How to make a man fall in love with you

This is somewhat a broad question because even before I dive into details, your question begs for more question to safely arrive at conclusions

How to make a man fall in love with you:
What’s the state of your current relationship? is he some you talk to and he talks to you back? How often do you see him? Is he a friend of yours? Do you work together? Is he just a crush that you have never got a chance to talk to? you see since I can’t have your answer to my questions above, here we can only give broad answers to the question that tries to compromise on any of the questions above.

First Lets assume you work (could be staying) in close proximity with this man and also you talk to this man but you have never had a chance to tell him straight in his face exactly what you and your heart say about him behind his back. That is you have never had a chance to tell him the truth about how your heart feels about him.

Scared of rejection

You want to win him, you want to make him fall in love with you but for wired reasons you are scared. You could be scared of rejection. Or You know he is in a relationship and you are also aware that he knows you know about his relationship. So you feel it will be weired and you can’t imagine how embarrassing it might be should you try and he refuses. Whatever the reason for your fear, your heart still whispers to you every now and then about this man, you can’t stop thinking about him, you pull up your keyboard and search how to make a man fall in love with you.

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Society wants you to put want they want first, When is it time to put what you want first?

Well, let’s see how we can help you get that man to fall in love with you.

Make an Attraction love spell on him

If you are like me and want things quick cast a spell on him.

I hate wasting time. If I have a short cut to the destination, then why knowingly take a longer root.

Am serious I cast love spells and I see a lot of people who doubt at first but then end up mesmerised smiling like kids jumping up and down simply because they actually never thought for a quick response the man of their dreams.

If you want more information on an attraction love spells, contact me

Let’s continue. making a man fall in love with you

  1. Start with attracting his attention (Verbal Que, Eye contact, With a Smile)
    You know with men its not as hard to attract their attention as it is with attracting women’s attention. with men, just a “Hello” with good eye contact and a bit more lengthy smile is enough for a man to notice that something is going on behind that little sneaky head of yours. In fact, a man will notice your effort for attention most probably on your first take.
  2. Keep a distance
    Men are like a wild carnivorous animal, while they might eat it, they don’t like to eat what they never hunted. So even though you are tasked to sending signals to this man, you should abstain from trying to be in his face all the time. It’s more advisable to only send you signal when you bump into each other. Don’t get into his face at all times. Our goal is to even make him be the one to pursue this idea as if he is the one who wanted you first.
  3. Play independent
    If you have spotted a man you like from where you work or around your home, instead of being all over with every other man you don’t like, it is advisable that you limit your company with other men. Am not saying you should be rude to other men, but a smile that he only receives but not any other men around, make him feel so special and since you keep to only female company and not other men, you are most likely to nail him faster than you thought it might take. For men, it’s a pride to have something that another man can’t afford have
  4. Don’t be rude
    Men fall in love with a woman for no other reason other than the ability to predict what will happen to him tomorrow if he got involved with you. as far as their prediction is concerned, men want to predict dominance in a relationship before it even starts. A rude person is so hard to predict, if ever one predicts such a person, the prediction would be less of anything that a man can have control over therefore men are completely put off by rude or arrogant women. Men definitely love a woman who can take a stand, but if it’s in the form of arrogance, he’d stay a mile away from falling in love.
  5. Flow with the flow, Don’t be so serious about life
    For men, any relationship they start most especially with women they just mate, in their mind it is always about having fun period. It becomes even more fun to them if you also let the encounter flow just as their minds wish in the begging. Show no expectations just fun, after all, you have just mate each other what do you know about each other that asks for binding to responsibilities at this stage?

Avoid serious talks about life during first dates

The worst mistake women make at this stage of a relationship, is starting to talk about responsibilities such as kids, marriage, financial support and all sorts. Men’s brains work differently. at this stage of a relationship, all they want is just someone who flows with their mind’s expectation and the only expectation in a man’s mind at this stage is fun, sex, and more fun. but this does not mean men don’t care, they do but the increasing amount of fun they get from your presence is one that starts to shape their minds into responsibilities and planning of they must do to for you or to support you so they don’t lose that fun.. see it goes back to fun. While a woman’s mind in the first stages of life is about “how can i avoid giving him my heart until I know he is serious” for men if you flow with his mind, he is like “she is a fun person to hang out with” I should hang out more with her and the more you get him into that kind of thinking, the more you automatically make him care.

Create values he will be scared to lose

During the first stages, they don’t know of any value they are to lose if you left them so you come with all the seriousness of life is a liability to them. Remember you found him free, he can do whatever he wants at any time he wants. now you come in all over a sudden what you are asking of him is to drop his lifestyle if he wants to be with you. the question is why? your take here is to make him never want to lose your company then let him be the one to change his lifestyle without you asking.

Make a spell on him

Again I do love spells should you need a spell to make a man fall in love with you without out so hard on your own, contact me now let’s get him into your books.

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Society wants you to put want they want first, When is it time to put what you want first?

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