How to leave your wife for another woman

A marriage can become stale if both people don’t make an effort to sustain it!Here is some tips if you want to leave your wife because you have fallen in love with someone else.

Have you thought of leaving your wife because you have fallen in love with someone else? You are no longer in love with her due to situations that make you feel irritated in your marriage. Do you have to think about it carefully before making the big decision to leave her?

Maybe she nags you with her nasty behaviors like criticizing you and complaining all the time. She does not listen to your opinion as a man. Once you realize the spark is no more between you, you choose to shy away from the situation.

When you have emotional needs that your wife is ignoring, you resort to an affair outside your marriage. This is termed an “emotional affair.” Your wife may not be aware that she is losing you to someone else. Due to her failure to pay close attention to you. Affairs happen by a series of compromises like doing things with another woman more often.

The excitement you once had with your wife has worn out. This makes you feel different now with the new woman is that everything you are having is unique, and it excites you a lot. 

Starting a new relationship after a while in your marriage can be exciting. This is because it doesn’t involve the standard components like paying bills, college tuition, grandkids, and household chores. So it’s your choice to end your marriage and start a new life with your fresh catch. Still, before you make the decision, it’s essential to step back and look at the family perspective beyond the fantasy you have with your mistress.

But then, as you are planning to leave your wife and you are still contemplating. Sometimes your mistress might put you under pressure so that you make the decision sooner.

The question is, will you leave your wife? Ladies out there ask yourself, will this married man leave his wife and come to be with me?

He assures you he is leaving her and that he is just waiting for the right time to do it. But the longer he stays with his wife, the harder it is to ignore that feeling that he’ll never leave. The marriage is over, and one person is looking for a way out. Some men use the affair partners as a way to reduce tension between himself and the wife.

So why does he say he is going to leave her when he isn’t sure?

He could be promising you how he can’t wait to come to you and that things are over with his wife, but you find out that he makes up lies to keep you around him, sometimes it’s hard to trust men. He can come up with all sorts of lies like “We don’t share the bedroom with my wife” another common one is “I am processing my divorce.”

 Then the next thing you find out is that his wife is expecting another baby for him! All this gets you puzzled whether you should believe his promises or not.

And this can be an indicator that he may never leave his wife. Since he never stops postponing your plans of moving in together with him.

Would you want to keep waiting on him?

Ask yourself whether you should continue with the affair or make a quick decision before he wastes all your precious time, yet he sees no future with you. 

Maybe he is just keeping you around to give him company. Amidst his boring marriage, but nothing more will come out from him as he promised. 

Perhaps he might take the step to leave his wife in order to start over with a new woman. Then later, he regrets leaving his family.

Do men ever regret leaving their families?

Men are human beings and have emotions as well, so they might make bad decisions, which they regret. He could not have started the affair wanting to ruin his marriage. Maybe he was just caught up in the middle of the situation. He became selfish and decided to prioritize his desires of being with his mistress

Sometimes he started the relationship to pass the time with her, not intending to leave his marriage. But when things get serious, the mistress also starts wanting him to herself. He may enjoy the mistress’ company more than when he is with his wife.

Since sometimes, it involves children in the picture who are likely to get affected but the divorce process, which will hurt him as well. Once he goes, children will not see him anymore daily as they used to, and so there are no more good times together at home as a family. He will miss all this, and this feeling will depend on whether he is happy with the other woman after leaving his family.

I left my wife for another woman, and I’m happy

If a man was so unhappy throughout his marriage and then met this woman who brings all the joy that he had taken a while without receiving it, it makes him glow. His life changes because “Love is Life” and “Love is happiness.”

Once you finally give up and say enough is enough, you need you to move on with another woman who makes you happy and leave the wife. You start realizing what you have deprived yourself of having.

 Hanging on in a marriage where you feel you don’t even want to go back home after a long day’s work is a “One hell of a feeling “because home is home, you should be eager to go back. Maybe the other woman is now playing a significant role in keeping you busy, and sometimes you come up with an excuse so that you don’t have to go back home. 

So you start spending more time with her, and days pass before you know it, you are not missing home anymore because of the love you’re getting.

Sometimes you don’t think about your wife because your lover is doing everything to take care of your emotional and physical needs. So yeah, you left your wife, but you’re happy, and you are also not regretting it.

Will, my husband, regret leaving his family?

Regret itself might not be a hindrance for your husband to come back to you. It may not matter whether you have been together twenty years or more, but how couldn’t you have had to wait any longer to leave you for another woman. It would help if you established why he left you to know whether he would regret it. 

He could have left because he has fallen in love with someone else. Maybe the fire between you and him is no longer burning with the same brightness or heat as it was, so his love for you is no longer that intoxicating! Now he has a new relationship, and it is burning. Hence he might convince himself that he loves her more than he loves you.

Why does he regret leaving you?

If he ever regrets leaving, he may have second thoughts if his new love isn’t as wonderful as he thought she was. Sometimes it might be about his children when they are mad at him for abandoning them or that now the responsibilities have doubled and he feels overwhelmed financially.

Men are unlikely to admit a mistake or an important decision they took to affect their families. So he might never have regret later on.

 A few signs why he regrets leaving

After he decides to leave his wife;Everything in his life falls apart, and his life changes, and he may start reacting in different ways to express his feelings to you.

  1. He starts showing more interest in you than before. 

Sometimes he can transfer back attention to you by calling you at least once a day or checks on you to see that you and the children are doing well. He will make sure he stays connected to you so that you keep closer to him.

  1. He works hard to impress you. Once he feels apart from you, he starts trying to do whatever it takes to see that you miss him so that you also start paying attention to him. 

Here you could even realize that he might have something to add to the relationship this time around.

  1. He won’t accept the breakup. When your ex tries to act like there was no breakup, it’s because he feels it was a mistake, or the reason for the separation didn’t make sense.

  1. He pretends and acts as if it is a temporary situation. He may bring up all sorts of excuses to justify his action of breaking up with you so that there is room for him to come back to you later when he wants you.

  1. Sometimes he stays single because imagining a life with someone can be a great deal, and imagining life without them can be pretty hard. So your ex might find a hard time moving on, and he holds onto the hope the future between the two of you could exist.

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