leave their wives anyway.

They are a type of men who enjoys to have their cake and it as well.

For this section, i want to mention out some reasons that stops a married man who is ready to leave his wife for another woman, but for some reason he fails because its hard for him to.

He is Scared of the Divorce Stigma

I don’t know if you’ve hard about such a statement before. But the divorce stigma for men is such a scary factor that men fail to leave their unhappy marriages. Most men would rather stay in such a marriage than making a decision to leave his wife.

The portrayal of divorce and break-ups in TV, movies and magazines are on the side of promoting the sad stories of women selfishly left behind by heartless men for younger, more supple new women (The Mistress )..

So men constantly think of different public outcry such as:

  • How could he?,
  • What about all the years she gave him?

And all that. Thats why Statics show that 67% of divorces are initiated by woman. Because the public likes holding men more to blame for leaving when a marriage is in desperate need of an end than they do to women.

Because of such divorce stigma, more men fail to leave a failing marriage because of fear of the stigma.

He Fears financial melt down

image: goodguys2greatmen

He fears that he won’t be able to support two household is a reason why more men fail to leave their marriages for another woman even when the marriage is a dying horse on the mountain.

Men are natural born protectors, and when it comes to children’s well being, it strikes hard in their mental plate. The thought of failing to manage two house hold, and the thought of his children lucking is so heavy to carry that most men would rather stay even if they wanted to leave for another woman.

To some, the thought of losing assets to divorce is enough to stop that man from thoughts to leave his wife for another woman.

Divorce pain and expense.

Divorce is so painful and expensive. And if he is not ready to take that pain, he is not ready to leave his wife not for you or not for anyone.

Divorce is too much work. Meeting with the lawyers, Explanation for family members, pain endured by children, not to mention dialogues between him and his wife is so costly.

So divorce pain and cost is another reason that stops a man from leaving their marriage even if they would want to.

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Do husbands regret leaving their wives

The answer to this question is so subjective. Its so hard to have an exact answer to these question since most of fact behind it is based on those men who come out to share their life stories after leaving their wives.

Some do come out and share their success or fail stories, others (many) don’t. So for those that don’t share, its hard to tell if they regret or not.

No man wants to leave a happy marriage. A men don’t just leave his wife for another woman. He leaves for a reason so i don’t see the regret part rolling out anytime soon. Unless he left his wife for other silly reasons such as sustainability, Beauty, Sex and just fun.

No man wants to leave a happy marriage

Mama Nkima

What makes a man leave his wife for another woman?

How to tell if your husband is in love with another woman

Men do a quite a number of things to hide their involvement in external affairs. But for a man you’ve known for decades, its not hard to pickup on some of signs he exhibits whenever they come back from seeing another woman.

The biggest sign to lookout for, is the change in behavior.

A man who cheats on his wife behaves completely different than when he has nothing to hide.

Your husband is cheating on you if he changes or add a password for his phone screen lock. Also lookout for if he initially had no problem with you using his phone, but he now suddenly do have a problem in that regard.

Your husband is probably cheating on you if his normal time to be back home changes for longer hours for which when you call him, he rushes you into finishing you phone call conversation. Also lookout for when he refuses to take your calls in such times.

How to make a man leave his wife for you

To make a man leave his wife for you, you first need to understand why he is with you in the first place. Its your duty as the mistress to figure out that man’s intentions with you before you set your hopes high.

Most married man cheat not because they want to leave their wives. But because they are selfish pricks who fails to deal with whatever issues they have with their wives back home.

As a result the only person to suffer the fate of actions from this indecisive married man is in most cases the mistress (you).

If all fails – Put a spell on him to make him leave his wife for you. I suggest you use a spell on him to make him leave his wife for you. There are a number of good spell caster with ample power to change this man’s fate if he fails to do it himself. I also have this https://leavehiswife.com/spell-to-make-him-leave-his-wife-for-me.html

Why husbands leave marriage

Statistics show that 67% of husbands that leave their marriage, leave as a result of unhappiness caused by longer period of poor communication that causes lack of intimacy and many more unpleasant traits for the husband.

When communication weakens, devastating traits such as disagreements and conflict lead to resentment and apathy which then leads to a husband checking out.

How to make married man crazy for you

Make every moment with you memorable (Be playful). He would not have time to be with you if his home was that fun to be.

Another way to make a married man crazy about you is to Make him feel like a king. Some times this advise is perceived the wrong way. This is how i want you to remember it. Its in human nature to reward good deeds. You do good to someone, they are inclined to do good to you in return.
Making him feel like a king – Take it like a way of teaching him how you want to be treated as well.

How do you stay faithful in a sexless marriage

Communication. Push for creating willingness to discuss the matter as adults. Try harder to help your partner understand how you feel with a great deal of specificity.

Can a man love two woman at the same time

Yes. In many religions and cultures, it is a cultural norm. For example Muslims are allowed by their religion to marry 4 wives given they are all treated equal.

So the answer to this question depends how this man decides to engage with these women. If he is open to all of them without withheld or secrecy. it is possible for a man to love two women at the same time.

When to walk away from sexless marriage

The moment all channels of commutation about asexuality in your marriage are closed off for discussion and your partner makes it hard for you to talk about your way forward with this short coming. Then its time to walk away.

Unless it is a medical condition known to both you and your partner, a marriage without sex is a toxic marriage that no person should ever agree to live in.

You leave one life. One and only one. Just make sure you don’t leave a life you will end-up regretting because you were so determined to make someone happy (whom never thought you also deserved to be happy)
The only one to regret will be you since your partner’s asexuality suites them and they never lucks.


This is not only about men but women too; there is no point in continuously staying in an unhappy relationship. It’s better to be alone or with someone who brings you real happiness

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