How to make him choose me over her

How to make him choose me over her
How to make him choose me over her.

Be an expert in stimulating, AWAKENING and maintaining his feelings for you. Make him feel special when he is around you.

Are you involved with a man who is already in a relationship? Do you have this kind of a question ‘Can I make him choose me over her?’  OK, continue reading this article you never know things might work out in your favor.

Don’t Just be a Great Lover – Make Him Feel Special

Being a great lover is totally different from being a great woman. No matter how kindhearted, successful and smart you are, when it comes to men, you can’t beat a woman who smiles and who can make a man smile. It is rare for a man to stay with a woman who makes them feel incomplete-he bonds with a woman who makes him feel good. And if you want to make him choose you over her, you need more than being a great woman. He has to feel a special something that he doesn’t feel when he is around her. To make him choose you over her, you have to be an expert in stimulating, AWAKENING and maintaining his feelings for you. Do you see that? This is not about you, its about the feeling he has towards you.

Break the Ice with Feminine charms and seductive qualities:

Be the magnet that attracts him. Don’t hold back a compliment, if you see that he is making an effort, talk about it and encourage him. Every person needs some excitement in his/her life. So if he is going to choose between two people,  it is obvious that he will go with a person who knows how to have a little of fun. Be a little childish and not serious all the time; leave a note for him in bed telling him how much you love him. Hold a conversation that keeps him interested. Feminine charms and seductive quality break the ice and it will make your man admire your initiative and be forced to have his eyes on only you.

Start having casual dates:

Men easily get jealous especially if you talk to other guys. And if your man is in the same class, then you should make him more jealous. Start dating other men, tell him that he’s not committed to you and it’s hard for you to keep on waiting someone who will never be committed and that you’re in the phase of moving on. But, if he were to choose you over her and start something real then you seeing other men will stop. Fair enough, isn’t it? If he’s too afraid to choose, encourage him to grow balls and be a man.

Can I make him choose me over her? Yes. How? Strengthen the friendship

Develop a solid friendship and social bonds with him by spending more time with him, get to know him as a person, be compassionate and understanding towards him, and celebrate his good news. This is an easy game that you can win. So make sure that you are f the person that he is comfortable calling in the middle of the night to tell you his troubles. You will stand a better chance of winning over. Having a strong social bond with him will make choose you over anyone else in this world.

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