Signs he won’t leave his wife for you

Signs he won’t leave his wife for you

Signs he won’t leave his wife for you

In relationships a lot of women find them selves at the side that’s labeled as the other woman. We all know the other woman residence is  a had to leave in residential neighborhood but. Aren’t we always advised to follow our hearts, Convinced that one day we will be an upgraded from being the other woman to being a house wife? But is an upgrade possible?

If you are worried that he wont leave his wife for you, Below are the signs he won’t leave his wife for you.

He only cares about sex

You can judge a man’s interest in you by what he talks to you about. A man, who is genuinely interested in you, will care to know how you feel, how your work is doing. He will ask about how your boss is treating you at work, generally having a meaningful relationship with you. In contrast, a man who won’t leave his wife for you. A man with no interest in a meaningful relationship is most likely a body digger. His texts and calls are only flirty and sexual. His only ambition is to bed you. This means he is still contended with his wife on the other hand you are just his spam dish. You need to find someone else who is serious.

He can not legitimately reason why he is leaving his wife

Take a big note on how he explains why he wants to leave his wife. Why are you leaving her? you ask. A man who is not into you always come up with vague answers such as but not limited to: I am not happy with her, I have always wanted to leave that woman. Hadn’t found the right person. She mistreat me. and so on. These men never attribute any wrong doing to them selves. To them its always the wife’s fault. If a man cannot legitimately say why he is even looking at another woman while being married. there you have it. A big sign he won’t leave his wife for you.

He only says bad things about his wife

A cheating married man who wont leave his wife can easily be sported from the way he negatively portray his wives. A married man who only has negative things to say about his wife, is a big sign he won’t leave his wife for you. A married man who is ready to leave his wife would have a lot of good things about his marriage to talk about. In fact mistresses that have managed to win other women’s husbands will tell you, they are tired of this man regularly talking about this woman. They will complain in confusion asking weather really this man completely got over his wife. This means a married man willing to leave his wife for you would also have a lot of good to talk about his wife.

Is he unhappy in his marriage?

Another big sign he won’t leave his wife for you. I am married but i am unhappy in my marriage, is a big sign your married boyfriend is taking you for a ride. As simple as it sounds, this statement makes a mistress feel so wanted and considered. The statement i am unhappy in my marriage makes mistresses feel like they are the super heroins on rescue. Harsh truth. Married men very well know those facts above. they often use them to exploit your emotions. It works that way he keeps on a hook, while he keeps his marriage too. Is he unhappy in his marriage? as long as you still believe, Yes he is unhappy in his marriage.

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Signs he won’t leave his wife for you-He doesn’t show you in public

When a man is not into you, he will keep you a secret. Very few of his friends will get to know about you and fewer will meet you. He is never available during the times that you want to hang out with. He can’t talk to you on phone when he is at his wife’s place. In addition,he is embarrassed about people finding out about your relationship. Furthermore, he prefers to hangout indoors more often to taking you out. This means that he is still involved with his wife and not completely over his relationship with her. This is a big sign he won’t leave his wife for you.

He does not care about Your Feelings

If your man is not doing the normal partner staff-which is what a relationship is about, doing things that makes you happy.  Take an example, you are always there for him when he needs you, but most of the time you are alone when you need him, he brings excuses whenever you need him. He never sacrifice his wife’s time for any of your personal need, he does not care about you. Caring means being there for the  person you love. Simple and clear. If a man doesn’t care about you, it means he giving all his care to his woman and you need to move on as fast as you can.

Signs he won’t leave his wife for you-Doesn’t include you in his future

Does he have a deeper commitment to you?  I mean the future talks. It’s a typical sign that a man won’t leave his wife if he doesn’t include you in his future plans. If he is  not  putting you in his future plans, you need to move on and stop wasting your time.

Life is too short to stress, if he is truly wasting your time, get out of your comfort zone and find a man who will love you the way you want. Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t deserve you. Hope those will help find the answers that you need.

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